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The Power of Names and More Secrecy

Yeah, this article is hopelessly behind the times. Domaining is a lengthy and expensive process for me. Do not follow my example.

You may have noticed I changed the name on this site to Sea Magick (Occultra).  Why? First, I admit I can be a perfectionist. Picking a domain name is one of those activities where this can really show up.

Mostly, I wanted to be able to have my magick and sorcery projects a step removed from the public. For some people the word sorcery can be loaded and off-putting. My preference is to deliver information and share experiences which will help people. I don’t really mind if people don’t like the word sorcery. The word magick though is easier to put out there and not have people stumble or project their issues on me.

The word magick is also just so accessible to people!  The real distinguisher is my focus on the ocean. I didn’t want the Sea part of the name to be lost by the Sorcery part. Plus, SeaMagick was available on Twitter and Instagram.  SeaSorcery was not. So there is that. I did like the alliteration in SeaSorcery.

Really if you go by definitions there is no difference between the words magick and sorcery. Everything depends on your source, on how far back you go, and which culture you use as a reference. The earliest reference I could find was a pre-Christian precursor word to sorcery and basically meant pharmacist.

Pick whatever definition you prefer. One way to keep people distracted is get them disagreeing on definitions of words.  While they are acting like amateur lawyers fighting over who has a legitimate claim to some bit of language you can make off with the goods. Amazing how well this works.

The key is in the doing not the definitions we can debate all day long. Since there is 2000 plus years of differing definitions for the word sorcery I am going to be pragmatic. When I write I use the word magick a lot. People are very familiar with the word magick. So I changed the name of the web site. Now my url matches my Twitter and Instagram handles.

About the secrecy. I also realized I will continue with a level of secrecy in certain matters. Even though I actively engage in activities some would call sorcery I am not going to be broadcasting my projects in real time. Even less so for any work for clients.

Stories though are helpful when learning. People are wired to learn through stories. The telling of my own stories is certainly going to be helpful for others. So I will figure out a balance in how much to tell. Secrecy does build power so no telling stories until the results are tabulated.

Edit: Yes! I changed the name again on 11/18/2018! SeaMagick was constraining me so I went back to one of my previous domains. Mystic Grail.

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