Questions and Answers on Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and More: My Quora Archive

Back in 2018 I started answering questions on Quora. It wasn’t long before my new hobby turned into an obsession. Most of the questions I answered were about Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and other occult related subjects. Though there are a few questions about tango and a couple other topics. Considering how popular the Twin Flame topic was at the time I’ve decided to publish the questions and my answers on this blog (as allowed by the Quora intellectual property license at the time.)

Warning: This is a gigantic post (over 65,000 words)! Thank gods for Emacs macros! This post is also an experiment not just because of the size but also in the sharing of thoughts I’ve written in the past. Some of which, by the way, may no longer be true for me. It is possible I will edit content and possibly break this post apart into multiple smaller posts. Constructive feedback is as always greatly appreciated.

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1 December 2018

1.1 Dec 7, 2018 This is going to sound silly, but I feel my DM sexually and it’s distracting for me. I’ll be at work and I suddenly feel him in that way. Lots of fun at night but how can I shut this down during the day?

Yes it is very possible to be feeling your TF sexually. Distraction might help. Intense focus on some other activity is usually helpful. For me it has to be absorbing enough that I don’t have a chance to daydream. Working on websites, troubleshooting technology, remodeling the house are the type of activities which are pretty effective distractions for me.

2 November 2018

2.1 Nov 29, 2018 How did you overcome steep learning curve of Argentine tango?

Classes and practice. The first couple of years I practiced, was in class, or danced with friends 1 to 2 hours everyday. Sometimes I would dance without a day off for 2 or three weeks!

Even if I wasn’t dancing with a partner I would be dancing on my own. In the kitchen, the shower, down the sidewalk, or in the grocery store were all places to explore tango.

For context, I started out at age with zero dance background. Zero. Seriously, I needed a good buzz from alcohol to get near a dance floor my entire life.

I would physically tremble for months when I started tango. Tango was probably the scariest thing I had ever chosen to learn.

Now, I have the privilege of coaching others in developing their Argentine Tango techniques. I have overheard people say I was a natural. What they didn’t see was how committed I was (and still am) to learning the dance.

The biggest secret to keeping myself going was laughing at myself. Enjoying my mistakes made my learning curve much easier to handle.

2.2 Nov 29, 2018 How can a person strengthen their sixth sense?

Begin to pay attention. You are probably already getting lots of nudges and hints from your sixth sense. You can start by writing down what you are sensing. Even if you can’t remember everything just noting one or two curious sixth sense intuitions will open your awareness.

The practice of noticing what you notice will also strengthen you sixth sense. How? What we pay attention to grows. Pay attention to your sixth sense and it will become more obvious.

2.3 Nov 21, 2018 Does the fact that I’m starting to not believe in twin flames confirm I’m not one?

Based on my experiences, my opinion is that starting to not believe in Twin Flames is a very good thing.

I am observing what appears to be a number of people trying to fit the object of their romantic desires into the Twin Flame label. From what they are writing it sounds like they are looking for an idealized romantic partner.

While I didn’t try fit anyone into the label I did seek out the profound connection to make up for the missing pieces of myself. Eventually I did learn via pain and drama to let go of the search.

The idea of Twin Flame is not something you need to believe in like a religion or seek out or even hope for in your life. Whether you are one or not isn’t even a question to spend much energy on as far as I am concerned.

Believing in the Twin Flame idea can even distract you.

“Twin Flame” is a label for an experience people are having with another person. In my opinion no one in the physical world really knows the full extent or details of the nature of the connection.

Yes, the experiences are very real and can be very challenging and can open doors in your reality which will amaze you.

Thing is you don’t need to believe in the Twin Flame idea for any of this to happen anyway. You can accomplish all you wish to accomplish whether you are with your Twin Flame or not. Or whether you believe they exist or not.

For me, Twin Flame seeking was more an indication of being wounded and needing to heal.

Let me say that again.

Seeking a Twin Flame like connection with a romantic partner was in itself a sign I needed to heal wounds of my own. I needed to heal because I needed the connection to feel whole.

Letting go of the need to be in a Twin Flame connection was very important. Probably one the most important things I have learned to do in this life.

I let go of needing another person to complete me physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. You can gain tremendous freedom for your evolution by letting go of the need to be completed by another .

2.4 Nov 20, 2018 How do you force yourself to live life without expectations?

Part of the answer is contained in your question. Forcing yourself is itself an expectation.

Expectations, for me, are a demand on the future or reality outside myself. The demand is to try to make the outside world conform to my internal state. Frankly, this never works out for me.

All I really have control over is my internal state. Expecting reality outside myself to conform to meet my internal state is ultimately not productive. Dealing with this dynamic can be very helpful in reducing certain expectations.

Awareness is the first step. Why do you have these expectations? The answers might take some detective work and maybe help from a professional to unravel.

Michael Singer has a couple of related books. The Untethered Soul is one worth reading.

2.5 Nov 20, 2018 Is it possible that my twin flame is trying to connect with someone else the way we did? It hurts me to see him trying to look somewhere else for the love and connection we felt together. But his happiness matters the most to me.

Are they aware of the connection and energy exchange you shared? If so, I would say it is entirely possible and they may even be doing so consciously.

They may also have a different interpretation of the connection you shared. Maybe they are exploring and discovering new layers and dimensions in their very being. As your twin flame they will bring back this new understanding for you to share with them. As one grows so does the other.

All of this will turn out for the best. You lose nothing in the higher dimensional sense.

2.6 Nov 20, 2018 Is it possible to live next door to your twin flame?

For a while we lived just a few blocks apart. In the 2 or 3 years before we met I would often pass her house on my bike. I also lived just a few doors down from where she eventually bought a house post-divorce.

Instead of being separated by distance we were geographically close and apart in timing. We swirled around each other just out of reach. Often within sight of one another.

The movie, The Adjustment Bureau does a nice job of illustrating some of this concept.

2.7 Nov 15, 2018 Will you please provide some examples on how I can turn knowledge gained from a self-help motivational book into practical actionable steps to do on a regular basis?

Good question Andrea!

Many self-help books have one or more processes to do to get certain results. Find a process you like. Start out small. Do the process exactly how the author suggests. Don’t reinvent what they are telling you to do until you have some experience.

Note: The book itself may be one long process broken into chapters.

Get a pen and paper. Write out the process step by step.

Do the process.

Journal about the process and how you are feeling about your experience each day. Reflect on any changes you see showing up in your life.

Here is a link to a process called Freenoting. Project Renaissance, Freenoting

The website belongs to the author of one of my all time favorite books: The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger

Probably the best $7.97 I have ever spent. I bought the book used but totally worth buying new.

2.8 Nov 15, 2018 How do I let go of this twin flame phenomenon? I can’t take this pain and thinking of him anymore.

Let go of the Twin Flame label.

From my own experience I have seen it possible to connect at the Twin Flame level with multiple people. Some platonic, some romantic. For the most part, the connections were spectacularly unsuccessful.

You are aware of the level of connection possible between you and another being. This awareness is key here. Build on that awareness.

Go deeper, go broader in your path! Use that inspiration and insight to empower your spiritual path!

This is all very exciting!!

2.9 Nov 12, 2018 Should I, a feminine twin flame, express and pour my heart out to my masculine twin flame while we are in separation?

Are you in communication? If not is it by request of the other person? I would respect their request. Yes, it will be very hard to do.

If you are in communication then maybe? Use your intuition.

Also, it is one thing to share feelings. Telling someone they are your twin flame or even soul mate is quite another. So you may want to be clear on why and what you want to pour your heart out about.

Finally, the connection referred to as Twin Flame is not about the romantic and earthly 3D experience. Yeah, there’s lots of cool stuff in the romance area but it’s definitely NOT the point. If you don’t have your baggage squared away get to work. Expect fireworks at best.

We are both card carrying, life long fix our dysfunctions type of people. Nothing is off limits when it comes to cleaning up my personal baggage!

We almost didn’t stay together even with all that going for us. This is intense to work out.

I would suggest not putting pressure on him with the twin flame stuff. Especially, if that is what is pushing him away.

Don’t label your experience. Labels can be limiting. Even the Twin Flame label.

2.10 Nov 12, 2018 My twin flame told me to let go of him and blocked me on social media. Should I just let go of him and focus on myself?

He set a boundary with you. I would suggest respecting that boundary.

If he is your twin flame there is no loss. Never will be. So there’s nothing to worry about.

You may also want to take this opportunity to reflect inwardly. Some questions to consider:

Why do you feel he is your twin flame?
Do you need a twin flame? Why?
Does he agree about being twin flames?
In your dynamic what is your stuff to own?
What is his?

Be brutally honest with yourself.

Live your life! Love and grow. If he is your twin flame you will be together eventually in this life or another.

2.11 Nov 12, 2018 What are some unusual, non-sexual forms of intimacy that bring people closer together?

For me this was unusual. Learning Argentine Tango really opened my eyes to the possibility of non-sexual intimacy. The intimacy part did take some time to understand. It sure looks sexual!

There is a physical closeness for sure. At the same time it does not have to be sexual at all. After dancing for a while the non-sexual nature became much clearer.

Communication, safety, trust, closeness are all present at multiple levels in the dance. Other than with my wife though Argentine Tango is very much a non-sexual experience. Even with my wife we are able to be very close, very intimate, without the sexual aspect.

Frankly, having a non-sexual way of being intimate feels really nice. I feel it allows all parts of our life to be more intimate including the sexual areas.

2.12 Nov 12, 2018 Would you say that sex is the most powerful part of a twin flame connection? Because you’re creating love with one another?

Sexual connection for twin flames is powerful. I wouldn’t say it is the most powerful level of connection. Depends. Physical expression though of the energetic connection. Yes, powerful.

On the other hand, she is the first partner in my 52 years to soften my heart so I don’t feel the need to protect myself. Very powerful stuff right there!

Sexual connection is a channel or pathway for energy to flow between us. My opinion is this is true for everyone as well. How well it flows depends on the nature of the connection and the development of the individuals.

The natural resonance of the energy between twin flames makes the flow through sexual channels very intense. Of course, this resonance makes the flow through any pathway between the twin flames more intense than it would otherwise be with other people.

The creating love part doesn’t really mesh with my experience. The love is already there and very natural. No need to create it. If they are not twin flames the opening of love would probably need to be more intentional.

The spiritual and energetic aspects of sex are difficult to ignore in this profound connection.

2.13 Nov 12, 2018 How do you feel when you aren’t meditating enough?

I feel like something is missing. Not being in that place in meditation for a while inspires me to get back to that place.

Meditation is the cornerstone of my spiritual and magickal path.

My life has not been the expected path of my family or even society at large. When I am not meditating I am not on the one path in life which has been with me since early childhood.

Life flows when I am in that place.

2.14 Nov 12, 2018 Can you be a good tarot card reader without being a psychic?

Yes! You can definitely be a good Tarot reader without being a psychic. The trick is to allow yourself to listen to your intuition. The quiet voice and subtle feelings inside of you.

For me there are five basic steps in the reading process.

Understanding the question.
Shuffling the cards.
Selecting (and sometimes positioning) the cards.

Determining the question is a conversation I have with the client. This is where the client and I begin to come together. Joining forces so to speak in seeking insight into some aspect of her life.

Shuffling and selecting the cards are done completely intuitively. My subconscious guides the entire process as I gaze at the backs of the cards in the deck. I just get a feeling for which cards are to be selected.

Reading the cards is telling the story I see in the cards in front of me. The elements and structure of the story develop as a result of the interaction between my subconscious, the client’s subconscious, and the cards.

No doubt other people have other completely valid approaches. This approach works very well for myself and my clients.

No psychic skills needed. Just practice being quiet and allowing whatever pops into your mind to show up unedited.

2.15 Nov 12, 2018 Why do I feel such a strong feeling that I have met my twin flame even though I didn’t even know there was such a thing?

Good for you! I think it can be helpful to not know anything about the idea of twin flame before crossing paths with your twin flame.

In my own case, I was clearly stuck on finding someone with whom I could share such a profound connection. The desire for the connection became a huge distraction for me.

One of the dangers is that you can create psychic and other connection experiences with many people! Including people who are not healthy for you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for many people. I say this mainly due to the questions and comments I see on social media about twin flames.

Not knowing about the twin flame concept helps keep your mind from playing games in order to make whoever is your current love interest into a twin flame. Tricky stuff.

2.16 Nov 8, 2018 How would you relate seeing repeated names and numbers in clocks all the time to a twin flame or soulmate connection?

Train went by at 11:11 AM yesterday as I arrived at the park. Stenciled on the front and back was


A few minutes later I took this picture.

Now, I am being quite earnest. My wife is big on the 11:11 thing. When I saw the time I paused, considering the possible meanings.

I don’t really have an answer for you. The entire Universe though can be thought of as a whole bunch of symbols communicating with us constantly.

Working with your subconscious and intuition you may well find your answers. Those answers may not have anything to do with your Twin Flame connection. Hard to say. Sit with it for a while and feel for what may be true for you.

Still not sure what the stencil on the train was implying for me.

2.17 Nov 8, 2018 Why do I feel like no one wants to hear about my twin flame? Every time I try to talk about that person to friends or my therapist, I feel judged, or as if they’d rather not know.

There are probably multiple reasons depending on the person.

People unconsciously, project their inner world on others. When they hear about your experiences they probably are filtering and judging your message based on how they understand reality.

What you are saying may in fact clash with how they believe the world works at a very fundamental level.

Your twin flame experience may also represent what they ideally want to experience. They may be deeply desiring or have even rejected such a relationship out of fear in the past. Now as you share your connection experience they might be reacting in a less than productive way because they want what you have found.

