Square Pigs in Mud Holes

Things are changing around here.

I discovered something which made it all quite clear.

My approach to writing was not my own.

Feels like typing on a smart phone.

My alternative is more grand,

I will rely on the quiet hand,

the hand of magic true,

will be how I communicate with you!


What happened?

What happened is I realized I am not an essayist by nature. My spiritual and magical path has been telluric and intuitive. Yep, a nature connected and moon powered intuitive. Rather witchy I suppose. Something felt missing so I went exploring.

What I discovered was I could really use some intentional balancing in my practices. Using The Dolmen Arch course to get some formal background in being a druid I am getting there in big ways. What else I am doing is no longer attempting to be an intellectual of the kind I am not when I write.

Why is this a problem? Because I have been trying to share my perspectives and experiences in the occult, nearly all of which were a result of intuitive experience, using a very cerebral mode of thinking!

What kicked this off is an experiment I began last week in writing with single sentence paragraphs.

From those lonely lines were born the rhymes.

They came to life all on their own,

I couldn’t stop them even while blowing a trombone!

Let my life be a lesson to you!

Express yourself in the way only you know to do!

We need all of us at the table,

Sharing our personal wisdom as much as we are able!


What you will see happening at this blog is more alternative formats both for articles and parts of articles. Topic-wise I am being more intentional in seeking intuitive versus cerebral systems of magic. To be frank I am not really sure what I will find.

Some of what is out there is not going to be of interest because they plain don’t work. Or they work but are unbalanced to the point of being a hindrance to the practitioner.

As far as writing I have this feeling I will be doing more of it. The words flow easier with these changes. Feels like I am by passing an editor of some kind in my mind.

Experimenting with creating spells on the fly is another area I might explore. There is something about the change in format which drops my resistance to the floor!

I am getting ready to make my first astrological talismans. I will share unless I set fire to my hair.

Love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Square Pigs in Mud Holes”

  1. Hi Eric, I love the phrase “intentional balancing”! I can see how it would change your writing and make it better than ever. It’s always good to change it up too with your writing. That’s how we grow!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Changing things up can really let the creativity flow. As you say, that is how we grow!

      Blogging is a wonderful opportunity for creating and expressing in the world. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to thrive Lisa!

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