Radionics: Symbols and Patterns Co-Creating Reality

Read a blog article today and had my reality congeal some more. The article was about designing radionics instruments. For the purpose of the article the author defined radionics “as an instrument-aided manifestation modality.” These devices with knobs and gauges and switches don’t really appear to do much but maybe balance some electrical circuits.

There really isn’t any reason they should work at all by any modern engineering perspectives. Yet, they do. Not for everyone I gather but for many they work quite well.

What happens is not what your average engineer would tell you to expect. Other things happen. People are healed, goals manifested, or plants thrive and on and on.


Before getting to the why let’s skip over to some thoughts I have been toying with for a little while now. Mainly I have been fascinated by math and patterns. Maybe not surprisingly as I have some background both in data analysis and computer programming. A career which is focused on solving problems with symbols interpreted by a highly complex device driven by electricity.

Where my mind has been though is on the idea of programming reality. Yes, creating intentional changes in the reality I experience via my consciousness. And this is where I am seeing the link with radionics start to show. The code for programming reality is as far as I can tell based on symbols.

Which symbols? Now that is a potentially complicated question for me to answer right now. The answer may well be simply it doesn’t really matter. On the other hand it may very well matter in ways I don’t understand yet.

Radionics fits in here by allowing us to build an instrument with various controls and monitors and integrating certain symbols into its design. Say we run a low voltage current through a circuit which looks like an ancient design used to benefit plant growth. There are various monitors and dials allowing us to fiddle with the performance of the circuit. Is the electricity in the circuit responsible for the abundant growth we might witness?

Maybe. Here is what I am imagining. We create a physical instrument. This instrument draws and focuses our intention on the symbolic circuitry. Our intention is one aspect of a pebble being dropped into the water of the conscious field of the universe. The ripples which go out and alter reality carry with them the intention energized symbol. And the plants grow like crazy.

The instrument could very well be doing a few other things at the same time. What if in the same way Masaru Emoto found water holding patterns of emotion, the electricity is holding the pattern of the symbol somehow? Or maybe the instrument allows an imprint of the symbol directly on reality?

What I have been doing for years is very similar. Only I have been focused entirely inward. No external tools or instruments. While there are some positives to the inward focus there are some drawbacks.

The biggest benefit to not using external tools is in my personal and spiritual growth and development. Which is great for me. I have learned a lot about working with energy and other aspects of the occult. The difficulty is not everyone is drawn to the kind of path I am following. They might be open to the ideas but maybe working on cars or raising horses is their thing?

There are limits at least at this stage of my development. The biggest limit is I only have one biological presence. I can’t help everyone who might need the help.


In a way my body is like a biological radionics device. My knobs and dials are in my mind’s eye of course. THe energy is all around me or I can gather it from entities in my awareness. In the end though there is just one me.

If I have more than one thing I want to accomplish I have figure out how to fit all the projects into my schedule. An hour running energy in the garden. Another hour healing the cat’s tail and another negotiating with the local spirits about something. We are only talking about me here. There isn’t much time left for other people who might want me to work energy for them.

A radionics instrument or device of some kind can be that presence or symbolic energy consciousness generator. Many people who could benefit from energy type working are not inclined or ready to do it themselves could start using the tech.

Here’s the big irony. These devices? There are plans and past research on them from as far back as the 1800’s. At least, maybe further back. It is very conceivable ancient structures and devices were designed to tap into natural flows of different forms of energy. Whether etheric, telluric, spiritual or what have you I would be more surprised if our ancestors weren’t working with energies our culture and scientific community doesn’t recognize.

With work continuing up to present day. I see two places to put my energy as far as radionics. One is to begin to develop my lab. Doing experiments and sharing results I am getting to further our understanding. The second thing I can do is have instruments or plans for instruments I have found to work available.

I really do feel bringing the symbol technology radionics is tapping into is an important part of how we move forward in this world. I don’t know what the answers are or even might look like though I might make a few guesses. In my research I am finding people are getting interesting results. Soon I hope to begin gather bits and pieces to make into my own radionics instruments and convert my office to a lab fitting of a mad scientist. Maybe I can begin contributing to a future where physical tech and conscious tech merge for a better world.

Now to design my lab and figure out what equipment I need for my first project. Oh and what my first project might be. With my background in energy healing I am thinking something having to do with auras would be pretty cool. I also have millions of pages of old texts and periodicals to sort through on my computer. Some of which talk about radionics and related tech. I have a feeling whatever else happens there will be even more questions to ponder.

Edit: 03/13/2021 Dan over at the original blog pointed out in the comments section the difference between an instrument and a machine. I really liked his distinction. In the original article I wrote I used the word machine in relation to radionics devices in a quite imprecise manner. The word machine has been replaced with the word instrument as a result. It makes a lot more sense to me.

Now I am wondering if an actual functioning machine which does physical work and powered by say steam or moving water might be effective at magic too.

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