Sluggish Magick and Getting Back on Your Path

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing your mojo? The energy just doesn’t quite flow like it did? If you are worried I can relate. There are times when going about the day feels like walking through hip deep mud. A real slog.

There is a real opportunity waiting for any of us willing to take a deeper look. Life is a continuous process of learning and growth. So what does slogging through the mud hold for us?

One thing about slogging is how slow everything is when your in the middle of the slog. While we can get frustrated by the lack of progress towards whatever goal we are heading toward there is a real gift right under our noses.

This happens in the mundane aspects of life as well as the magickal. (And, really, as we keep growing there isn’t much difference between the mundane and the magickal anyways.) With life going at 1/4 speed we are able to take a good long look at ourselves and what is happening inside and outside ourselves.

On the witchcraft side what’s going on to slow down the flow of energy? People are kind of complicated. Here are some possibilities for areas of life where energy might be getting sluggish or blocked.

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Relational
  4. Intellectual
  5. Financial
  6. Sexual
  7. Career
  8. ?


There is usually one factor present no matter whawt the specifics we are dealing with in the moment. That factor is FEAR. If there is one thing which can block your witchcraft mojo, slow the flow of your chi, and make your wand sputter, fear is it.

Fear may be expressed as anger or anxiety or who knows what? First, I am not a health professional, please don’t hesitate to seek one out. The pros really can help! In addition you have some tools which can help with understanding your situation from a spiritual or energetic perspective.

Tarot cards have been really useful for both my clients and myself. Even as long as I have been working with the cards I still smile when I see how fitting they can be during a reading. Getting unexpected perspectives to look at your situation from can help you unblock fast.

What happens when you don’t make the changes you need to make? You might start getting some help from your spirit friends and partners. They can often find a way to loop you back over to your path. It’s not always pretty but can be very effective. Like what happened to me last month. In my case I was not making a career change I needed to make.

Quitting My Day Job in the Middle of Massive Unemployment

For the last year and a bit more I had been working as a data analyst programmer person. I took the job because I wanted to pay off some debt and I hadn’t really gotten clear on my path. Cybersecurity and tarot/magick consulting have been a back and forth for me for a while. Which one should be the hobby and which the craft I offer to the world?

Getting back into tech employment seemed like a good idea. Maybe shift to other positions related to security as I became established in the field again. Reasonable plan.

Except one thing. I also have been working a lot with Goddess and various energies on discovering my life path. The way things turned out the simple way to make money given my skills was not the path as what my Higher Self and friends were seeing in my future.

Signs and Omens

The job started out okay. Other than ending up in the emergency room after a month. Heart palpitation to the point the docs werre not sure if I was about ready to have a heart attack. Pretty sure this event was related to the job. Though I was confused because I didn’t find the job stressful.

Other things happened along the way but I was being guided the whole time to follow another path. Debts paid, I was now getting caught up in having an okay paycheck and a light workload which threatened to have me sleep walking to retirement someday. While that is even a reasonable choice to make, many do, I had signed up for something different.

Those that work with me from the spiritual realms were holding up their end of the bargain. I hadn’t been sleeping well for a very long time. Partly due to a very bad off gallbladder which was removed a few months prior. By the way, gallbladder is related to resentment and anger energetically. Funny how these things all come together.

The Spirits Keeping Their End of the Bargain

Anyways, three weeks before I handed in my resignation I was down to three hours of light sleep a night from Sunday to Thursday. Weekends were marginally better. Enough sleep deprivation and I have to spend a lot of energy in social situations like work. To the point I don’t mind quitting over relatively small matters. I am quite sure my friends were messing with my sleep to ensure I wasn’t going to wait around for the gold watch. There were enough spirit related dreams during this time to make it obvious something was up.

And it worked!

Letter of resignation handed in and my sleep immediately improved. That same night and been so much better ever since. My poor gallbladder was also a factor as my sleep wasn’t great before I took the job. They think I was having something called bile reflex messing with me when I was in bed. After the surgery my sleep became worse so like most things in my life the obvious answers are not the whole answer. Really, I suspect with my physical health improving the spirits had to up their game. I mean it really is complicated. The insurance from the job was a huge help as emergency gallbladder surgery, CT scans, and all the rest are not cheap.


The big take away is I was tuning out spiritually. I was allowing my path to be guided by what are really reasonable concerns. Debt is something to get handled. Gotta pay the rent. All that good stuff. In there though I had lost my way somehow. The path I was on was not the one I and crew intended.

As a result feedback started showing up in subtle ways. Dreams, syncs, card readings and the rest were giving me nudges. My energy slowed down. Spiritual work felt bogged down. In the last week I asked myself if I would ever be happy again.

Even with all that I was still not awake to what I needed to do. Sometimes hearing the whispers is difficult. Thus I ended up sleep deprived and just reactive enough to respectfully quit my job. During massive unemployment, a pandemic, and civil unrest.

You have been warned! Once on the magickal path there appears to be no exit. Even detours are part of the growth. So maybe there are no detours?