What Happens When You Meet Your Twin Flame

First Date

Towards the end of the evening on our first date we were sitting in a diner. I had my arm around her. She had her head on my chest. The waitress was concerned and asked if I wanted her to call a cab. The intoxication she was witnessing though wasn’t from alcohol.  We are still Twin Flame drunk three and a half years later.

More than a soul mate. More than a karmic partner. Many people think of Twin Flames as the two halves of a soul. Sometimes Twin Flames are romantic partners though this is not required. They can be family members or friends,  same sex or opposite sex, for example.

After meeting my Twin Flame I would refine this idea of being halves of the same soul a bit. She is my perfect soul mirror. From the moment we met she has reflected back to me my deepest aspects.

The short answer to what happens when you meet is there is a knowing. A deep, scary knowing. You may not even want to admit you feel this knowing at first. Feeling safe and finally found home and knowing your world has changed forever.


Nothing in me can remain hidden from her. Mentally and emotionally we always know each others thoughts and states immediately. Often times down to the words being thought.

This level of knowing can be very intense! We’ve shared this connection from the beginning. The accuracy of our perception was pretty good at first and only getting more clear.  On another level though my deepest wounds and darkest shadows have been front and center from our first date.

This intensity also nearly broke us apart.

With natural and nearly complete transparency between us boundaries are very difficult to maintain. When that energy hits a raw nerve or decades old wound watch out. Thankfully, those wounds and raw nerves heal. Communication skills are very helpful.  As is a good therapist!

Spiritual Growth

Meeting each other has been about much more than healing old wounds. Thankfully.  This level of relating really can be intense! The natural energy between us is unbelievable.

We feel like we are on an accelerated growth path. Our natural energy patterns reinforce each other expanding our learning and growth. Whether during our sexual connection, while dancing, or just talking between the two of us we have to be aware of the natural desire to expand with each other energetically.

One way I see us in our natural state is as a helix continuously expanding spiraling around each other at higher and higher frequencies of vibration. Being in the physical world though keeps us grounded and able to function with the rest of the world.  If nothing else our physical need for sleep limits how many hours we can dance, talk, laugh or fight (rarely) with each other.

This grounding has certainly been helpful in my growth. Exploring the contrasting state between grounding and expanding states helps me understand both better. They provide reference points and insights for each other.

So back to the original question. What happens when you meet your Twin Flame?  Exactly what you need for maximum growth.