As far as your therapist goes the twin flame connection may sound like an unhealthy attachment or something. I don’t know I am not a therapist. I could see how a therapist might come to that type of conclusion given their likely training and experience.

Like most things in life most people are probably having very human reactions to something they either fear or covet or both.

2.18 Nov 8, 2018 What are some books that can help someone who is drawn toward spirituality, but has trouble knowing who/what to pray to?

Great question. I am kind of going through this right now.

Short answer? All of them!

I spent the last 40 or so years winging it spiritually. Sure I read a lot of books. Mostly though I discovered spiritual stuff by experience after learning where to look from books.

The biggest source for me has been direct nature connection.

Lately though I decided to explore what was in books from a variety of other rather obscure traditions. There are all sorts of ways to approach various spiritual entities and paths to walk. Rituals galore!

Now I am back to where I started. Direct connection with a few new ideas for experimentation.

Another answer suggested Rumi. I concur! Then find a quiet place in your backyard and sit for a while . You already have the answers inside.

Edit: I would like to clarify my answer. Hopefully, this will be more helpful.

Being drawn toward spirituality is not necessarily the same as picking a deity or specific religion as the object of your prayer. If you are looking for a religion and are selecting from the major religions their primary and supplementary books are readily available.

If you are looking for a path to follow in expanding your awareness and growth there are many, many options to investigate. Below are a few of the books currently on my shelf . This list spans cultures and time periods. Most of the books contain processes to follow for developing your personal spiritual path.

While I have read all of these I should explain how my path typically unfolds. First, I experience something then later I find related books. Within the books I will then find something which will help draw me deeper into my experience. Or the author might offer a novel perspective for me to consider.

This is why I usually say buy any book you find appealing. From that first book you can step to the next one. Each book is a potential stepping stone on your personal spiritual path. If you stay in the book though you risk staying in the intellectual experience.

Here is the partial list:

Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Ken Keyes, Jr. An old classic with lots of good advice.
Draconian Ritual Book, by Asenath Mason, An excellent introduction to self-initiation into the Path of the Dragon. Contains a variety of deities to pray to and how to pray to them. Pretty intense.
The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, by Betz
The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer
The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer
The Physics of Miracles, by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND
The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
I Am That, Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Creation Myths, by Leeming and Leeming
Learning Ritual Magic, by Jon Michael Greer, Anything by Greer including his blog is worth your time.
Infinite Self, by Stuart Wilde I have all his books. Many are excellent.
The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda
Present Moment Awareness, by Shannon Duncan
Sara, Book 1, by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Agrippa, I haven’t read this one from cover to cover. One could easily make a lengthy study out of this book. This might not be as approachable to many modern readers as more contemporary titles.
The Search for the Hidden Door, by Marshall N. Lever
Quantum-Touch, by Richard Gordon, An approachable process to begin sensing energy flows physically.

The books only take you to an intellectual understanding. You eventually need to experience directly what you are reading about in the books.

2.19 Nov 8, 2018 Do twin flames always land up with their karmics first (not soulmates) in their 3D life? Is it possible for twin flames to be with a soulmate and go through an awakening?

You do not need to be with your twin flame for an awakening. In fact, you you are not required to be with anyone at all.

Live, love, learn, and grow. Learn to observe yourself without judgement and the rest will take care of itself.

2.20 Nov 8, 2018 How can I help my male roommate who is definitely in a karmic relationship?

The single biggest thing we can do to help each other is simple and difficult at the same time.

Listen with your full presence and no judgement.

I am convinced from my life experience to date my biggest help to others has been simply being a compassionate mirror.

2.21 Nov 8, 2018 I confessed my feelings to my twin flame, but had the strong urge to disappear after. Does this mean, I’m becoming the runner even if I’m not aware of it?

Yeah sharing how you feel can be scary! Fear of rejection and a bunch of other stuff can show up.

We are all runners in some way or another at some time or another. Let your fears inform you. Don’t put them in charge. Be with them. Breathe.

Unless you are in physical danger. Then run!

2.22 Nov 8, 2018 If our higher selves & our twin flame are pure soul energy why do some ask “permission” to heal them or do any spiritual work with them? Is permission only a 3D human construct? What about doing the work intending they only receive what is needed?

Asking permission is not required. People may choose to heal or harm without permission.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Not many of us can foresee the ramifications of interfering with another person’s journey. The blow back might be more than you bargained for even with good intentions. Twin flame or not.

If the person is your twin flame just work on yourself. The natural resonance between you two will handle the rest.

2.23 Nov 8, 2018 Do any other twin flames ever feel like they are in 2 places at one time, like in 3D & then you feel as if you’re with your twin too maybe in 5D? Was the energy intense? Did you feel disconnected from your 3D like not part of your human body?

We can choose to be in two places at once. Trance states, whether intentional or spontaneous, are great for such things.

Your connection with your twin flame may be a factor inducing these states spontaneously.

2.24 Nov 8, 2018 If there was something positive that you could say to your twin flame right now other than I love you what would you say? Can you come up with something without having to think hard about it?

I find words are limiting in this context.

At this moment as I type this answer she is having what I suspect is a very difficult conversation. In that difficulty She has ME with her. Always. Always has had me and always will.

In a very real way she and I are never alone. This is that Oneness which we are and where words just get in the way. Presence with each other is always.

Even when we have difficulties between us. We are never apart. This is hard to explain without experiencing it.

I am never alone even when I have no one near me physically.

This state goes beyond words.

2.25 Nov 8, 2018 For those who have telepathy with their twin flame and feel their energy too, have you had times where you can sense their soul is finally pushing for change? Have you “discussed” it telepathically, etc? I have recently it’s why I ask.

Great question! Why? Because I eventually attempted to not have any impact on anyone via energetic influence.

And yet ….

As we each grow in our individual ways we can’t help but catalyze growth in each other. We have definitely discussed it in person. Before meeting, no doubt, we were doing the same thing without any discussion.

In the non-verbal sense there has never been a need for discussion. One grows and the other grows.

She did give me blanket consent for spiritual and energetic working during and related to sex early on in our relationship. Such things were to be guided by my discretion.

If something does show up it will be an intuition that one of us is to do something. When we act we can see sometimes it was for growth reasons.

What or who is communicating the guidance is up for discussion!

2.26 Nov 8, 2018 How do you sharpen your intuition? Has meditation enhanced your sensitivity?

Meditation can help you in a number of ways. Of course, calming yourself is one and a great one at that!

You can take work with meditation in other ways, as well. Paying attention to a physical sense is one. Really focus on your sense of smell while in meditation, for example.

Get engrossed in the feel of a small stone. Examine the stone in minute detail for many minutes. Or a piece of wood or a lover!

Take an hour to walk 20 feet is another.

There a a number of benefits but one is you will over time quiet your “thinker’ and begin to hear the soft voice and subtle feeling of your intuition.

As you become aware of intuitive messages or guidance notice and act on them. Doing so will encourage more guidance in the future.

2.27 Nov 8, 2018 Do you feel that as twin flames get closer to union with each other that those who are negative or in a negative state of energy are more threatened by that? I sense that do you?

Being together within this state of connection did seem to have an impact on some people. Others feeling threatened did seem to be one of those impacts. While being negative might have been one characteristic I suspect a more accurate description would be how they were feeling about their own relational experiences.

We noticed some people who were having difficulties in or with relationships were at times dismissive of our relationship experience. Or they didn’t understand what we were experiencing so tried to put us in a box which probably felt safe.

The energy we share between each other may well catch others attention at some level. I don’t know. They may even be intrigued or threatened. The knowing we share is probably unsettling for some.

While talking about our relationship experience with others is an option justifying our choices is not. How do you debate direct spiritual experience? Especially with someone not yet experiencing something similar?

2.28 Nov 4, 2018 How can I finally heal from my insecurities? My twin flame keeps mirroring my deepest fears to me, and I feel like I’m going to push him away if I continue to react to what is triggering me.

Assuming you are indeed in a safe situation:

Find a good therapist.
Breathing and focusing your attention on your breath.
Remind yourself that what you are feeling isn’t going to hurt you.
You may be experiencing old patterns being energized. Those patterns can be activated by external stimulus even if the original situation is long ago resolved.
Your body and mind are attempting to keep you safe even if an actual threat is no longer present. Recognizing and honoring this belief system can be a good step towards reintegrating the energy the system is holding.

Seriously, consider finding a good therapist to work with on your fears and insecurities. With your twin flame experience you can now peer into the depths of yourself with great clarity. Probably more so than ever before. You can make quite a bit of progress towards discovering tools which will help you resolve and heal.

2.29 Nov 4, 2018 What kind of special “powers” do twin flames possess? For example, my twin flame says he’s an empath, meaning he feels other’s emotions. I might have some sort of healing energy but I’m not sure. Is that supposed to happen?

You may well be developing “special powers” or already have them available. Whatever abilities you are discovering are present apart from the twin flame concept. You can discover and develop your capabilities twin flame or not.

2.30 Nov 4, 2018 Could a twin flame connection happen between 3 people, or does it only come in pairs?

Many of us feel like a single entity in this 3D Universe. What if we are like the people of Flatland with our physical bodies just one aspect of our true selves? In higher dimensions maybe we are more complex?

Imagine a hand with fingers passing through the surface of a table. At the surface of the table one only see the cross section of each finger. The fingers all part of the same hand look like 5 different figures.

Maybe a soul can be split into three?
Maybe we each have many aspects of ourselves at higher dimensions?
Maybe each of these aspects is able to find the corresponding aspect of our twin flame? Depending on where you are observing you might see Two becoming One.
Or you might see 42 aspects joining with another 42 aspects and becoming One.
Or you might see One joining with 40 and becoming One.
Maybe two aspects of you can incarnate at the same time while one aspect of your twin flame incarnates? What happens in this scenario?

My suspicion is we are not able to see the whole truth of reality from the 3D perspective. Another reason why I advise you to walk your path. Twin flames are a result of your path not a cause.

Edited to add the concept that maybe a soul can be split into three.

2.31 Nov 4, 2018 What is a twin flame?

Hi Elidh, thanks for the question.

A Twin Flame is a label for a profound spiritual connection. Depending on who you ask a twin flame connection has the following characteristics:

A divine mission. A reason for being here together in the physical.
Unique. One soul divided into two people. Each the perfect half to the other.
While divided along masculine and feminine lines the two physical people may be of any gender combination.
Twin flames typically incarnate one at a time. In other words, one half stays in spirit form and the other comes to the physical.
There are a number of psychic, energetic, and spiritual phenomena people experience with twin flames. In my experience though these are not unique to twin flames.
Learning and growth. Nothing remains hidden when you feel each other so deeply. Deal with your respective wounds or self-destruct as a couple.
Often the intensity of the connection is too much for one or both people. The reaction is often to flee in fear.
Perfectly matching energy. There is no effort in the connection itself. And I am not referring to sex! There may be lots of effort needed in being able to be in the relationship though due to old wounds and such.

I am certainly missing some characteristics in my list. The biggest distraction people encounter is in seeking a twin flame or twin flame like connection. The romantic idealism is a big distraction and possibly a way to avoid working on something lurking in oneself.

There is more room for developing spiritual perspective and healing if one finds themselves needing to find their twin flame. At least that was my experience.

2.32 Nov 4, 2018 Do you feel uncomfortable having sex with a pet around?

Not at all. A couple of times he pushed his nose on one of our feet. That was a little weird. We corrected him. Now he usually minds his manners.

We do joke about charging him admission for the floor show. As we go to the bedroom Peanut is always following us.

Below is a picture of him helping me build our first bed.

He often acts like he’s standing guard when we have sex. He will face the door keeping a look out. For what I am not entirely sure.

Sometimes he will act a bit like a puppy. I suspect when we are having sex he feels all is well with the pack. He feels safe and secure if the alphas are mating or something.

2.33 Nov 4, 2018 Why does It feel like Im not growing? When I first had a spiritual growth and self-improvement, I was happy and excited, and I felt every second of my growth. But now it doesn’t feel like I’m growing in this twin flame relationship. Im lost.

Growth in every area of existence I am aware happens in cycles. Just like when you lift weights! Lifting weights breaks down muscle tissue. The rest period between exercise sessions is when the body rebuilds.

Or sleep. When you sleep your brain and body has a chance to clean house and do some repairs after a days activities.

Periods of stillness and no apparent growth are usually just part of the on going cycle of life. Grow and rest, grow and rest. Expand and consolidate. Exertion and recovery.

Whenever I am in a rest period I now know some new adventure is waiting around the corner. So I relax and enjoy the peace and calm. Magic happens in the quiet period.

One other thing I would suggest is to ease off on your expectations of the twin flame relationship. Experience what you are experiencing. Journal and reflect.

Expectations pull you out of the present moment. Be in the present.

Of course, if you are concerned you might be depressed or have some other health issue make sure to talk with an appropriate professional.

3 October 2018

3.1 Oct 29, 2018 If you could go back and plan the university life and learning again, what would it be like?

I think I would double major in Astronomy and Anthropology. Astronomy would be a good outlet for the technical and mathematical side of my brain. Plus studying the size and various objects of the Universe feeds my sense of wonder regarding existence itself. Anthropology would indulge my fascination with cultural systems.

I would also focus on connecting with more people both faculty and students.

The first time in college I was in too much of a hurry and did whatever got me a degree fastest.

3.2 Oct 29, 2018 Do you feel Evan Marie Carr or Eric Cole are with their twin flames? How come union was a matter of choice for them and not for others?

