Where Does Magick Happen?

This morning I was set on starting my blogging marathon. My goal is to produce something everyday to share on this blog. Something helpful and hopefully inspiring for you. The morning started out good with a nice 1/2 hour meditation before getting out of bed relaxed and centered. Good breakfast.

How did the writing go?

Not well at all.

Coming up blank all morning. With nothing but a downward spiral and evaporating inspiration I shifted my attention. Cruised Facebook then Twitter. Again. And again. Looked at web traffic stats. And on and on.

Eventually, I decided to do something besides fritter time on-line. Wednesday is one of my exercise days. Did my dumbbell weight lifting routine. Good workout.

Nothing. Not exactly nothing. I started writing about magick experiences and experiments during sex with my wife. Just couldn’t get things fleshed out.

Well. How about some ritual work? Ahhh. Something shifted. In the middle of one ritual I got the word Tango flashed at me.

Maybe something about Argentine Tango and magick? Could be. Though nothing really hit me. Off to an early lunch.

Then a shower.

As is often the case, water did the trick.  A stream of thoughts revolving around where magick happens showed up.  The ideas came first as I was thinking about an awards brunch I went to this week for brokers at the real estate firm where I work. One broker in particular is never in the office. First time I met him I thought he was a new broker. Which was momentarily exciting as  I had been the newest broker for quite a while. Which I still was 10 seconds later.

He gets all his business as a broker being out in the community. The reason this is so important to my writing today is that he is an example of where magick happens. I have no idea if he is into the occult. What I do know is he is putting his energy out into the world. As a result, he is part of the flow.

For magick to work we have to be out in the world in some manner. The Internet can be part of the answer.  You are reading this blog post somewhere other than at my desk in my home.

If you want to use magick to attract:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Wealth and Money
  • Satisfying Career
  • Figure Out Your Life Purpose
  • to Meet Your Twin Flame or Soulmate
  • or pretty much anything else you eventually have to get out of the basement.

In my own life, I did a ritual (in the shower) to bring my partner to me. She found me on-line two days later. Part of the process of meeting and eventually marrying did happen from the comfort of our respective homes. We did need to have a first date to begin the process of seeing if we could be in an actual relationship.

Money or Career opportunities are the same way. They come to you through other people. When I do ritual work to attract prospects in real estate, I can do the ritual at home. Prospective clients find me though out in the world or in via my connections.

Magick is really good at shifting the odds for you in whatever you are attempting. Don’t stack the odds against yourself.  The more you can do to help increase your chances of success the more likely the magick you are using can help make your goals a reality.

Where does magick happen?

Magick happens inside yourself and in the outer world. The trick is to be able to do the working internally.  Feel what the positive change of realizing your goal feels like inside yourself.  When you are done you release and “forget” your goal in the ritual. What you remember as you go about your day is that reality is fundamentally magickal. You see the world magickally and magickal happenings are business as usual.  When things start happening you are awake and see results finding you. Usually from places and in ways you didn’t expect.

One exception which really isn’t an exception is during energetic work. The most effective energetic workings are when I bring the other person to me.  Reaching out to effect change isn’t nearly as impacting.  The process feels a lot like there is a vacuum between myself and the other.  The vacuum is created by my making internal space for the other to flow towards.

A very yin approach.  There is also something rather hologram like about the experience.  Everything is contained within everything.  There is no “There” to touch.  Everything is right here as part of me. Not working form that perspective really dulls the connection.

Sex with my wife is one place I really enjoy this practice.  Whether we are physically connected or not I will draw her into me energetically. Nearly every time I initiate this process she feels me.  Sexual union on another level of connection.

So where does magick happen?

Magick happens inside ourselves. Ultimately, magick changes us. The process of using magick for physical world results changes both us and the world.

Magick is both inside and outside yourself. What can be difficult with physical world workings is discerning what (or who) is happening where. From my own life I get opportunities pretty much everyday to practice this discernment. My wife and I have had a connection which was obvious from day one.  Frankly, I have a feeling more than a few people would be freaked out by how transparent we are to each other on all levels. Psychic, empathic, spiritual, energetic, you name it, we feel it. If you aren’t ready for such an experience you can get a serious case of vertigo around who is feeling or thinking what.

Where is all this magick happening?

To quote Albus Dumbledore, â€œOf course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Or … maybe not?