Working with Energy: Twin Flame Connections With Just Anyone?

Over at Quora I’ve done a lot of reading and writing about Twin Flame experiences. If you are new to the topic Twin Flames are soul mates with a twist. The concept is something like you are split from the same soul stuff or even soul as your Twin Flame. As you might imagine this leads to some interesting connection possibilities between Twin Flames.

Twin Flames or their equivalents have been written about by different people in history. I am not interested in discussing the historical record. In fact, I am not all that interested in discussing whether Twin Flames even exist.

What I am interested in is the idea of profound energetic connection. The reason I don’t dwell much on the Twin Flame label is people get hung up on labels so easily. There is something about the human brain which seems to make a label more real than the thing being labeled. This can lead to all sorts of suffering and confusion.

Instead, lets talk about how people might open connections with each other at energetic and spiritual levels. After spending a few decades working with energetic connections I feel sharing a few of my observations may be helpful to a reader somewhere in the world.

If you read people’s questions on Quora regarding Twin Flames you will see a lot of curiosity about or even desperation for, a unique romantic connection. Not just unique in a general sense but in the sense of another person who completely accepts, loves, and sees them. This other person isn’t necessarily even aware of the seekers attention.

Here we have one of the necessary steps in creating the profound connection. Attention.

Intense focused attention can direct energy at another person. In reality you can direct energy at any other person (or animal or plant for that matter) with your attention.

Another well known step is determining and focusing your Intention. Once again most people appear to be somewhat doing this step as well. They are intending to connect deeply with this other person. Many may not be clear on their intention though.

Now here is where things start to run off the rails for many. From what I am reading at least, they are influencing or cloudng their own attention and intention with Fear, Lack, and Insecurity. So while they are doing some of the right things to open the energetic connection their efforts are immediately sabotaged.

Lets’ say though that you can direct your Attention and Intention at someone without the Fear, Lack, and Insecurity. You can stay present, feeling whole, and even have learned to feel the chi running through your body.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I find flowing energy through my body tremendously helpful. Just being able to access the energetic state will help you with your own presence and wholeness. Not completely but it is helpful. If there is a sexual flavor to the energy even better. This sexual aspect isn’t about sex so much as the power of creative energy. Sex is just one facet of the energy.

Now, all of the above can be done with practice with anyone, Twin Flame or not. In directing your energy, attention, and intention, you can open a connection with many different people. Some of them may even notice on a conscious level and respond.

Wait one more thing I almost forgot. Creating a state of allowing to draw the other person towards you has been effective in my experience. Reaching out in a Yang manner didn’t really do much for me. Might just be me but the Yin approach can be pretty powerful.

You are now with the object of your attention, now what might you expect?

Are you in a relationship where the psychic connection is mind blowing? Do you both feel the energy flow, you know what each other isn’t just thinking but feeling and even experiencing from a distance? Pretty amazing we humans can connect with each other like this isn’t it?

Now let’s say you have been meditating and can keep your monkey mind focused, detached, and all that good stuff. You’ve intended this connection with someone you just know is your Twin Flame (based on what?) All the profound elements are spinning up and … one or both of you can never really hold it together? Cheating on each other, fights, running away, who know what drama a creative profoundly connected couple might uncover with each other?

What’s going on? What happened to this perfect Love?

I have a theory. Each of us are capable of opening a very deep and profound connection with other humans.

These can be romantic or not. In the context of a small group of people who know each other fairly well it may even work. A long shared history and sharing many cultural references may help individuals maintain profound connections. This may even be a survival trait in humans.

This is not what I see in our modern world.

Highly profound connections created with intention appear to be much more prone to instability. At least this is what I am seeing going on around me. Now, I am not saying the people are unstable. In the middle of such an experience one or both may appear to be unstable. This is an intense experience and uncovers lots of shadows in people. You put two random people together who basically agree they find each other sexually attractive and force an intense energetic connection explosions are likely eventually. And probably not the fun kind!

In the case where the connection is very or all one sided all sorts of very normal psychological triggers might be tripped. Abandonment, insecurity, idealization of the love object, the list just goes on. (I am not a professional in mental health so realize I may be using these terms incorrectly.)

In any case there is of course the opportunity for growth and development. All the normal things which can derail a relationship apply here only amped up about 1000 times. Turning your gaze inwards regardless of your opinion on the reality of the connection is where the treasure is hidden. If you need a professional to help please reach out to one you trust who is qualified.

Just to summarize. Create the profound connection by:

  • Focusing your Attention, with
  • Intention, to
  • Direct the Chi/Energy, in order to
  • Draw the person to you.
  • Maintain the energetic attachment while detached from outcomes.

Best of luck. Meditation will help a lot. There are books all over the Internet which can walk you through the process.

It worked for me a few times. I have the scars to prove it. Never again. Actually there are reasons to do this work. You will probably have to get burned to figure out the details.

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  1. Interesting Eric… yes being drawn energetically and feeling the others energy is a mind blowing experience!

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