My suggestion is to NOT think of me being with my twin flame let alone being in Union. If this is important to you examine why. Truly look at why the label twin flame is important.

Here’s the deal. I have never searched for my “twin flame.” The definition of twin flame may truly NOT apply to us at all.

It doesn’t matter.

Only in retrospect have I thought maybe Twin Flame could describe what I am experiencing. The label makes it easier to talk about my experiences.

That’s it. Human created labels will always be limited. Always.

What does it take to create a twin flame like experience with someone?

Here is a very big secret.

I am not going to go into details because we can get very esoteric very quickly.

Your mental/mind’s frame of reference for anything you can imagine is relative and can be changed which can then change your life experience. Including your romantic life!


Get out of your rational mind,
shift your frame of reference about connecting,
add energy(chi, etc.), and
focus your intention.
Now you can create a twin flame-like experience with people.

None of this needs to involve the other person. This process can even be done by people not aware they are doing the process. In other words you can create the connection experience and not know you are doing it.

I just want you to be aware and consider possibilities.

One warning! This process can be highly unstable when involving other people! I shared this process because I think I see people doing this process unconsciously. Self-awareness is crucial!

How did I find myself in a twin flame experience?

My entire life I have been dedicating some portion of my day to personal growth and development. This started at about 9 years of age. As a result of this inner drive to explore the non-physical my life wandered some very non-ordinary trails.

At some point I began looking for a partner to share in spiritual exploration and adventures. I think this started after I began getting the shivers up my spine and later the full body electrical explosion and continuous current running through me for hours. Lots of time connecting and meditating in nature was probably responsible.

While I was opening to these new abilities to perceive and interact with the world my need to feel whole opened me to some very dysfunctional AND twin flame-like relationships. This combo led to lots and lots of problems!

From what I am reading on Quora I get the feeling many people are in a similar situation! Please read the above paragraph and meditate on whether this might be true for you. I don’t know your truth. I am just offering food for thought to save you energy on your journey.

My journey was to have these experiences with multiple partners. I could create what I later learned people might call a twin flame experience with more than one person. They didn’t have to be romantic partners either.

The most dysfunctional connection happened when I bridged a cedar tree with a female friend I found attractive. This led to all sorts of pain and drama for nearly everyone within my social sphere, and included the ending of my first marriage.

All is a lesson. I learned. Slowly. Very slowly.

By the time I was well and truly done with exploring the potential of romantic spiritual relationships I just asked to have my “Partner” sent to me. No expectations.

I am not kidding when I said I was done. I wanted nothing to do with any type of soul mate/twin flame romantic relationship. If she hadn’t arrived promptly I was happy to be single and being celibate was a very attractive option to me.

Looking for and creating these connections is something I do not advise. She and I work because our connection required no intention to create. We are naturally & mutually connected at this depth.

Work on our issues? Yes!
Work on the spiritual & energetic connection? No.

When I dropped my expectations then the Universe/Creation/Force really delivered. The lessons and healing began in earnest the day of our initial contact.

These are my/our experiences. I hope they are helpful in some way.


I would like to emphasize one point which I really didn’t make originally. The reason we are thriving together in a relationship is our mutual commitment to facing EVERYTHING which comes up. NOT our connection.

Our connection means anything which pushes us apart is painfully intolerable. Unlike anything I have experienced before. Since we are drawn together at the same time we must work it all out!

Granted I often take longer to process and verbalize. Still, we ultimately get where we need to be.

The process looks something like:

Facing all issues which arise,
owning our stuff,
and working toward resolution with love, compassion, and integrity.
At times there was some heated yelling. Though the yelling is in the past at this point.

All couples could probably benefit from this kind of communication. I don’t know I am not a therapist. If we want to be together we don’t have a choice. If we did not take this approach we would implode as a couple.

Faster than most I bet.

The pressure of knowing what each other is thinking and feeling at some reasonably, though not perfectly, accurate level is intense. Communicate and grow or self-destruct and wait for the next round or incarnation.

Probably helps she is a fabulous social worker.

3.3 Oct 22, 2018 Does one twin flame ever receive a current of energy from the other causing a feeling of merging? What is that energy?

Yes, on a daily basis. The energy has a variety of names and is recognized in a variety of traditions.

The energy and merging are not exclusive to twin flames. My experiences have been the energy merging can happen in both sexual and non-sexual merging.

You do not need to have a twin flame encounter to begin tapping this current. Certain meditations will help you wake up and feel the energy.

As you develop your sensitivities and capabilities in working with the energy you will discover its non-local character. Distance is no barrier to the energetic interaction.

I have worked with clients as far away as 3000 miles. My optimal in-person positioning has my hands about 1–2 feet above a chakra or other area of interest. The client can feel what I am doing with their eyes closed. For instance, swirling energy in one direction or the other.

With twin flames the energy is perfectly matched. The impacts on each other are instantaneous and require no effort. I still am left in a bit of wonderment at how readily she feels and responds to me energetically.

3.4 Oct 22, 2018 When are people finally ready to meet their twin flames?

My short answer is when they no longer need to meet their twin flames. Needing is leaning and pushes away energetically.

Curiously, twin flames are also attracted to each other naturally. Thus one gets a tension between the two forces.

Working with this tension is a tremendous opportunity for growth. Allowing the attraction feeling to be and letting go of the neediness gives rise to a state of mind which is potentially very powerful.

Meditating on this paradox is path worth following! You can feel the power rise in yourself! I liken it to the concept of electric potential.

3.5 Oct 22, 2018 Why do twin flames appear in your life?

Hi Lesley, I believe the reasons are varied for twin flames showing up in our lives.

We are drawn together magnetically without consciously seeking each other. This is not the same as sexual attraction! Confusing the two can lead to lots of learning. Sometimes painful learning. When the time is right we come together.
We all have some healing to do. Observing other people experiencing these profound connections I see some healing happens as a twin flame couple and other healing happens while separate, or both. The nature of the needed healing is varied and comes down to choosing Love over Fear.
My suspicion, based only on my own experience, is that twin flames who are healing can model a very positive possibility for human relationships. I won’t go so far as saying an ideal human relationship. I am not that wise. Being together though is pretty awesome.
Finally, being together feels like we are a source of positive vibration in the world. This presence we experience is more than what we experienced apart.

3.6 Oct 22, 2018 Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

My grandfather, about 80 or so years old at the time, was selling his airplane. He needed to transport it from the Seattle area to somewhere in Georgia I think.

At the time I was an active pilot and we decided to fly the airplane across the country together. This was to be his last flight at the controls of an aircraft. He was wrapping up a very long career and active life in aviation.

One of our stops along the way was in Oklahoma. We rented a motel room and after pizza and some tv hit the sack.

Sometime in the middle of the night I sat bolt upright in my bed. At the foot of my bed I saw 3 or 4 little people. I mean little like 2 feet high little.

They working working at an easel. Looked like they were doing calculations or something.

Strange I suppose. Though I was already having plenty of unusual encounters by that time in my life so I thanked them and went back to sleep.

We delivered the airplane and I took a flight back to Seattle. I forget just how many weeks later I heard about the tragic accident. The new owner was killed on his first flight in the airplane when the engine quit while he was attempting a landing.

A total of 20 minutes of flight time after we delivered the keys.

There was a problem with the engine, unknown to us, which had been present the entire time we were flying across the country. Our flight path took us over a couple of pretty rugged stretches of terrain. Not a good place for an engine failure.

I am quite sure our team of little “people” were hard at work keeping things running for us.

3.7 Oct 21, 2018 What do people not like about living in Bellingham, Washington?

Hi Phil thanks for asking!

I agree with much of what you and others have already written. Even with the deficits I will probably live the rest of my life here because our family is here and we love it here.

Housing – Housing market must be near the top of the list. Inventory is low and shrinking, high prices. Supply and demand. Demand is coming from people moving in with money. Many locals are getting priced out of the market. If we didn’t already have a house we would probably have to move. I have no idea what my kids will do if they stay local.
Jobs – Best if you can bring your work with you from somewhere else. Incomes from many local jobs do not keep pace with housing. This situation has been the case for many years and is getting worse by the year.
Weather – I have lived most of my life within about 50 miles of Bellingham. I lived for 10 years out in Sudden Valley. We live in a beautiful, beautiful area which is wet. Wet. Wet. Wet. It can get to you. The wet comes from clouds. See next point.
Grey Skies – The cloud patterns and light levels get their own bullet point. There’s a pattern I have observed with people new to Bellingham. Rightly so they remark at how much they love it here. They also ask why people make a big deal about the weather. Within about 4 years they are complaining about the grey skies. If they have the resources they head off to Mexico or Hawaii each January and February.
Social Scene – Connecting with other people can be difficult. This situation is possibly related to the infamous Seattle Freeze. I suspect the weather is a big factor. I married a native ‘hamster which does help. Everywhere we go one or more people know her from as far back as grade school.

3.8 Oct 21, 2018 Why do some twin flames even though they’ve been on the journey awhile have come to think that this whole thing is some puzzle that needs a logical solution to figure out why specific things happen? Why can’t they just go with the flow and accept it?

Their minds are being confronted by a challenge to long held beliefs. These beliefs likely form an important part of their personal identity.

Figuring out a logical solution is an attempt to not disturb current belief systems. People generally do not change their views of themselves easily. Heroes in their own stories and such.

Add to the personal identity part the beliefs around how the world works. Especially, regarding primary relationships. The logic of the 3D is a subset of the “logic” of the whole of Creation. Losing the logic of the 3D casts them adrift.

People need time to adjust to the new “logic” if they adjust at all. Our minds in 3D are designed to maintain productive beliefs. If it worked yesterday then it will work today, etc.

Releasing any active belief system is challenging for most people. Their sense of self can be severely threatened. The twin flame experience has the potential to threaten some very core beliefs.

3.9 Oct 21, 2018 When did you reach the point in life that you didn’t dwell on what others thought of you?

It is happening now at 52 years of age. This is taking practice but I am getting the hang of it. Learning to dance has been a big help!

I have lived much of my life concerned with what other people think about me. For example, here are some things I have been insecure about in my life. Granted these can be big emotional issues either for me or for people.

Being raped in college at age 18 by a woman a few years older than me.
Paranormal and spiritual experiences and practices I have had since childhood.
Stay at home dad, home schooling my daughters.
Love guns though politics in general. (I live in a liberal college town .)

Each of these parts of my life are areas where I have been insecure about other people’s opinions. For each of those points above I have also experienced very negative or judgmental reactions from family, friends, or acquaintances.

What did I learn?

Everyone has their opinions about life and reality. Everyone has their own perspective. In situations where they have an opinion or judgement about me it has no bearing on the truth of my own life.

Most importantly, people are much more concerned with themselves than they are what I just did or said.

Discernment in who I let into my inner world is key.

I have the choice about whether to allow their perception into my reality. Sometimes what other people think can be very helpful as I consider my own experiences. Often they are projecting their own history and reactions.

I also have the choice about what to share with others. While not one to force my views or experiences on other people at times I get tired of being silent. I still have a choice though in how or if I respond to others.

How I Practice Letting Go of Other People’s Opinions

Three ways I have been able to practice letting go of other people’s opinions:

Learning Argentine Tango has helped me practice not being attached to what other people think when they see me dance. Encouragement from my dance partners early in my learning process helped, too. All this positive experience transfers to other parts of life.

Writing. When I write here on Quora or on my blog I have the opportunity to practice sharing myself and my experiences with others. Each time I do I am reinforcing I am enough. I don’t need to change who I am to be okay.

Meditating really helps calm down reactions and concerns I might be feeling. With a calm mind I can choose productive perspectives and beliefs about myself.


The short answer: When I realized other people’s opinions of me were taking up too much of my energy.

3.10 Oct 21, 2018 What if your twin flame is famous, and you are nobody?

Unless you are in direct 3D reality communication with this famous person be very careful. You can create twin flame like connections with pretty much anybody. Enough concentrated attention and intention will do the trick.

If you are not in some kind of relationship with this person you have a wonderful opportunity for growth. Meditate on and explore the nature of this connection you feel. Just observe your feelings and desires around this connection you are perceiving.

3.11 Oct 19, 2018 Do you realize it’s ok to compartmentalize your thoughts of your twin flame to the back of your mind while you work on become the best version of yourself possible mentally, emotionally & spiritually? Are you actually willing or doing that now?

Long before the twin flame experience I did compartmentalize a lot. These days I usually let myself have the feeling then let it flow off. Depending on the situation this works better for me than compartmentalizing.

I feel this works for me because over time my emotions are less a part of my identity and more an experience in the moment. Having the experience of the emotion and not attaching to the emotion is more productive for me.

Also, I have a theory if I compartmentalize something she is going to feel it and it will distract her at work. The problem with compartmentalization and why I tend to only use it short term has to do with energy. Putting something away appears to add energy as much as focusing on it does. Letting go does not.

3.12 Oct 19, 2018 Can one have two twin flames?

Thanks for the question Sasha. I have a suspicion people get latched onto definitions and lose sight of the bigger picture. I would not be surprised if there were more than one twin flame for some of us.

This probably sounds a bit contradictory given many of the definitions of twin flame you likely have read. It is possible I don’t know what I am talking about.

Am I lumping soul mates and whatever else into the definition and watering the concept down?
Am I lacking in experience and perspective when it comes to twin flames?
Have I even met my twin flame?
Do I even have a twin flame?

Here’s an example of why I keep a very open mind.

A friend of mine experienced a very interesting phenomena. He was connected like a twin flame with a feminine spirit. Thing is she wasn’t only an individual.

Basically, she was like many facets of a diamond. Yet, she was an individual at the same time. He interacted with all these facets regularly and had twin flame like connections, including the mission, with all.

