Witchcraft, What’s Holding You Back?

One day you are driving kids to dentist appointments the next you are wandering the woods looking for tools for a ceremony. Feeling your guides connect while staring at a spreadsheet? Is this what we signed up for in this incarnation?

Yeah, probably. At least for me this incarnation has a specific challenge. Amnesia. I swear I regularly forget all about magick and energy because I am wrapped up in some modern context. Seeing and recognizing this happens certainly means I am able to make changes. The whole game is definitely tricky. Not to get paranoid or anything but I suspect this is by design.

Not making change is so easy! Defaulting back to behaviors which are decidedly NOT expressing the witchy energy and magick is the simplest of choices. So simple it’s not really a choice but a habit. If I want to be more conscious and live the magickal life I make a choice. Do I take the “easy” path of the greater social context or not?

Making Magickal Choices

The choice is simple. Simple does not always mean easy. For one, I am convinced we are wired for social norms. Our brains keep us alive by acting on habits fitting the stories of our social group.

So how about our social groups? Most of us do not at least knowingly live with a bunch of magickally inclined witch-types. Maybe we have family members who share our perspectives and practices, probably not.

Our jobs are almost certainly not witchcraft related. In my day job I am writing code to extract and transform data from databases. Not terribly magickal in the consciousness conjuring way of looking at the world. Yet, at least eight hours of my day is spent doing exactly that sitting in front of the computer screen.

Can you relate?

Getting Unstuck

Really, other than my energetic experiences with my wife there are times I feel I am nowhere near where I used to be with energy work 5, 10, or 15 years ago. For me, in my life at this time of my life, the work is showing up just enough to keep me awake. I bet the morning briefing for my spirit companions is something along the lines of, “What can we do today to keep him from completely tuning out and going comatose?”

Maybe I am not so asleep. Being hard on ourselves is another really easy habit. Let’s shift this from being victims of forces outside our control to living as empowered magickal beings. We do have the power to make choices in alignment with the those quiet intuitive nudges!


Self-awareness and awareness of what is going on around us is important. If you don’t write it down you will forget. Just getting into the habit of writing everyday is the biggest step. If writing isn’t your thing doodle something! Record your perceptions and experiences in some manner you can review. Start as small as you need to get started. Regular conversations with a trusted friend can work too.

While you are at it record ideas for how you want to be living. Draw your ideas, write them, speak them just get them out of your head so you can plant a seed in the Universe.

Small Habits

Do you have an picture of how your life will look as a full time witch raising kids holding down a job relating to in-laws? Now you can find a small change you can make. What kind of changes can you make to bring your inner witch into the outer world?

How about these ideas to get started:

  • Regular Offerings – Jason Miller at www.strategicsorcery.net writes about making regular offerings to spirits. Use those offerings to build a relationship before you need to call on them for help. This is a habit I want to get back into. It definitely made a difference in my life. Once a week, a month, a day, just make them a regular thing.
  • Sigils – Come up with some small goals then draw and energize a sigil. Small goals like small habits lead to big outcomes.
  • Appreciation – We all have many opportunities to be appreciative everyday. When you notice something you appreciate say a quiet thank you. It doesn’t have to be a thank you to another person. The hummingbird at the feeder could be inspiring you.
  • Talking with Your Pets – Re-enchant the world via your connection with your pets. Do so consciously and appreciate what you share. Your relationship with your pets and even your houseplants can be very magickal. Allowing the energy to flow is all you need to do. The more you allow the flow the more will flow.

Social Group

Do you have other witches to share with online or offline? If you are on a very solitary path, like me, connecting with others you can relate to is very helpful. Sharing ideas and experiments with supportive people who get it can be a huge help.

Love & Accept Yourself

Release everything about yourself which is not Love. A therapist can help you. Still working on this myself. I might want to change something but I still need acceptance in order to change. Resisting what i don’t want just adds energy making change even tougher.


Figure out what works for you to be able to observe your inner life. Eventually, you will learn you are not your emotions, triggers, and reactions. Acting from a place of conscious awareness will become the norm. With the conscious awareness of the moment you will be able to choose the magickal approach life if you wish.

We are part of this magickal reality. In our modern age where energy and enchantment can be difficult to feel. Integrating our inner witch with our outer lives energizes the web for ourselves and others. Hold down your job, take your kids to soccer, get along with your in-laws. Remember who you are at the same time. Listen to the very quiet voice and follow your intuition.