Read Old Books & Rewire Your Brain

As part of my exploring new ways to expand and grow I have started to read a classic occult book, The Cosmic Doctrine (TDC) by Dion Fortune. Why would I read a book written around the time my parents were born? Because John Michael Greer (JMG) over at writes fabulous books about magic. I can’t stop myself from buying whatever he writes or recommends. For the most part he only reads the works of dead authors. He said to give it a read.

One thing he likes old classics for is how they change the way you think when you are done reading them. It isn’t only about the information in the books.  The way they are written is just as important in how it changes your brain and perceptions. Language being such a strong influence on perception and all. The Cosmic Doctrine is one of those books. He is right, too. I have also been reading a book about the Elizabethan period written by an academic born in the late 1800s. Same effect.

After a few weeks of exposure to various styles of writing and increasing complexity of language my brain is getting up to speed! The texts are getting much easier to read. In fact, I am progressing a few more centuries back now. Books on astrology and magic from the Renaissance are in the reading lineup.

Why would you want to stretch your brain with old books from dead authors? Language has a big impact on how you perceive reality. If you are interested in changing reality with magic and thus your consciousness developing a stretchy mind is a big help. New words to add to your vocabulary. More complex sentences for your mind to figure out. Paragraphs and chapters which draw you through a thought process you hadn’t experienced yet.

Find yourself a few dead authors in whatever subject area floats your boat. Take it slow but don’t give up. Pretty soon you will be tapping the super powers of the conscious being you see in the mirror every morning!