When we are not limited by the perception of linear time and 3D space I suspect many, many things change. We can be who we experience as an individual in this reality as well as 72 (just a number maybe it’s 42) other people. All are both us and not us from different perspectives and cross-sections or dimensions of reality. All being both One and Many at the same time.

Now, include every other entity in existence besides yourself being in this state.

Humans on planet Earth appear to have a common mating and survival strategy which includes pair-bonding as well as small group bonding. Our brains are probably wired for such choices and filter our perceptions accordingly.

Could this wiring bias our perceptions of the nature of soul mates and twin flames?

I don’t know the answer. I leave open the possibility that I do not have the capacity to perceive deeply enough yet to give definite answers to such questions.

Pondering your question though is a delightful exercise!

3.13 Oct 19, 2018 Meditation: What do vibrations feel like?

Vibrations have different characteristics depending on my state of relaxation in my body and state of mind.

Generally, there is an electric feeling of my nervous system being in a state of stimulation. Kind of like what it feel like when your foot falls asleep and the blood rushes back in.

Early on I would intend a shiver up my spine. For a while I could do this on command. I usually used this as a way to entertain myself while driving. Yes, I am a little odd!

I would also do walking meditations where I would feel like a wave in the ocean. In this case, my breath defined the wave form and the energy the water. (One of the reasons I have picked seamagick for my blog name.)

The more relaxed I get the more intensely I feel the energy vibration. If I go deep enough I can feel a blanket of pins and needles wrapping me, especially my hands.

Lately, on rare meditations, I reach a state where I can feel a pulse in multiple spots along the center-line of my body. A gentle pulse, I estimate its frequency is about 7 to 10 hertz.

When I work with others they usually feel the vibration as well as specific temperature related sensations. The sensations do not depend on us being in physical contact.

Over time my body seems to have gotten used to the flow of energy and vibration. I have to go deeper to get the same intensity in physical sensation. Sometimes I don’t even feel anything but get feedback mostly from my wife these days that the energy was intense.

What’s happening might be similar to cleaning pipes. The more scaling and other crud you remove the more water can flow through the pipe. I don’t know just a theory.

3.14 Oct 19, 2018 What kinds of lessons do the karmic partners teaches the twin flame runners/or just twin flames, in general, that their divine feminine can’t teach them?

For me the lessons were pretty much the same. Those past relationships all had similar dynamics highlighting a few core lessons.

The difference was one of intensity. Yep, I was silly enough to think it couldn’t get any worse. Silly me.

Each lesson became either more intense or came from a different perspective than the last one. The lessons just kept ramping up for my entire adult life! I was pretty stubborn about not letting go and healing.

They were all prepping me for the healing I was finally able to undertake.

3.15 Oct 19, 2018 How many of you were already on a spiritual discovery path or practicing spiritual things when you met or connected to your twin flame?

Most definitely. I first became aware of my spiritual path around age 9. Though I was clearly predisposed probably from birth. Carlos Castenada’s early books inspired all sorts of trance experiments in my young life!

We didn’t meet until I was just shy of 48. What 39 years later?

I did have a draw to having the deep connection in a relationship starting as a teenager. Even so the profound connection or soul mate/twin flame concept did not define my spiritual journey.

My personal path during this incarnation is certainly informing my perspective and opinions on twin flames. Sometimes I feel like I should put a disclaimer on some of my answers here on Quora given where I come from on the topic.

3.16 Oct 18, 2018 How do I read self-help books to get the most of them?

Reading the books is a good first step. Just reading self-help books though can only take you so far.

If you like what you are reading take action. Do the exercises being suggested. Keep taking action for at least as long as the author says you need to to see results.

Along the way keep a journal of your experiences. You can treat it a bit like a science experiment. Recording your experiences will help you evaluate any changes you experience.

When you find something works for you go deeper. Find more books with related advice Read and take action on the new advice.

You may find a particular type of self-help book or philosophy no longer works for you. Congratulations! You are growing and ready for more growth!

Find another book with very different advice which you find interesting. Repeat the process of taking action and recording results.

3.17 Oct 17, 2018 What should I put in a care package to my twin flame? I want to leave my scent on something for her. I’m not trying to start anything. She misses me and it might help her.

Tee shirt with your fresh, clean sweat on it.

We are still physical beings. Her sense of smell goes straight to the most primitive part of her brain.

Some Rumi poems would be good too. Rumi had this profound connection thing figured out.

3.18 Oct 17, 2018 What are some “signs” or synchronicities that have/occur in your life that involve your twin flame?

As I have shared before things like her name, dreams of her and her son, and other overlaps in our life are present. At the same time I want to point out I experienced many, many signs with multiple people. Figuring out who she was by signs would have been futile.

Heck one woman who I was never involved with romantically could cause me to roll over in my tent when I was snoring. By her thoughts from her tent 20 feet away. (We were at a camp doing very interesting exercises with our consciousness.)

I could send electric shocks up the length of her arm with my finger. Doubt I could do that now as I don’t work with chi like that anymore. The chi heat in another exercise was so intense she cried when I placed my hand on her shoulder.

Was she my Twin Flame?

Nearly everything I have read about twin flame signs I have either experienced with more than one person or know someone personally who has experienced them with multiple people.

I would caution you to not put any emphasis on these signs. Looking for signs suggest you are seeking your twin flame or trying to confirm a certain person is your twin flame. Signs comfort the ego.

If this is the case consider letting all of that go. Seeking or needing your partner to be your twin flame is just going to be a distraction or detour on your path of growth.

Yeah, I understand. Easy for Eric to say he’s with his TF.

Seriously, when I was seeking a partner for spiritual adventures, a profound energetic, or spiritual connection, I was setting myself up for one painful drama after another.

I went through a very, very painful process. I had to learn to just let go of any idealization around spiritual romantic relationships of any kind.

Only after getting to that point of really not wanting the connection did she show up. A paradox isn’t it?

If my experience is anything to go by save yourself time and energy. Keep learning, growing, and experiencing life.

The twin flame connection may show up or it may not. One last thing, be fully prepared for the possibility your twin flame isn’t even in the physical dimension.

3.19 Oct 17, 2018 We are in a reunion but no physical relation ever, what should I do now that my twinflame had decided to be a celibate priest?

Thanks for the question Carol.

Wow. That sounds difficult. I am not sure how I would respond in such a situation. My sex drive is pretty strong.

I guess the closest thing would be if she died before I did.

If that is the case I would likely not be involved in a sexual relationship again. After being with her I can’t see how another would be very interesting to me.

Who knows? I can see being very focused on my personal path and growth in the physical and being with her in spirit or astral unions.

Ultimately we would want each other to be happy. If I died I would want her to be happy while we waited to be together in spirit.

I would understand her finding another partner. She would have to find a way to explain the strange things happening in the house as I played practical jokes on them from spirit dimensions.

Not sure how to help you other than to say stay focused on your learning and growth.

3.20 Oct 17, 2018 If twin flames have divine missions together why are most of them not in conventional relationships?

Maybe because conventional relationships have a number of distractions? I really don’t know. I can imagine raising kids, keeping up a house, and the attention needed to the dynamic of being together might distract. Not being together could be a great way to be more effective.

When you think about it if you are twin flames there’s no reason to be concerned about not being together. You are each other. What’s to worry about by being apart. No person and no thing can ever get between you permanently.

I have a suspicion there are twin flames who are together who never heard the phrase twin flame. Their mission could well be to serve as a model for relating. Such a mission would be very powerful.

People tend to learn well by modeling others. A bunch of twin flame couples living amazing normal lives would cause a worldwide change. Even better if they didn’t act special. Which can be a turn off or at least distracting because of ego issues.

3.21 Oct 17, 2018 What is the most unusual synchronicity you’ve had while on your twin flame journey, whether it’s related to them or your life in general?

Kimberley I have been trying to figure out how to answer this question. Part of the reason I am stuck is when I look back on my life I see so many unusual events and synchronicity is everywhere!

I think the most unusual part of all this is how normal unusual synchs and other events have become over the years. Things like my so-called false twin and my wife working together for a while in the same profession. (After we met.)

My clear attraction from early in my life to her name and my first wife sharing her first name and a variation of her middle name. Personality traits, life events, and on and on.

Reality can be very strange from the perspective of the rational mind.

3.22 Oct 16, 2018 What has been the most challenging twin flame experience you’ve encountered?

My biggest challenge was trusting I would be safe if I stayed with her. Healing the wounds which created this challenge has taken time. We eventually have had to learn we can trust ourselves and each other at this depth and breadth of connection.

Other challenges have more to do with getting along with the rest of the world. If we could we would drift off together in a bubble drifting and dancing together through creation forever.

We also love our families, need an income to pay the mortgage, and someone has to log in to Amazon to do the shopping. Or run to the grocery store so we don’t starve.

Realizing most people have no reference point to understand our experience has been important. Trying to explain this connection and relationship is challenging. So we stopped trying unless the other person is open minded and interested.

Much of the rest of the challenges have become fun adventures. Who is responsible for what feeling We are sharing? Doesn’t matter. Knowing each others most intimate thoughts? Letting go of thinking we can hide thoughts helped.

3.23 Oct 16, 2018 Is it normal to stop caring about being together with your twin flame after you’ve met them? That all sense of worries are gone and you don’t need to know what they’re doing at any time, all you feel is love?

There is no place or situation we would rather be in than in each others presence. From the outside looking in I wouldn’t be surprised if uninformed people saw a codependent relationship of some kind.

This is different than the need to be with each other. The early relationship need to be together is pretty common for many people. Probably part of the human bonding process for a lot of people. Though I can say for us anyway it made that initial phase of being together much, much more intense than I had ever experienced before.

For me the twin flame connection differs from the feelings at the start of a relationship. It’s not a matter of needing to be together. Or even wanting to be together. I can feel this knowing of togetherness which grows. And grows.

3.24 Oct 16, 2018 If your twin flame lights a candle, how does it affect me as a twin flame?

Depends on how the twin flame lit the candle. Casually lighting a candle will have no impact on you.

Active meditations or trance states combined with the candle as part of the working might affect you. If this is the case the intention your twin flame held in focus during the trance state would potentially set in motion energies or entities which might affect you. Depends on how developed their skill is with such processes.

3.25 Oct 16, 2018 Do twin flames find comfort in one another and won’t find it with anyone else?

There is a sense of comfort for us like I have never experienced with anyone else. Even in moments of conflict and other relationship difficulties the comfort is always present.

Taking care of each other, comforting each other, and all the other things we do with and for each other are so natural and deep. The depth of the comfort is really amazing. Even in our worst times, times we didn’t think we would survive as a couple that comforting feeling was present.

I never really felt at home anywhere in my life. Always had an unsettled feeling in myself, until now.

3.26 Oct 16, 2018 Is it possible to be aware of your twin flame without meeting them personally?

Absolutely. We have been aware of each other for our entire lives. We recognize this awareness now that we are together and can see how our lives unfolded.

Here’s the catch. At least for me. Needing to be with your twin flame is probably pushing them away.

Prior to getting together knowing who she was would have been nearly impossible. All the signs most people use to identify twin flames were also happening with other people for me.

In retrospect, letting go of the need for a twin flame connection is the only way I was able to find her. Neediness pushes away in my experience. Needing a deeply profound connection with a woman brought toxic, twin flame-like relationships into my life.

At the same time, I was aware of her and even had specific dreams about her long before we met.

3.27 Oct 16, 2018 What are some examples of self-love and self-respect in a Twin Flame relationship?

Good question, Ritika. Important question.

One of the primary challenges is the unrestricted flow of pretty much everything between us. Who started what chain of emotional reactions? Am I the source? Is she? Who knows?

Maybe, they are happening simultaneously? Which is what I now suspect is the case for us, btw.

Meditation and developing a grounded way of being might be good examples of self-love. Instead of being tossed around by the emotional and other energetic flows between each other you can sit in a center of compassion and love during the storm.

Self-respect will develop from this type of practice. You will earn your own respect as a result of your choices and actions during the challenges you face.

3.28 Oct 16, 2018 How do I end the battle between my mind and heart about my twin flame? It erupts every few days and I drown… how can I stay centered in the heart?


Journal daily.

Observe yourself without judgement.

Judging yourself for the experience you are having is adding energy to the battle. Forcing yourself to not think about the battle does the same thing.

Why do you use the word “battle” to describe this dynamic in yourself? Journal your answer.

There are lots of clues to be open to observing. Follow the trail they are pointing you towards. See where it goes and how you feel as you follow the clues. Without judgement, of course.

3.29 Oct 16, 2018 Why do I feel sexually aroused sometimes when I think of my twin flame?

We flow creative energy. Twin flames are like a battery in a way. The energy flows between them intensely!

Sure, you can have intensity of attraction with non-twin flames. In the twin flame case you are flowing huge amounts of energy between each other on all levels! Sexual energy is also such a primal and highly creative expression of energy.

Combine the nature of sexual energy and all the levels of connection with the vulnerability of twin flame connection. When you are with the person who you are unable to be closed to the sexual intensity ramps up even more.

When you place your attention on your twin flame with your thoughts you are directing your energy to them. Because they are your twin flame the energy is going to flow intensely on all those levels. Physically, you body is responding to all that energy flowing through it and preparing for a sexual connection.

3.30 Oct 16, 2018 Can my twin flame and I still be soulmates if he died?

Absolutely. In fact, many twin flames have only one part in the physical and the other non-physical.

I know a couple people who are in this situation. One case was due to her death while they were engaged to be married. She has continued to visit him for many years after her death.

