Taking My Own Counsel and Illusions of Success

Yesterday I met with a friend for coffee and conversation. The coffee shop is right on Bellingham Bay at Boulevard Park. Feet from the beach I took the above sunset picture. Beautiful. We are both ocean lovers so perfect.

After a while we were sharing about entrepreneurial pursuits and ideas we are pursuing. For myself, one of those is being able to share my mystical background to help people. Along the way we reflected on how different organizations and professions appear to attract people with certain personality types.

Some professions attract or are inherently conflict oriented. Ego and greed can dominate. What is it we want to experience each day? Who do we want to work with and serve? How much money does it take to make a predatory environment worth being part of for us? What if you don’t want to play the game anymore?

These are all important questions for some of us. So, we are chatting about our experiences in these various environments (he has a background in corporate finance with a very well known international company) and making career choices. I decide to do an impromptu card draw while we are talking. What do I need to know in the context of this conversation?

The card I picked out of my deck is the 7 cups. Wow. Cups is a heart centered suit in Tarot. Since yesterday I have been getting this image of the card with water cascading from one cup to the next.

Water is a very deep mystical and spiritual element tied to the Moon. Pouring water from cup (heart) to cup was my vision. Where in my life am I doing this and where am I not? I notice I am experiencing success where I am. Where I am not is stagnating dramatically.

The sharing of the wisdom of the heart is central to my path and experience. Without this aspect any success I have will just be an illusion. The way the Universe works with me I am not going to and am not finding worldly success without the heart sharing.

Time to get all areas of my life back on the path.