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What I Learned From Doing 3 Months of Daily Magic Practice

Standing at the edge of the field in the evening mist had become part of my daily routine. Only a short walk from my house the convenience helped make sure I would usually be there. My presence had become normal to the wildlife as well. One evening before sunset while standing still under the hemlock I frequented I had unexpected visitors. Three coyotes ran by me not more than yard or two away.

Starting a new habit can not only change you but bring a change in your environment. When we make internal changes reality also changes. Sometimes the changes are physical and with the people around us. Changes also happen on energetically and on even higher vibration planes. When the habit is a fairly structured magic practice even more so.

The Daily Magic Practice

In December of 2020 I started the new magic practice my intuition had been signaling to me find for the last 4 or 5 years or longer. Yeah, I don’t always translate the quiet messages with efficiency or clarity. Luckily, when I do finally figure it out the feeling of rightness is incredibly obvious. Well usually.

Like going out in the field by my home years ago the practice is very simple and takes very little time. Importantly I both wanted to make the change and there were no obstacles in the way of getting starting. The practice is a Druid course called The Dolmen Arch. Originally practiced in the early 20th Century it was reconstructed and published recently by John Michael Greer.

For the last three months I have been doing the following three things from the course.


Clearing out my practice space of icky entities and energy using a sphere of spinning light. Banishing, while not new to me was something I did very rarely. Feels like daily banishing is clearing not only the space I practice in but my own energy field.


Daily meditation. Yes, this is the practice I kept attempting to make a regular thing. Making a habit of it never did happen. I kept going over the years but frequently got derailed.

What is the difference this time? The form of meditation is very different from my prior attempts. Focusing on a theme is making meditating daily so much more attractive. Effective too. I was seeing changes in temperament in a week!


Doing divination everyday has been a big positive. I started with Tarot and now use The Coelbren Alphabet. The Coelbren are like runes but of Welsh origin. Doing divination daily is reminding me divination is available to use. I used to forget about it as a tool. Regular use is keeping it top of mind for when I could use another perspective on an issue.

What I Learned

Start Small

If you want to make changes start new habits or achieve goals start small. Doesn’t matter whether you are learning to turn princes into toads are want to exercise more. Break goals down into little tiny steps. Do this with learning magic. Then keep on doing it with all your magical projects. Each step should be so trivial to accomplish you will have zero friction in your head or life getting in the way.


One of my big lessons was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Meditation being the big one here. Lots of years of attempting to meditate everyday without success. All do to a lack of understanding of what approaches were available. And importantly why the approach I was doing is not recommended traditionally.

Working with a well thought out approach to magical development is filling in some gaps for me. Watching my progress even in these first few months I can see what a difference filling those gaps is making. Emotional control is off the charts. Focus and my visual imagination are really developing quickly. I feel I was ready for this step quite a while ago. Now that I am doing the work more comprehensively the rate of change is quite fast.

Energy Work

In this beginning stage of the course there is no energy work.

When I first started long ago though I focused almost exclusively on energy. I worked with guiding, channeling, and enhancing the flow of energy internally as well as with other people, entities, and my environment. This was all well and good to a point. Working with energy was a kind of meditation. I could eventually do the energy work pretty much anywhere under most conditions. Which I took as a sign I didn’t need to worry much about how let alone whether I was meditating so didn’t.

All sorts of psychic and other abilities started showing up. Connecting energetically with other people was pretty straightforward. Along the way I also figured out such connections could be a real distraction. So I pulled back and went silent energetically. Kind of.

My energy work obsession taught me the power of our minds and imagination. With enough clarity and focus I could feel and see what specific people were feeling and seeing. From miles away. Intertwining energy with them was also straightforward.

I promise, most people are not ready for that level of connection with you. It can freak people out and they probably don’t even know why they are freaked out. I got to the point I definitely didn’t want to know what was going on with other people. I am sure the lessons I learned were all important. Still, it was a pain and nuisance and I don’t want to repeat the lesson.


No doubt there are lots of opinions about approaching learning magic. I suppose many will disagree with me on this but I do advocate finding a time tested approach with a good reputation and sticking with it for a while. Whatever is attractive to you. The nature centered open approach of going Druid fits me well. Lots to chose from out there these days.

What I don’t recommend is a total free form approach. Even if you are going a la carte learn what a good foundation looks like. My development in the areas I knew to develop was pretty good. The missing parts slowed me down and the slow down wasn’t really necessary. Or maybe in my case it was needed?