3.31 Oct 15, 2018 We know there are fears in separation to deal with when you are a twin flame, but what about when in union are there still things you could be fearful of even when together with your twin flame? They would be different right?

This is a question I am so glad to see being asked Kimberley. Thank you.

I would say yes there are things one might be fearful of when together. Many of those fears might even be similar to ones a person would have in a non-twin flame relationship.

They probably are different from fears in separation.

I think the ability to see right to each others core is a key source of fears. We have wounds to heal! The wounds are going to be healed! Who knows how that is going to turn out!?!

Ego is going to get shaken up a bit in this process. Big source of fear right there.

Then there is the fear of loss to get past. You found this amazing beyond belief someone. They are really going to accept you and stay with you???

All of these fears are a limited perspective from 3D life.

Which is not to minimize the importance of the experience! I feel learning about and working through fear experiences is incredibly valuable!

3.32 Oct 15, 2018 What is intimacy in a twin flame relationship?

This is a great question!

Intimacy. Being vulnerable with each other.

You can be intimate, of course in a non-twin flame relationship. Choosing to be vulnerable and share on a deeply personal level with a partner sexually, emotionally, intellectually, psychically, etc… are all ways to be intimate.

Same with a twin flame relationship.

The difference is that by nature of the connection you will be deeply vulnerable because you can’t hide anything from each other! You don’t get to choose whether to be intimate or not.

Your twin flame will see right through whatever barriers you are using. Social masks will be dropped.

This lack of hiding places is intensely intimate in and of itself.

You will naturally be seen in a fully authentic manner as you each clean up your own perceptions.

To be seen. I believe we crave and fear being truly seen by another.

You and your twin flame are capable of truly seeing each other at levels of intimate connection and knowing you may not have realized yet.

3.33 Oct 15, 2018 How did you overcome your fear of rejection?

Here are some thoughts for you. I am assuming a man fearing rejection by a woman. I don’t have any other context from which to share insights on romantic rejection.

Because I was married by age 23 I didn’t have a lot of romantic rejection experiences in my younger adult life. Fast forward 20 years later post-divorce and I was thrown back into the single life completely unprepared.

Seriously. I forgot how to even talk to women as a single man! I even wrote a blog post about this experience. Did a 30 day experiment to figure out how to get over being tongue tied.

I didn’t really get fear of rejection handled until two things happened.

First, I started learning to dance Argentine Tango. Prior to tango I needed some serious alcohol to get on a dance floor. I discovered something that shocked me. There were many beautiful and elegant women who wanted to dance with me even when I was just starting out. They were in fact quite gracious with my awkward attempts to dance.

I think my concern for their safety, respect for them, and laughing at myself while earnestly trying to learn made a big difference.

With repetition I went from actually physically trembling to quietly comfortable when asking for a dance. Dance class was great for practicing interacting with women in a fairly intimate context. Also in tango one asks a partner to dance from a distance with a look and head nod. This really helped cut back the nervousness, too.

Second, I finally realized most women are just as insecure as most men when it comes to rejection. Just something I have observed.

The details of why the fear is there may differ. I don’t know. Just remember they probably feel just as insecure as you do but are hiding it better.

Be the best you you can be for you. Focus on your personal and professional development. Find hobbies you are interested in doing. Do them, get good at them, and your growing confidence will be contagious.

This is a curious side effect I noticed. Confidence in one aspect of life can transfer to other areas. Not always. You might have to recall the feeling of confidence when you aren’t feeling it in the moment. Does seem to work though.

Remember, nothing is riding on whether a certain woman is mutually interested in you. Be open to meeting someone who is as into you as you are them. Maybe age has something to do with my attitude? I promise you won’t explode into a ball of flames if she isn’t into you.

Own this attitude without being a jerk and you will go far. Really consider finding a friendly dance school and trying Argentine Tango. Don’t go to meet women. Go to learn to connect with others and grow in your self-confidence.

3.34 Oct 11, 2018 What is the most unusual synchronicity or message from the universe you’ve had on your spiritual awakening?

When I was doing lots of nature immersion I was getting some really out there experiences. Tuning into the non-human world around us was quite attention getting for me.

I think the dream I had circa 1998 of the island city in flames was pretty unusual. Then while 9/11 was happening dreaming of being with someone in one of the hijacked airplanes. That dream was very powerful. I was there with the person while they knew they were going to die.

I would like to think they could feel they were not alone in those last moments in the physical.

3.35 Oct 11, 2018 What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine?

Go into meditation without expectations about what you will experience.

Sit wherever and however is most comfortable for you.
Notice tension in your body.
Notice your breathing.
When you get distracted by anything internal or external, notice your distracted state, and go back to noticing your breathing.
Do this for whatever length of time you wish.
Add time to your sitting as you wish.

Just get started.

3.36 Oct 11, 2018 Since connecting with your twin flame have you become more isolated, or more introverted or have you actually become more outgoing?

We can easily go about our lives in our little bubble. Even when we are in social situations we can lose track of whatever is going on around us. It’s not that we are excluding people on purpose we just are always lost in each other naturally.

When it comes down to it we would rather be together than pretty much anything else the world has to offer. It’s really curious and more than just enjoying each other’s company.

Our fundamental natures though haven’t really changed in this journey. Not yet anyway. I am a bit of a homebody and an extrovert at the same time. She is an introvert and rather engaging socially. I know it’s a bit of a paradox. We still have these characteristics just like we did before we met.

The big change is the bubble. Time together doesn’t really seem to be changing this bubble quality either.

3.37 Oct 5, 2018 Do you find it more beneficial to you to do shorter meditations more often during your day or just do one longer one?

Depends on what my goals are for my sessions. Sometimes I am exploring. Other times I am just letting go.

There was a 2 week period where I was meditating in a group setting 4 times or more a day for at least 45–60 minutes per meditation. In that situation we were actively exploring what we could do within trance states. Things like controlling body functions, remote influence, spirit travel, etc….

Logistics-wise most people can’t do such a full schedule of meditation. Two weeks of that though and I was feeling pretty in the flow of the Universe!

I will ramp up my energy flow pretty much anywhere and anytime just for exercise if for no other reason. Intentional energy flow states are meditative for me.

The occasional hour and half or two hour session is nice. If I am in a deep exploration phase this is how I plan my time. Doing more than one a day tends to get in the way of other commitments.

All in all I would say multiple meditations a day are more beneficial for me than one long one regardless of the type of mediation I am choosing. Especially, since I am more likely to actually do multiple shorter sessions than one long one.

3.38 Oct 3, 2018 What are the new hobbies that you discovered later on in life, especially after age 40?

In my mid-40s I began Argentine Tango. Never partner danced before in my life. In all the years prior I needed a bunch of liquid courage to get on a dance floor. Learning to dance was the biggest surprise of my mother’s life!

Connecting with a partner though allowed me to build my self-confidence. There is so much to learn in order to lead a safe and connected dance together. I enjoy the challenge in training my body as well. The ladies were very gracious especially in those early years!

These days I teach classes now and then. My wife and I dance in the kitchen as well as out at more formal events.

If there is one thing I would encourage my younger self to do this is it. Take up Tango. A life time journey into your own heart.

3.39 Oct 2, 2018 Why do some twin flames seem to feel the work you need to do to bring union or such is supposed to be 24/7? Are we not to be open and allow for things to occur instead of always pushing for something?

Yeah I agree. 24/7 would be exhausting. Besides, I find life will deliver the lessons I need. Timing isn’t up to me in this physical body.

For myself, I cycle. Just like lifting weights the rest time or days off are where the growth happens. The weight lifting itself is breaking down the muscle.

Growth and rest are the basic pattern for me. Sometimes all in one day. Other times over weeks and months. If I need to grow in some way I will be informed. Often with a big spiritual stick.

On the other hand, my mystical and personal growth while cyclical are a bit more planned. Though there is plenty of room for the unknown to step in and shake things up. This aspect of me is just how I have been since childhood. Granted with occasional breaks measuring in months or years.

As far as the Twin Flame stuff I feel pushing for results only slows things down. Patience appears to be one of the key lessons in this path.

3.40 Oct 2, 2018 What does a divine feminine with balanced masculine energy act like in reality?

This question has been at the root of our coming together. We were each out of balance regarding masculine and feminine energy.

Her masculine energy was very strong. Why? To protect her feminine side. Life experiences and traumas can stimulate this kind of thing.

I on the other hand had the exactly complementary development. My feminine had been over developed to try to heal and protect my masculine.

She is able to leave room for me to be masculine. We are not competing in our basic energies.

By balancing out we have been able to get that much closer. The attraction meets less and less resistance as we embrace our sacred roles. She feels softer. I don’t know quite how to describe this feeling. An over-developed masculine energy can feel hard somehow.

Her soft receptiveness draws me in deeper. I push deeper with my masculine. I know this can sound erotic. At the same time the experience embraces more than the erotic.

The best way to describe how she acts in reality is to probably watch us dance tango. I lead by listening to her and keeping her safe. Flying tango heels can be dangerous when you are dancing inches from other couples!

She follows by listening to me. I guide us by keeping our desires as a couple on the dance floor in mind. She expresses the beauty in the connection within the safety of our embrace.

The dance of the masculine and feminine is something we both clearly feel.

3.41 Oct 2, 2018 My twin has become a stranger to me,but I feel I’m growing without him too.Why do I feel sometimes like I left him behind? Is this my mind playing games?

Doesn’t sound like your mind is playing games. As others have said though only you can know for sure.

You are continuing to learn and grow. This is the key.

Twin Flame isn’t the goal. Twin Flame is something that happens along the way as you walk your path of learning and growth.

If they are your Twin Flame then you have lost nothing if you grow apart. You were always One and will always be One. Nothing is lost.

You each are having experiences. You will at some point come together sharing and learning. You may well be doing so right now via your soul connection.

Your heart and intuition are your best guides. Listen in the quiet. Journal about any images, insights, and dreams you encounter in your sleep, meditation, or just going about your day.

3.42 Oct 1, 2018 Would you be willing to share what has kept you positive on your twin flame journey?

Thank you for this question, Kimberley.

Short answer: Nothing.

Really. I can assure you I have not always been positive in this journey. Decades before we met a healthy dose of dysfunction was probably more what was keeping me going.

My wife on the other hand is a founding member of the Unicorn Tribe.

Have you ever seen the Rainbow UniKitty? Yeah. UniKitty could be her spirit animal. Except she’s a dog person.

My twin flame wife’s tribe:

What did work?

Dominance and submission. Not just in the bedroom, either.

Let me explain.

We were each acting in ways counter to our inner nature. I was being submissive. She was being dominant. We were relating this way because of our prior life experiences and wounds.

After one particularly explosive argument (she is the only person I have ever argued with so intensely) I realized the nature of our inner conflict. We are so perfectly matched our inner conflicts are perfectly complementary!

I wanted to try an experiment. This is an oversimplification but essentially:

She would be submissive to me as conflict would come up.
I would not shrink back.
We could in theory meet in the middle.

This idea worked beautifully and extended to many parts of our life both in and out of the bedroom! I could probably write a book on all that came out of our experiment.

What made the difference for me was:

a commitment to learning and growing,
trusting in my spirit guides I would be safe,
a willingness to explore new ideas and challenge all beliefs,
learning to trust each other in our most vulnerable states.

I suspect because I see the twin flame journey as one outcome of my mystic journey, being positive really hasn’t been needed.

Just walking my path.

4 September 2018

4.1 Sep 29, 2018 Do twin flames have the same views in politics?

Oh heavens no. Then again I have never been in a relationship with a woman ever who shared my political views.

Just now I told my wife about this question.

“I wish!”, was her response.

Her dreams of her ideal partner sharing in political activities with her were shattered soon after we met.

She has been on a few marches since we have been together. I declined to join as I didn’t want to lend support to some of the factions involved. Another political dream she has had to let go of since meeting and marrying me.

When she would tell people about us after we started living together she would say, “I even have a gun safe in the garage now!” Her views on gun ownership were well know to her family and friends.

So much for agreeing on gun control policies. She wouldn’t let her husband from her prior marriage keep guns at home. He is a police officer!

Yeah, we pretty much cancel each others vote. I also rarely vote so I guess this helps her team out.

My first real concession in this dynamic is a campaign sign in our yard for a local candidate. He is running as a member of a party whose candidates I have never voted for before. I voted for him in the primary.

What I find most interesting is the way in which we differ. You see in the end we are not all that far apart in our views of the problems in the world. What we disagree on is in how to work on these problems public policy-wise.

4.2 Sep 27, 2018 As a twin flame do you realize that there is more than just spiritual work when it comes to uniting?

Spiritual probably isn’t even the bulk of the work. We walk around with masks on. Each of those masks have been acquired over at least one if not more lifetimes.

Masks are often psychological in nature helping us somehow deal with world. Some masks we are aware we are putting on others we wear without any idea they are there. Eventually, we don’t need those masks. Yet, we have worn them for so long we have forgotten we are still wearing them.

A twin flame is an excellent mirror for seeing those masks. Some masks we are seeing for the first time. Figuring out how to take off those masks instead of hiding from the mirror we see them in is a lot of our work.

My guess is most of the work is psychological and relational in various ways even for those who are highly evolved on their path. The spiritual feels to always be present. The challenge is to stop covering it up.

4.3 Sep 26, 2018 What core values do you share with your twin flame?

Our greatest shared core value is what has allowed us to navigate this TF connection experience. We are both committed to our own personal growth.

This is a value we both have had long before meeting each other. We would have it whether or not we were together today.

