Weaving Life with Magick to Become Magickally Me (You!)

We were all born to be “Magickally Me”. The catch is figuring out how to bring magick and mundane together! With all the organizations, gods, goddesses, spirits, entities, and so much more finding your magickal path can be really difficult! On any magickal path there are certainly some common concepts no matter what your approach. Figuring out the approach though is tough and can take years if you are a perfectionist choice maximizer. Like me.

For myself, I spent 10 or 15 years developing my energy running skills. At first I practiced a lot on people or just wandering around in nature. Paying clients, pro-bono, dogs, cats, trees, anything or anybody open to having me work with them. I would do what I was guided to do and see what happened. In fact, I still do this energy running nearly every day. I would say it is at the core of my magickal practice.

I have continue to search. Even though I have been practicing for many years I still am growing and adjusting. There are always new possibilities to explore further. Learning one thing typically leads to many more things to learn. Exploring various systems and traditions has certainly been fun.

What it hasn’t been is practicing and using magick in everyday life as much as I feel is possible. There is so much out there you can really get distracted! Magick is such an integral part of the human experience look anywhere in the world across cultures and time and you will find practices.

Whatever tradition or approach to magick or witchcraft or conscious potential or whatever you want to call it you choose eventually you must make it yours to reach your fullest potential. Right now, I am being asked to really integrate magick and life.

Magickal Goals

How do you get started creating a Magickal life? Probably the most important thing you can do is have a goal for magick. Magick by itself can be interesting for sure. Taking it away from navel gazing and intellectual curiosity though means finding a motivating application. Money, glamour, sex, relationships, finding a soulmate, tarot cards, love, cooking, politics, hunting, growing things, whatever it is have an area for passionate focus for your practice. Allow the topic to be the driver of your growth. Everyday practice doing small things will quickly add up to large growth for you.

My Why is at least in part related to money and wealth at this stage. I already spent many, many years focused on love, sex, relationships, and soulmates/twin flames. I very effective working with magick and energy in these areas as well as divining with tarot cards. While I have had some successful magick projects in the financial and well being areas as well as binding and protection I have more work to do with money and success magick, no doubt.

Magick is being woven into all aspects of my life. Which means I am going to put more focus on money related goals without dropping my other areas of interest. I expect my past work and lessons learned will accelerate my development in new areas of focus.The goals though are a precursor to owning my magickal path.

Owning it means magick is part of how I go through my day. By which I do not mean cursing or hexing people who cut you off in traffic etc. What I mean is that the attitude of flowing energy working things out for you is a continuous daily reality. Maybe there are nudges every now and then during the day. THe approach of doing hours of daily rituals would feel like forcing things too much.

Integrating Magick

Being out in the world I can’t bring my alter with me everywhere I go. Really, an alter hasn’t been a high priority. Of course this is how my life works! Everything gets laid out often years in advance then all of the sudden the picture comes together!

While I have a practice already it isn’t tied to a specific physical place. I can do rituals or meditations anywhere. Energy is everywhere so tapping the flow is everywhere. Yet, I still do like working with various entities so I am thinking I can prepare a little everyday carry ritual kit. I kind of used to do this in the past. Tobacco in my pocket for offerings and I was on my way to wherever. And it worked.

Carrying Magick With You

What can I carry with me? A little brainstorming, nothing for sure yet:

  • Miniature statues,
  • Tobacco,
  • Travel size alcohol,
  • Pendants with entity symbols/colors,
  • Small sigils on metal,
  • Paper sigils for wallet,
  • Talismans,
  • Tarot,
  • Runes,
  • iPad/phone for creating drawings to energize.

Empowering and inscribing on a lot of different objects including your own skin (tattoo) means a talisman could be anything and carried anywhere. People definitely do this already. The question is what do I want to put in my kit or convert to being a power object. For example my belt could easily be turned into a talisman. Quite discreetly too. Engrave the inside and nobody would know.

What would happen if you picked something and started carrying it? There would be a psychological effect for one. Just knowing it was there would begin to direct your attention and thus energy to whatever the object was symbolizing. I know having a bag of tobacco with me regularly meant I was much more likely to do a ritual in some random place. The place of course not being random at all. I just had the means to follow my intuition in the moment in a way I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t prepared.