The Path to Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

When I was learning animal tracking with Jon Young (founder of Wilderness Awareness School) he taught us how to use our Owl Vision in the woods.
Why? You’ll be able to see motion and patterns easier. Focused vision has benefits when looking at a specific target for details. When attempting to detect motion, obscure patterns, and gather information broadly soften the gaze.

Relaxing your eyes also has a lot to offer anyone wanting to develop psychic abilities. If I were to credit anything in my life for my psychic and spiritual development my experiences in nature would be top of the list. One of the most powerful tools I picked up in my nature experiences was the softening of my visual sense and using my peripheral vision.

Psychic Powers

    • What showed up with a little practice:
  • Vivid images in my meditations. Soften your vision when your eyes are closed. Creating vivid imagery was also easier.
  • Auras. Outlines of various kinds around people and objects. Sometimes they were colors, sometimes heat wave looking patters.
  • Spiritual dimensions. Connecting with spirits at times and objects either from the spirit world or another time.
  • Prophetic dreams.
  • Energy flow. My kinestehetic sense of energy can become more acute with a softer gaze. The amount of energy channeled increases as well.
  • Body awareness seems to increase. Sight can be distracting to other sensations.
  • I prefer the soft gaze when working with Tarot cards as sigils.
  • Soft gaze is practically a requirement for Gnosis as far as I am concerned.

No doubt there’s more I am not recalling. You would be surprised how much information is available with a soft gaze! I am not sure exactly what happens in the brain. Somehow though whatever it is that restricts the flow of information relaxes.
It’s possible focused visual attention is like muscle tension or a head full of thoughts. In the case of muscle tension energy flow is restricted or a head full those thoughts distract us from quieter information.

Softening your Vision

    • Try these tips to relax your gaze:
  • Relax the muscles around your eyes. This alone can make a big difference.
  • Extend your arm to your side at shoulder level, wiggle your fingers, and look for your fingers without moving your eyes to focus on them.
    Now, try walking around with your eyes soft and using your peripheral vision.
  • Here is another idea I picked up today from Amanda Linette Meder (she has a fabulous blog btw.) Use a magic eye book. You can find them on Amazon. Each page of the book contain images with in the primary image. In order to see these embedded image you will learn to relax your physical vision.

I recall reading somewhere that the softening of the gaze was one of the requirements for shamanistic practices. From my experience I suspect this is the case. Let me know your experiences!