Wrapped up in this value of personal growth is communication and the willingness to take responsibility for healing our individual wounds and other issues. Looking in the mirror and being compassionately honest with ourselves and each other about what we see is key.

Otherwise we would be in a dynamic of blaming each other for our hurts. Much of the time we don’t even know who was the initial source of a feeling! The result would be a circus of raw explosive energy if we didn’t look inward and communicate to resolve our problems.

This TF empathic connection is seriously challenging at times!

4.4 Sep 26, 2018 Is a twin flame union worth a family breakup?

Depends on the family dynamics.

In our case, the family break ups happened before we met. Basically, we each knew we had to move on to be happy. While we didn’t know what was coming we were better prepared as a result of leaving relationships where we were not happy.

There can be a lot of hurt in divorce. In the end, children benefit from having parents in a healthy relationship. Unresolved conflict, anger, or resentment between parents is not good for the children.

The more difficult question for me would be, “Is a twin flame union worth breaking up a healthy, happy family?”


4.5 Sep 26, 2018 Is your twin soul/flame ever present energetically. If so, do you love or does it feel intrusive?

Yes! Sometimes the energy can be very distracting. Especially if the sexual current is strong.

Her presence energetically is comforting. Whether or not we are in the same room physically we are together. Always.

After all those years of sensing something or someone was missing, there is no more searching.

Love it.

4.6 Sep 26, 2018 Do you finish your partner’s sentences?

Yes though I am calming that behaviour down. Usually I am at least a bit off base due to assumptions being made.

Paragraph completion is more interesting and often much more accurate. Nearly word for word accurate. One of us will “hear” a sentence or two as if the other spoke. Only they haven’t yet expressed those thoughts out loud.

This can be rather entertaining. We will backtrack to make sure what one of us heard the other not say was in fact what they didn’t say.

4.7 Sep 24, 2018 What formed your political beliefs?

At first, my parents probably had a big impact. Then my social circle.

For a long time I had on going conversations about political things with a very smart friend.

After watching the world for about 50 years, now I stay away from politics for the most part. A pragmatic cynic?

4.8 Sep 24, 2018 What made you believe in auras?

Seeing them and more importantly interacting with them through my hands. People knew what I was doing with their auras while their eyes were closed!

You can develop your senses with practice. Push yourself to hear and see more in the distance. Notice quieter sounds. See more and more subtle colors and shapes.

You can learn to touch more gently. After a while you may notice yourself picking up on sensations without an obvious source. Such as auras.

4.9 Sep 24, 2018 During your awakening as a Twin Flame, what was the strangest or most surreal thing you experienced?

This answer may be a bit anti-climatic. I had for years prior been having various strange and surreal experiences. When the strange stuff showed up with her I wasn’t really all that surprised.

What surprised me more than anything was her courage in the face of what she was encountering. She was reasonably informed as I did warn her on our first date about the energy stuff. She didn’t scare off.

For example, there was the evening we were cuddling and I intuitively started doing some energy manipulations along her spine. About 10 or 15 minutes later she felt an entity of some sort leave her. She then saw the entity walk down the hall. In my life, such events are not all that unusual. Though they could be surreal if you have not been exposed to such things.

The telepathy and empathic connection is so natural as to be surreal. I tend to create distance to deal with some issues. She feels the distance immediately and intensely. Our greatest pain is feeling separation from each other. I feel it even as I create the distance.

I am learning how to work with this strategy of mine. Sometimes I really do need the distance which becomes a challenge for her. Yet, she clearly feels pain as a result.

Having fragments of conversation occur non-verbally is a bit surreal. There are times we will realize something we thought was said out loud was an unspoken thought instead. Yet, word for word one of us heard exactly the thoughts of the other.

There is a surreal feeling to just how territorial we are with each other. It’s difficult to overstate how deep this goes. Our animal instincts for each other are very finely tuned.

At the same time there is a calm knowing of who we are so it doesn’t feel like jealousy. She is mine. I am hers. You can start at the animal and work your way all the way to the God-force with this feeling. This is just what is.

From the outside looking in there could be a lot of apparent co-dependence. I am not sure how to fit the spiritual and energetic connection into the psychological and family systems models. Navigating this dynamic can be surreal in itself!

4.10 Sep 24, 2018 There are people who say twin flame experience is very intense. Others say it is like a calm lake, where intensity is usually present with the false twin. What do you reckon? Is it intense? Or is it calm and peaceful?

This does not have to be a binary choice. In our experience:

The intense aspects are there because all issues, wounds, etc. must be dealt with now as they show up. Nothing gets swept under the rug because nothing can be swept under the rug. The complete vulnerability from having no place to hide within yourself can be intense.

The experience of Love is intense. Our attention can get pulled in directions other than towards each other, and life does have a way of doing this kind of thing. Raising kids, jobs, home maintenance, and on and on need attention.

The problem is now that we are physically together we seem to suffer even more in those times when we are not together. The intensity of not regularly attending to what we are, and I use the concept of Twin Flame for lack of a better description, will result in suffering.

The energy demands to flow! The more we are able to allow the energy to flow the more energy there is to flow. If the energy gets stopped up somehow there will be a price to pay. Like a river the current is relentless.

As long as we attend to who and what we are the experience is also deeply comforting. There is a calm and peace which I have not experienced before when I am with her. Especially, when we dance.

This calm and peace can also be intense at first. Many of us are so used to chaos and drama peace and calm can be very unsettling.

4.11 Sep 23, 2018 Where did you meet your soulmate? What was it like? How did you know he/she was the one?

She contacted me on OkCupid, March 2014. We didn’t really communicate much prior to our first date which was 10 or 12 days later. Her picture did capture my attention. Something about her smile.

We agreed to meet at a local place known for its mead. She walked in the door back lit by the evening sun. Wearing … a University of Washington jacket. As a Washington State University graduate I did take note of that particular choice in clothing.

We talked quite a bit, enjoying the mead we were taking turns buying for each other. I went deep, fast with the energetic and occult related areas of my life. I really was getting to no longer be concerned with how a date took such topics. Sooner we laid those cards on the table the better was my thinking.

As the conversation continued we started into areas where I thought, “Oh no, not again.”


First trigger point.

I went to the restroom to let the mead make its way out of my system. Debating whether I should call it an early night I got the clear intuitive message, “You will be safe.”

Okay. Guess we will go with the spirit guides on this one. I did choose to put my trust in them. Gulp.

At the end of the night she had her head resting on my chest at a local diner. The waitress thought she was drunk! She wasn’t. Asked if she could call us a cab.

Very quickly all the Twin Flame/soul mate indicators started becoming obvious. Plus, I did dream about her by name a few months earlier and her son a few years prior. The psychic connections, energetic phenomena, some stray spirits to deal with, and other experiences we shared all became more than we could talk with about to family and friends.

Ultimately, we didn’t scare each other off. We married in October that year. Still learning and growing together today!

4.12 Sep 23, 2018 If I want to meet my Twin Flame, what’s the most efficient way to do it?

All I can offer is my experience. Stop looking. Stop wanting to meet your Twin Flame.

For myself I asked for my Partner and became completely detached from outcomes and attempting to control any part of the process or experience. There is so much work we can do on ourselves in a lifetime. Don’t worry about a Twin Flame is what I would say.

Figuring out why you want to meet your Twin Flame is another thing entirely. Really go deep into this question. Take years to explore why this path is attractive! Follow it. Develop whatever aspects of your self you are drawn to develop as a result. There is so much positive growth you can gain from your desire to meet your Twin Flame can be a real gift!

A word of warning. My path turned my life completely upside down every 18 to 24 months for decades. Just saying. Don’t be surprised.

4.13 Sep 23, 2018 What does “self mirror” with your twin flame mean?

The mirror experience for me has a few different levels of interpretation. For the most part the word mirror may be a bit unfortunate. The reflecting quality of a mirror can be take a little too literally when applied to our experience.

At a more general level like overall life path there have been parallels. Near intersections of our lives over decades before we met. Intuitions and dreams which were quietly pointing us to each other. This is kind of a mirror. We are reflecting back to each other our signals seeking each other.

Somewhat general as well is our physical appearance and other personal traits. People have told us we look like brother and sister. While our political philosophy is rather different we generally complement each other intellectually. Even in politics.

Psychologically perfectly suited to each other. We are what each other needs from a partner. Complementary dysfunctions even! This is a reflective quality yet note we are not images of each other. We reflect each others self so we can be more aware of ourselves.

She is the Feminine complement to me. We are not going to be identical reflections of each other. What we are is as close as I have seen personally the Yin to each others Yang. Exchanging perspectives and energies for our mutual and combined growth and awareness.

4.14 Sep 23, 2018 Can twin flame reunion happens if one of them is unawakened?

Questions referring to whether or not someone is awakened might be making some distracting assumptions. Deciding whether this person is awakened and this other person not is not for me to do. I do believe as much as we can be drawn to each other we still get to decide to be together or not.

There may be some good reasons for one of the TF to not be available for union. They may be so awakened they are not in the least concerned about being in Union in this or the next 10 incarnations.

Maybe they are so awakened they already know their Twin Flame is not incarnated so are not concerned with union with you as a Twin Flame. Or they may be completely asleep and have no idea what is happening.

Focusing on their state of development is probably not very productive. Can we really know? The connection and any relationship involves two (maybe more?) people. Over time each individual may be drawn to the Union. Or maybe not?

Sometimes, I feel the Twin Flame experience has as much to teach us when it doesn’t happen as when it does. One big thing I learned was I needed to focus much less on two things. Much, much, less. First was assuming I both knew what she would be like and second on even if I would be finding Her.

We have the potential within each of us for amazing growth and development. As far as I can tell we live a paradox in feeling duality and non-duality at the same time. Masculine and Feminine with in each of us as well as our complement external to us which is also internal to us.

That last sentence may not have made much sense. Yet, this is my experience within the limitations I experience at the moment.

4.15 Sep 23, 2018 As someone in a twin flame/soulmate relationship, have you ever had an inner feeling that your present life is not for your union, yet this journey has to be undertaken?

Thanks for the question. I have to admit I had been searching since puberty. Not that I was really aware at that young age of soul mates and twin flames. Much of what I was seeking as I was becoming an adult was definitely Her. My idealized fantasies, etc. all really did point to being in a soul mate relationship..

This feeling never left me. My first wife and I tried to make things work for 20 years. In the end, the drive to discover deeper connection was overwhelming. It was also not to be in our marriage. There were glimmers for sure. Just didn’t work out. My unsettled state was not adding to our marriage.

If I had not ultimately found Her I would very likely by now have no expectation of a deep relationship with any partner. I would be focusing on my inner path without seeking another to share the work with in this life.

This is not what happened though and I am with Her. The radar I used to always have up searching for the connection is no longer active. Thank goodness. Takes a lot of energy.

4.16 Sep 22, 2018 Do you believe in soulmates? Can you describe the person who has been your most spiritual connection in human form?

Without a doubt my wife and I are soul mates. She isn’t the only soul mate I have encountered along the way. As far as spiritual connection there is no doubt. We are connected on every level I am aware of existing.

The connection itself just becomes more and more profound as we continue our physical lives together. At times We feel like an I with a Masculine and Feminine aspect instead of two people. Being in two physical bodies is the only thing about us which is truly distinct in those moments.

4.17 Sep 18, 2018 How do you recognize your twin flame if you can have synchronicities and run and chasing and dreams and intense connection as well with your soulmate?

Excellent question. I ran smack dab into this very issue. I kept having these intense profound connections with women. What do I do? I was often using energy techniques to create or encourage the openings of the connections. The relationships kept falling apart. Soul mates, Twin Flames? Who knows and this is exhausting!

Eventually, I just plain gave up. No more seeking any of these idealized relationships.

I finally understood I am skilled enough to open a deeply profound connection with another person. I am far from wise enough to maintain that deep profoundly connected relationship.

Only my True Partner would be suitable. The one suited for me. If not Her then I would be happy alone. The pain and drama filled roller coaster rides I was co-creating were distracting me from my other goals.

I asked the spirits I work with to send me my True Partner and I let go of my expectations of who she should be. We began communicating two days later. Our first date 10 or 12 days later. Married 5 and 1/2 months later. On the first date I was told, while in the bathroom urinating, I would be safe. Those spirit friends of mine are not too concerned with my privacy! Yes, I had already run into the mirror triggering stuff. I decided to trust I would be safe. And she was like no other.

Definitions no longer matter. She and I are together. We appear to fit the profile of Twin Flames in each way I see others describe. While interesting and even helpful in a way meeting this definition is not the point of the experience. The point is the learning and growing we are experiencing.

While we continue this process we can see we are also having an impact on those around us. Adding to the positive change and evolution of the lives of others may well be part of why we are together in this life. As they do with us as well by the way.

Whether together or apart we are both committed to this constant growth process. Which I suspect is a primary reason we are able to be together and stay together. Without this shared attitude, combined with the complete energetic harmony, the intensity of the connection would no doubt create an impressive explosive self-destruction of our relationship.

4.18 Sep 18, 2018 What kind of inner work is needed in the TF journey?

Observe yourself going through your daily life without judgement. This kind of inward looking can be scary for some of us. Be as honest as you can without judgement about how you feel about yourself in all the interactions you experience during your day. Each person you encounter and experience a reaction with offers you a chance to grow and learn by watching and observing yourself with honesty and compassion.

What beliefs are you able to identify in yourself? Do they serve you or is it time to let go of them and use the spiritual energy for another purpose?

Be aware of your inner world. Observe all this energy flowing around your beliefs about yourself and the world. Do not assign values to what you are seeing. Positive or negative.

