Why Learn How To Feel Energy or Chi?

“There are guides that can show you the way.
Use them. But they will not satisfy your longing.

Keep wanting that connection
with all your pulsing energy.

The throbbing vein
will take you further
than any thinking.

Mohammed said, “Don’t theorize
about essence!” All speculations
are just more layers of coverings.
Human beings love covering!

They think the designs on the curtains
are what’s being concealed.”

Don’t theorize is good advice. Direct experience has been my approach to the spiritual and energetic. No amount of thinking and talking to yourself will develop awareness of energy or chi.

Why Learn How To Feel Energy?

Developing your sensitivity to subtle energy adds another sense to the customary set of five. For example, a stranger sat next to me the other day. Turning to face each other, I immediately sensed a void or blankness. The sensation was a mixture of physical feeling and something else I’m not sure how to explain.

Later, in conversation, it came out this person was feeling sad and vulnerable. In other situations, where people are in pain or ill, feeling the energy flow as a tingling sensation is common. From there, holding a healing space for them is a simple matter of intention and surrender.

Becoming sensitive to this energy is rather simple though can take practice. Your body is like an antenna for chi or subtle energy. You were born with this sense. Through cultural influences it has atrophied. Kind of like living in a dark cave and losing your eyesight.

If you wish to regain your energy sense you can starting today. Here’s how:

  • Focus on Your Breath A Few Minutes
  • Relax Your Body By Systematically Noticing Tension
  • Pay Attention To One Part Of Your Body
  • Notice Body Sensations Just Under Your Skin

If you practice this regularly, it won’t be long before you find yourself feeling an ever so slight tingle just beneath your skin. You may well feel it immediately!

A couple of tips that will help you feel energy:

  • Have a Playful Attitude – Seriousness really restricts energy flow.
  • Childlike Curiosity will also help.
  • Allow – Forcing will get in the way. Focus on your breath while being aware of the sensation beneath your skin. This may sound tricky but it works to disengage the logical mind from the process.

Pay attention, intend to feel the energy, and surrender, allowing the sensation to be noticed.

With practice you can learn to increase the flow of the energy, as well as guide it. Your body, the antenna, works both as a receiver and a transmitter. Holding healing spaces for people is a common practice for people developing the ability to work with energy. You get to practice opening to guiding the flow while helping hold a beautiful space for someone.