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Trump, Buddha, and Powering Up Your Magic

The latest in the ongoing cultural and political spectacle which is the US has arrived from China. I stumbled across an image of Trump as Buddha at the Ecosophia forum on Dreamwidth this morning. A Chinese artist has been working on and released the Buddha-like statue of former President Donald Trump. Apparently the statues are quite popular in China. They are beginning to show up in the US, too.

You know what? I kinda like it. The artist did some good work. I mean on the surface the contrasts between Buddha and Trump make the statue kind of comical.  Not on a physical level though as I think the statue has an appealing look. It’s the contrast between how one might envision Buddha and what we see of Trump on the media which makes me laugh. Well, that and the reaction I see playing out from the Left cancel culture. Let’s be honest, it’s more about imagining people’s reactions to the statue that I find funny.

Careful though. Don’t be too dismissive of what this artist is offering us. A few moments contemplation uncovers an ocean of raw occult power. Since 2016, or even before, an egregore has latched onto Trump. I could see this focusing happening just wasn’t sure how it would play out. Hundreds of millions if not billions of people have focused their attention on him.

Now that he is out of office? The divide in the US has turned the society and culture into a big ol’ spiritual battery. The 2020 election and the surrounding controversy have only added to the power of the archetype attached to him. If you are looking to power up your magical workings putting one of these on your alter might do the trick.

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I don’t think Trump is going away anytime soon. People love him or hate him and if anything the energy attached to him is growing. Even people buying these statues to destroy them are going to be adding to the power. For whatever reason the Left can’t let him fade into silence.

All this attention means energy and power are building and will continue to build around the archetype attached to Trump. No different than a statue of Hecate or Kali, you can use this to your advantage. The energy isn’t partisan. It just IS.

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