naudhiz rune

Reading Runes at the Beach

After yesterday’s rain and hail today turned out to be sunny and a balmy 50F. What else is there to do but go to the beach! Besides, I really need to break this covid hibernation habit I’ve developed during this last lock down.

When I got there there was a typical Bellingham breeze off the water keeping everyone from overheating. Which given all the masks being worn was probably helpful to some. Except for me as I didn’t wear a mask. Too many years in healthcare analytics make me a little curious when it comes to these kinds of numbers. So I did my research and understand the numbers presented so far. Everyone one safe whether or not anybody wore a mask. Another topic for another blog though.

There was a little wave action at the tide line but nothing that would catch you by surprise and soak your shoes. Having grown up on a beach wave lapping sounds are very relaxing for me. Good to smell the salt air too. Even though we live just a few miles from the water and can see a slice of it from our house the scent of the salt air scent has a hard time finding our house.

My journey to the bay was about more than relaxing waterside. In my beach combing backpack I happened to bring my set of runes. Runes are a beach and ocean going alphabet if ever there was one. And runes have been on my mind lately.

Why? Every since my runes arrived a few years ago they have been much more to me than an alphabet. So much so I decided to not use them in the divination part of my daily routine. Instead I am using The Coelbren Alphabet. Coelbren are really great too! They are like runes but of Welsh origin. Which makes for a good fit with the Druid course I am working my way through. I am really getting a feel for using the Coelbren. Getting more precise results compared to my tarot deck is really nice though granted the imagery isn’t really there.

What they don’t have for me though is the raw power of the runes. Neither does the tarot for that matter. This is why I have been thinking about whether or not to start working with the runes again. I mean, the runes and I vibrate each other at a magical level I can feel physically. They have a personality or a personal connection and intensity with me I don’t get from Coelbren or tarot.

The power I feel with the runes almost has a personality to it. Runes are much more than a divination alphabet for me. Not that I have used them for magical work yet. Just writing this sentence I can feel them as my attention is pointed in their direction. Feeling the magical potential is why I decided not to use them during my druid course. I didn’t want there to be any interference in either direction. Runes to druid work or in reverse.

The good news is when it comes to druidry and the course of study I am taking there isn’t any divination required. I added it in on my own and forgot there wasn’t a requirement. Also, as the author of the course pointed out to me druidry is not culturally exclusive. So no need to exclude my runes on that count either.

When I asked the Coelbren Alphabet for input I got a direct message about moving toward the runes. In fact the answer was quite clear. What the answer also held though was a question I needed to ask next. That question was really what brought me to the beach and ultimately why the runes were waterside with me.

The question? A big shift away from runes and a direct look inside at my choices. What to do with this blog?

I don’t know what to write. What will be helpful and engaging to you my dear reader? How do I balance sharing and keeping the power of secrecy building in my magical work?

Not being clear on navigating this balance leads me to feel like I have been holding myself back. How? Often I feel like I am writing in a dry or academic manner as a way to keep my actual occult work hidden while trying to share something you may find useful. I’ve realized something though and today maybe it came to a head. I can share with you on a more personal level and still preserve the secrecy needed for actual workings I am doing.

The exception to this would be when I get into mundane astrology. Mundane astrology concerns itself with politics and economics. Being of a public nature anyway and not about creating an influential force means sharing my results won’t be a problem. Though I won’t be ready for that for a while until I have at least a bit of the required skills. I am working on it but probably won’t have anything to show for most of 2021.

On the other hand, my thoughts, feelings, and realizations about what has and hasn’t worked for me in magic over the years may be of interest. Including what I am learning in astrology and astrological magic would be appropriate. This article being the start of such sharing at least that is my hope.

So, back to the question. What did the runes have to say about writing articles on this blog? The rune I selected from the bag for guidance is show in the picture above.

With the help of Edred Thorsson’s book Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic I will interpret. The rune is called naudhiz. It is shaped like the spindle and bow traditionally used to start a fire before matches were invented. Using a bow and spindle depends on friction to give birth to the coal which grows into the fire. There are some obvious sexual connotations we could explore but I will stick with another interpretation.

Which is: Manifesting out of friction and distress. Yep, that would describe my writing journey. Lots of friction for me in what to write, how much to write, and so on. All of which is a source of the friction needed to generate the heat for creation. Enough hot coal dust has accumulated the coal is forming and writing is beginning.

My runes are encouraging me to step into the act of creation via this web site. The adventure continues.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome in the comments below.