Just let it flow. Realize you are not any of what you are watching. If you get triggered by something someone says imagine not being triggered. What would that be like to experience?

Can you just let this energy flow and reintegrate into your being? Do you need the help of a professional therapist to process and integrate these feelings?

Release the spiritual energy being held in non-productive beliefs. Learn to focus your intention to learn and grow on your path using the abundance of energy you’ve released.

Your Twin Flame may or may not show up in your life. They may not even be in the physical. You though are walking your path. Cleaning yourself up energetically. You are making room for miracles you are not yet aware are possible. You are waking up more and more each day.

4.19 Sep 17, 2018 What’s your opinion or experience regarding Sacred Sexuality as a bridge to higher consciousness between Twin Flames?

Thanks for the question Helena. Sacred Sexuality as a bridge to higher consciousness between Twin Flames? Yes.

Sexual energy is powerful energy. Maybe the most powerful energy flowing through the Universe or Creation. Combined with intention new pathways can be opened and traveled together.

Learning to work with this energy as a path of growth and higher consciousness as a couple has lots of possibilities in my opinion. We take off more than our clothes as TFs. We are so open and vulnerable to each other already. By design! There is nowhere for me to hide during sex with my TF! And I don’t want to either.

I am not sure we can have anything but Sacred Sexual experiences together. Life itself can be seen as a continuous act of Sacred Sexuality. Even when we argue!

The longer we are together the more we drop the illusion of being Two. In some ways, my body is as much an expression of her in this life as it is of me. There is only Us.

As an example of our lack of separation, if I do any magick, energetic, or trance type of work during sex she responds immediately whether I say anything or not. Whether the work is directed at her or not. Always. We are tuned in to each other.

The dance of our Masculine and Feminine is Sacred. Eternal. With my limited perspective in this incarnation I wonder how We can be anything but One.

With time in this incarnation our knowing of the extant of our nature as One expands. We remember and discover at the same time.

Ultimately, like at orgasm, there is dissolution of the self? Maybe. Though I suspect this is a limited perspective. A self/no-self paradox. Just like there is a Her/Him illusion and reality at the same time.

Lots of words to share a concept for which I need a lot more time to figure out how to express. I am often left speechless trying to express what this is for me.

In short, Rumi had it right.

4.20 Sep 17, 2018 Why is it that when you try to explain your relationship to others about you and your twin flame they don’t understand the relationship and seem like they’re against it? Why are people so judgemental about twin flame relationships?

For myself, my close friends were already aware of my rather non-mainstream interests. Talking about a Twin Flame relationship really wasn’t all that big of a leap for them. In fact, it probably made sense as they had seen my life unfold.

For those who do not understand. How many are happy in their relationships? Or maybe they have this sense of something greater out there waiting for them? You are an example of what they are choosing not to have in their life. Facing this reality can trigger reactions and judgements.

My wife stopped trying to explain her and our experiences to close friends or family. A few people understood or were open to what she shared. Most weren’t ready. I noticed strangers have been more likely to be curious and open minded when they ask about how we met, etc….

Besides, some of the experiences are just way outside people’s realities. I don’t expect people to understand the spiritual & energetic events and flows. They happen. When people start having them happen then they understand. You can see this pattern in some of the Twin Flame answers on Quora. People who didn’t believe it until it happened to them.

4.21 Sep 17, 2018 I felt electricity flowing through my body when we shook hands and I can´t stop thinking about him. Is this a sign of a twin flame connection?

Possibly. From my experience though, I wouldn’t use it as a sign about Twin Flames.

Personally, I have experienced such a flow with many people. Granted some were more intense than others. Some of those connections were also intentional while others caught me by surprise. My first experience with these energies didn’t involve anyone else at all!

You can develop your awareness of the flow of energies which when coupled with your intention can then be directed. Some people do appear to be more naturally inclined to such perceptions. Investigating these sensations for yourself may open some doors for you to explore on your own path.

4.22 Sep 16, 2018 How do you know that you have reached a balance in energy between you and your Twin Flame?

What do you mean by balance? There can come a time where the triggering of emotional issues calms down. If you mean energy as in spiritual flows and connections then I would suggest maybe it’s never supposed to calm down completely.

We are still growing and expanding. One of us could happen upon a new doorway to another experience of growth. Now, there may be a bit of disturbance in the equilibrium between us.

During sex when the energies are flowing and circulating they can get out of balance in a manner of speaking. Then they come back into balance. As one of us expands the other can be drawn into the expansion as well.

Without this back and forth of order->chaos->order would we stagnate, stop learning and growing?

4.23 Sep 16, 2018 How can I confirm if I am the runner in a twin flame relationship?

Simply ask yourself if there is a fear you are avoiding facing. If there is and your twin flame is triggering this fear you may be “running.” In other words, our Twin Flames do a marvelous job of holding a mirror up for us to see what we need to work on in this life.

Granted almost anyone can do this for you.

My experience was that she is perfectly matched to show me my deepest and core issues very, very quickly. Our work showed up really fast! Personal growth on the fast track. So fast, if you aren’t prepared you might find the experience a bit overwhelming. Thus the “running.”

In a lot of ways the Twin Flame dynamic is no different than any other relationship. Runners and chasers happen in all sorts of relationships. We are connecting, learning, and growing. Fear can show up when we are pushed out of our comfort zones and be the reason for the pullback response.

4.24 Sep 16, 2018 One day when I was sleeping, I heard a voice in my ear telling me someone is my twin soul. He is the one I was looking for, and I heard his name. Does that happen in the twin flame journey?

One night I had a dream about meeting my Twin Flame. I was given her name, saw what she looked like, and other details. It was reasonably accurate. This was 3 or 4 months before we actually met I believe. I had totally forgotten about the dream until we were together.

4.25 Sep 16, 2018 How can I communicate with my twin flame telepathically and just let him know I still love and miss him and I forgive him?

Here’s a method I like.

You first need to get yourself relaxed and into a trance state. The trance state is important so the Editor in your mind doesn’t start blocking your attempts to connect.

Allow a state of attractive potential to form inside yourself. This is a kind of vacuum which is open to being filled.

In your mind draw your Twin Flame into this space you have created. Feel them and see them there filling the space.

Fill this space further with Love.

There is no forcing in any of this process. Each step is creating an opening to be filled.

4.26 Sep 16, 2018 How do you deal with physical, emotional, and mental pains that your twin flame is experiencing because you experience these yourself, and you know what she’s going through?

Learning to discern the source is the first skill to develop. Figuring out what is yours and what is theirs is really helpful.

Allow whatever is coming to you in the connection to be while not attaching any narratives or beliefs to the experience. The energy can flow without making it part of your identity.

Be the compassionate observer.

4.27 Sep 16, 2018 Normally I have visions of my twin flame at night, but lately, I have been having visions at daytime as well. Does this mean anything?

It could mean you are connected with your Twin Flame. If you haven’t met or communicated in person yet be careful. The mind and ego are very tricky. You may get some unexpected learning opportunities along the way.

4.28 Sep 16, 2018 Did you love anyone else so unconditionally before you met your twin soul?

Thanks for the question Penny. Good question. Other than my daughters, no. The love for children though is of course different in obvious ways.

Answering your question with No is odd because I was married for 20 years prior to meeting my TF. It’s not that I didn’t want to love unconditionally. I was genuinely perplexed about love. I would ask myself outright, “What is Love?”

Now, I did experience aspects for sure. I just could not quite get the feel of the fullness of Love though until I met Her. This isn’t a comment on my first wife, or any other past relationship or even about myself really. The experience of being with my TF is just that different for me.

4.29 Sep 13, 2018 If twin flames mirror each other’s behavior, why is this not so in the runner/chaser dynamic? If one is ready, the other should be. Isn’t this a blatant contradiction?

I think of this less as mirroring as in duplicating and more like being mutually reactive. We are perfectly tuned to push each others buttons. Maybe this results in identical behavior maybe not. We fit like a glove with each other at all levels. Our deepest wounds were perfect for creating intense reactions in each other.

If there is any mirroring for us it is in the knowing-each-other-energetically side of things. As an example, Tuesday this week I decided to go find a spot in town to read. On the way I got this very quiet intuition I should turn left and go to a certain coffee shop. Instead, I went here:

After getting home we got caught up. Turns out she was at the bistro next door to the coffee shop I was getting the nudge to visit. I knew she was going to be meeting her girlfriend. I figured they were going to be on the opposite side of town. Miles away from where they met. As usual I was being drawn to her very naturally. Probably always have been.

From a psychological perspective mirroring is more like being on parallel paths. Parallel paths may have differences. We may walk certain sections of our path at different rates from each other. If you were a bird looking from up in the air though you would see the paths as being very clearly close together and parallel. Maybe even becoming one path at some point.

Why are they not exactly replicating each other? Because we are still individuals learning and growing. What would be the point of having an exactly duplicated life? We bring our different experiences in learning and life together for greater growth.

4.30 Sep 13, 2018 Why do you think twin flames are real?

I believe in the Twin Flame experience.

Beliefs are funny things. They are like software for our minds. Bundles of energy which help guide us in life based on our past learning and experiences. These bundles of energetic mindware can be rewritten, deleted or new ones created from scratch. You are the programmer of your own mind.

Allow yourself to be open to the possibility of deeply profound and reality altering connections with other people. No drugs needed! A new belief like this may take you through some life altering experiences. You will learn and grow. Whether you experience a Twin Flame relationship, who knows? The adventure and the growth starts in the shift in your perspective of what’s possible.

4.31 Sep 12, 2018 Why do so many people seem to think that the twin flame relationship is full of so much pain? Surely, it brings up healing and some chaos, but why do people dictate it in such a negative way? It is supposed to be beautiful.

Our experience has been quite beautiful. One reason for the pain and negativity appears to be one or both (very likely) people are having fear reactions. Unmet expectations of the ego might be another source of the negativity.

All of which is to say seeking a Twin Flame type relationship/connection did not work for me. Learning and growing did. When we came together yes we had core wounds to work on. I couldn’t ignore those any longer. Being together is beautiful!

What I did experience prior to meeting my TF was a relationship which was very highly connected. Most people familiar with Twin Flames, if I gave the details, would call it a TF relationship. The difference is that relationship was a drain on my life. Really! My wife and I have a relationship which keeps adding positively to each others life.

This is why I was very clear well before I met my wife. I wanted nothing to do with a soul mate or Twin Flame connection/relationship if it meant a repeat of that negative drain on my life. I was happy with the idea of coming back in another incarnation if needed. Being alone would have been fine, too.

4.32 Sep 11, 2018 What did you learn too late in life?

While I don’t think it is ever to late to learn there are a few things I didn’t learn until I had a few gray hairs.

One, not everyone is like me. I know this is incredibly naive. For some reason it took me forever to really understand just how different people can be from one another. I mean, like we are on different planets in different galaxies different.

I think the other thing I realized late had to do with honesty. Given the right circumstances some people really will take from you. They appear to see this behavior as a kind of game.

Both these limitations in my perception of people still elicit a sigh from me now and then.

Edit: One other thing. People really are not paying as much attention to what you are doing as you think. What may be an incredibly embarrassing moment for you may not even be a memory for them 5 minutes later.

4.33 Sep 11, 2018 If you decided to write a book on twin flames, what would you write about? What would people want and need to hear? What’s the angle you would position in the book?

Interesting question, Julie, as I am considering writing a book on Twin Flames. For now, all the great questions on Quora are helping me figure out what to write about and approach to take.

I feel there are a few things for people to consider when it comes to the subject of Twin Flames. Depending on their situation some points to keep in mind.

First, work on yourself. Develop a mindset of continuous personal growth and fearlessly uncover and heal your wounds and limiting belief patterns.

Second, have enough painful experiences connecting deeply with people you think are your Twin Flame you no longer are concerned whether you are with your Twin Flame. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be willing to be with them. Just that you finally understand being with someone who is so profoundly connected with you is not going to rescue you from the important issues you are struggling with in life.

Being with them can open you down to your soul and expose everything whether you like it or not. If you are not prepared for this experience you may want to start preparing now.

I am not sure people want to hear this so maybe such a book wouldn’t sell well. On the other hand, people may want to consider what I offered above.

4.34 Sep 11, 2018 Can you merge and feel your energy mesh with a false twin flame? And also have telepathic communications too?

You can merge and feel your energy mesh with anyone. Same with the telepathy. You can learn the skills to do so. Just invest the time and effort.

I don’t really go for the false twin idea anymore. There are people who we can have open connections with and have our energies be off or be in different places in our development. We can have very slight connections and be well matched otherwise. And everything in between.

Been there. Done it. Lots of lessons learned. Mismatched yet wide open connection can be painful and distracting. I am certainly not wise enough to manage such a connection. I did learn enough to say no thank you.

4.35 Sep 11, 2018 In Love, do you believe each of us has only one soulmate, and what do you do if you missed them?

Hey Steve thanks for the question. Let me first lay the groundwork for answering your question.

Short answer I believe we have more than one soul mate. Maybe a soul family? Or cluster?

My belief is we are all connected. Each and every one of us. In fact, I believe every single thing in Creation is connected. At the same time there does appear to be a diversity of connections. The connections we share appear to differ from person to person.

On top of this, it is possible by use of your mind and intention to change the nature of your connection with others. Instead of a limited and thread-like connection with someone you can open the connection to the size of a fire hose.

Whoosh! Lots of energy flowing!

Except one not so minor detail. The nature of the energy flowing in the now gushing hose. You could have the equivalent of water meeting oil gushing through this connection. The vibrations and all sorts of things could be a mismatch. The two flows of energy just are not ready to mix yet. They may even be unstable and explosive!

