The Occultist Library

This is a page of links to various online resources about all things occult, magic, witchcraft, astrology, and more. I will be adding to this page over time.

Blogs and Forums

  1. John Michael Greer’s Blog – His books The Dolmen Arch are the basis of my current studies in Druidry.
  2. John Michael Greer’s Forum
  3. Christopher Warnock’s site. I am taking his astrological magic course and really like it.

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Below are links to archives of old texts I am using as resources for personal research, writing, and product development .

Occult Books and Courses

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  • MX Linux is my operating system for my desktop where I do most of my image and OCR processing.
  • Rclone is a command line utility for syncing with cloud storage providers. I am using it to sync with Google Drive where IAPSOP archives are made available for the public to copy.
  • Recoll is my local search software. It is working very well on this 500G+ set of pdfs.
  • Tesseract OCR is the software I use for converting images of text into text I can edit.
  • Emacs is my editor of choice for organizing, creating, and manipulating text. I use org mode a lot.
  • WordPress is my web publishing platform.