What happened with this newly expanded connection? We forced it to grow and open before it was ready.

How does this relate to soul mates?

I believe there are multiple souls who share these naturally open and closely matched connections with us. I would call these people soul mates and part of my soul family.

When you have a wide open and harmonious connection magick happens!

This is what I have experienced anyway.

4.36 Sep 11, 2018 What is the correlation between candles and twin flames?

The correlation between candles and Twin Flames is going to be up to you. You are more powerful than you may realize. Focused use of your mind is a very powerful tool. If you are using candles with focused intention then yes there could be a correlation.

4.37 Sep 9, 2018 What does the twin flame experience mean for you? In other words are you keen on unlocking gifts that this dynamic brings or do you desire union, or both?

When I first started looking for a profound connection I was looking for a partner to explore reality with me. I knew there was more to connecting than what I had been experiencing. What would it be like to be so tuned in and connected you could do magick and explore other realms together?

Well … turns out no one really shared that vision. The few I could connect with enough to where it was a possibility became very painful relationship lessons.

I am always on the path of developing my gifts and exploring the unseen. The Twin Flame experience has supported my path by opening me to myself. We do help each other grow. Our sexual relationship is as much a journey in magickal path working and human potential development as it is intimate human connection. You can’t avoid these outcomes when the energy exchange between partners is essentially unrestricted.

Union is happening, whatever that means. I don’t really put any thought towards union. We continue to show signs of increasing degrees of one heart/mind very naturally without effort. Unlocking my personal gifts and potential is where I focus. I suspect the way these things tend to work if I focused on union then I would delay union.

4.38 Sep 9, 2018 How did you get over the insanity and pain with a twin flame?

The insanity and pain I experienced was due to my inner wounds. One thing which helps tremendously is our mutual commitment to personal growth. We shared this value long before we met.

I worked with a therapist I trusted on my core wounds. Identifying them was easy. There was no doubt what those wounds were as soon as we met.

Letting go of fear.

Do not take anything personally. Especially what you tell yourself. Easier said than done. “The 4 Agreements” is good. Reading Rumi is good, too.

4.39 Sep 9, 2018 If twin flame is so special why is it that the majority of people are hurt by it and complain about it?

Thank you for the question Cleo. From what I can see there are a few reasons for the hurt and complaints. Everything I am writing is from my own experiences or observations. Take nothing I am writing as absolute Truth.

First, some are captivated by the romanticized aspects of the Twin Flame connection. They might be seeking the connection to heal themselves. They are looking outside themselves to heal what is inside themselves.

In this search the smallest signs are focused on to confirm the identity of their Twin Flame. The person of interest may or may not be someone they have ever met in any form or manner in 3D. This person may or may not be their Twin Flame.

When the connection doesn’t work out they are hurt and complain about the Twin Flame connection being painful. Often the other person is called a runner and considered the source of pain and separation.

Who is running though really? Running to something is not necessarily all that different than running from something. Depends on the reason for the running.

This is also all very understandable!

What many are not realizing yet in their journey is the need to stop seeking outside themselves. Stop labeling others as you wish them to be in relation to you. Labeling and seeking for the sake of the label is distracting or at the least creating more lessons.

A Twin Flame has always been connected to you. You never have to worry about losing them. If they are your Twin Flame, nothing to worry about. If they are not your Twin Flame, nothing to worry about.

You are Two and One. Walk YOUR path, learn, Love, and grow.

The second case is of those experiencing profound connection with someone they have connected and communicated with in 3D in some manner. They may or may not agree on the nature of the connection.

One or both people may be experiencing fear for some reason. Assuming they both agree the connection exists in the first place. This fear is probably painful and a source of complaints.

It is also possible the other person may not be experiencing the connection. If you put enough focus on another person you can create a profound psychic and or empathic connection with them.

They may even be aware of the connection you are creating. If they have developed the skills and awareness they may even be redirecting the energy of the connection in another direction. Or back to you. Whether they are or are not aware you may well find the connection energy manifesting a variety of painful lessons.

Insisting on continuing the focus on the other person WILL offer you plenty of lessons on your path. These lessons will probably be painful. Giving you a lot to complain about to your friends.

If they are your Twin Flame?

Choosing to not be in a relationship with your Twin Flame is a valid and reasonable choice available to everyone. Even if the person is 100% guaranteed to be your Twin Flame. Remember, the Twin Flame can never be taken from you. There is no loss you will suffer. There can be lots of good reasons to choose to be apart.

Besides, are you sure you are ready for the Twin Flame relationship?

I say this as a person regarded by pretty much everyone who knows me as being very intense by nature. Our experience of this connection and relationship has been intense. The most intense either of us have encountered in our lives. At times painful, too. Intensely painful as our limiting beliefs are burned away. Intensely satisfying as we grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you are on a path of growth and expansion stay on your path. Your Twin Flame will not rescue you. In fact, their presence is going to accelerate your work until the relationship self-destructs or you each grow and thrive.

If you thought life was handing you difficult lessons before, get ready. With your Twin Flame you are going to be on the fast track. This may be quite painful and you may well complain about the experience. At the very least expect to bend the ear of a close and open minded friend. There is plenty to talk about along the way.

An alternative to the pain? Let go of the fear and limiting beliefs.

4.40 Sep 9, 2018 What have you gained thus far from this twin flame experience?

I finally understand Love.
Deep powerful sexual connection.
My best friend.
An amazing life partner.
The first person to get me.
A first row seat to my inner drama and wounds.
Opportunity to work with and heal said wounds in previous point.
Learning to not take anything personally. And I do mean ANYTHING!
The perfect complement to me.
Finally got to meet the soul who has been lurking about in my dreams for so long!

4.41 Sep 9, 2018 What was the last thing that you’ve spent your money on and was it worth the price?

Today, I bought a pair of work gloves and some picture hanging brackets.

Worth the price? I think I paid $15 or $16 US.

My last pair were a Christmas present from maybe 10 or 12 years ago. There’s a hole in one of the thumbs so I decided time for a new pair. We’ll see how these hold up. I really like leather seems to be durable for my uses.

Whether helping a friend move, picking up branches, or shuffling plywood and lumber about the yard they can really save your hands from nasty surprises. A good pair of work gloves is priceless.

Definitely worth the price even if they only lasted a year.

The picture hanging hooks?

They really don’t wear out and you can reuse them. I think I paid $6 US for a bunch of them. Rated for thirty pounds they should hold most of our framed pictures up. Probably worth the price. Really not worth shopping around for in any case.

Barring earthquakes of course.

Though I’m not sure earthquake proofing the wall hangings would be worth the money . Though maybe it’s not too big a deal? Any earthquake of note around here (Seattle area) is going to leave us with more to worry about than whether the pictures stayed up. Think we are due for a pretty big one.

4.42 Sep 7, 2018 What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

As a freshman in college I “allowed” a woman to rape me. I was 18 and a virgin. The one and only time a woman’s vagina felt physically cold to me, by the way. In those days the definition of rape in the USA only recognized female victims. This changed at the federal level in 2013 I believe. Until then, a man by definition couldn’t be raped. How many people today believe a man can be raped by a woman?

Why did I “allow” this to happen? Because to get her to stop I would have had to hurt her physically. Not to say I didn’t resist. I did.

If I hurt her physically though a couple things would have happened. I would have been acting contrary to my own upbringing. Powerful stuff to go against all the training and social messages you’ve heard your entire life to that point.

I also would have opened myself up to potential legal problems. Who would have believed I was defending myself?

I felt helpless as a result. The power differential in that moment impacted my life dramatically for decades. Sometimes in subtle ways. Luckily, instead of permanently building walls to protect myself I eventually learned to open again. After 30 years and working with a good therapist a few years ago I finally got a handle on it.

The flashbacks were definitely difficult. There is a certain alcohol scent on the breath of a woman which would prime my fight or flight reactions. When combined with sexually aggressive behavior the panic felt was like I was going to be raped. These days after getting professional help along with patience and understanding I can be close to my wife if she has alcohol on her breath.

For decades I “allowed” my adaption to this experience to grow and spread in my psyche. Most of the time I was not even aware of its presence. Thirty years is a long time to go without help. As a man, talking to other men was not an option. Even now most don’t get it.

Seek a professional you can trust.

Don’t wait. Seek help early.

4.43 Sep 7, 2018 What made you believe in tarot cards?

Experience. I bought a deck. Then I put it on a shelf. Eventually, I decided to play around with the cards. At first the cards I would draw seemed really off target.

After a little practice the Tarot sessions become eerily accurate. How the cards I would draw could be so perfect for the question posed took time to trust. Whether for myself, friends, family, or clients sessions are now nearly always magickal or profound.

The one situation where things can be “off” is if I keep asking the same question too many times. Spend some time with the cards. Learn how to ask questions in which the cards can provide insight. See for yourself whether Tarot cards are a good fit with you.

4.44 Sep 7, 2018 If you are continuously failing in something, how do you keep yourself motivated?

This is a great question!

Yeah, at times I feel like I am constantly failing. Constantly. After a divorce, multiple failed businesses, and various failed relationships how could I NOT feel a bit down at times?

Sometimes, I even feel like every area of my life is one huge disappointment. I understand this is almost always a skewed perception brought on by neglecting some important aspect of my self-care.

One day I stumbled upon James Altucher and his blog. The idea that there are some really fundamental aspects of life which are important for being happy finally stuck for me.

So, if life is going cockeyed I ask am I:

Staying hydrated?
Getting enough sleep?
Eating well?
Being with people who love me and I them?
Dancing enough? (in my case Argentine Tango)
Focusing on learning and growing in subject which inspire me? (Magick, ritual, trance work, astronomy, etc…)

Usually, if I am feeling less than motivated one or more of the above is being neglected.

4.45 Sep 7, 2018 What if twin flames don’t exist and it is a false hope given to people to awaken them?

Either way we grow. When we discover a greater or deeper Truth we can let go of the old and move to the new. Our ego might hold onto an old label and feel threatened by a change in identity. This might make a change in belief more difficult.

If Twin Flames don’t exist isn’t really an issue for me. I am having the experience I am having. Whatever is the Truth will reveal itself eventually. Maybe we are maybe we are not Twin Flames. Whatever we are is unique and profound for Us. Good enough for me. Time to live life, love, learn and grow!

4.46 Sep 7, 2018 How lost would you be if the twin flame thread got collapsed on Quora?

There is a wood chipper in my backyard waiting for me. I don’t know how this place generates so much brush. Yet, here I am on Quora. I have discovered I really enjoy writing because of Quora.

If the Twin Flame thread was collapsed I would probably get more yard work done. After a couple of days I would start writing on other Quora topics. Tarot, runes, chi, magick, rituals, life experiences, etc… Quora is good for me to gain momentum in writing. Book and blog projects would see more progress, too.

The yard work would of course suffer as I started writing again. Our house would again become overgrown with all manner of vegetation. The dog would get lost in all the confusion. As you can see he isn’t very tall. (In this picture he is helping me build a platform bed.)

I am gratified people find my writing helpful. Feeling of service to others is important in life. In the end, all the answers in the world only get you so far. Everyone has their experiences. For better or worse. From our experiences we learn and grow.

4.47 Sep 7, 2018 How can I find my soulmate when I’m well past the age of 30?

Age is meaningless with soul mates. Do not limit yourself based on age. Take some time to explore any limiting beliefs you may hold about your age and soul mates.

Love yourself and know yourself deeply. Be your most natural and authentic self. Engage in life, learn, and grow! Identify and figure out whatever cultural ideas and beliefs are limiting you. Be open and see the magick flowing through the world!

Don’t be surprised if your soul mate doesn’t appear at least superficially as you expect. We got together only after I dropped my list of criteria. I asked for my partner without the deal killer list. The criteria I was holding was all ego based from old wounds and meant to protect me.

Yeah, there has been some ego work to do as a result. At the same time, I am with the woman who goes well beyond my earlier ideas of soul mate.

Live, Learn and Grow!

4.48 Sep 7, 2018 Is it possible your twin flame can pull back their energy so that they don’t confuse the situation and so that you can focus on yourself and getting your life together?

Yep. Sounds like a rather considerate choice. Intense connection can be difficult to balance with other demands in life.

Life circumstances can shift attention and energy intensity. Various other approaches and techniques from a number of practices could as well.

4.49 Sep 7, 2018 What can you say to convince me that such a thing as a “twin flame” exists?


I really won’t be of much help. Twin Flame is a label for an intense experience people are having with other people. Some aspects of that experience are a bit “out there” for many people. There are lots of beliefs about the details of this connection experience. I certainly have some of my own based on my experiences and observations.

In fact, because of my experiences I generally do not advocate seeking out or really putting much thought into the idea of a Twin Flame or even a deeply, profound connection with another. On the other hand such seeking did take me along a very fruitful if painful path of growth.

So what do I know?

This isn’t a religion seeking to convert others to a way of believing. I do feel most people can develop their ability connect in these profoundly and at times unsettling ways with other people. Whether they choose to be open to and are able to sustain such a connection is another matter.

My experience was when I used intention to force the connection life pretty much spiraled into the toilet. Eventually, I got tired of the pain and drama. I learned a little and grew a bit.

One of my teachers would say, “Prove me right or prove me wrong.” I discovered eventually whether I proved him right or wrong wasn’t really the point. The process was what I needed to experience.

If you are curious start exploring.

4.50 Sep 7, 2018 Since you and your husband are twin flames when you both enter heaven, will you both be together in one soul, two different bodies?

Who knows? We will find out eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised though if there is more to this than a simple One soul arrangement. If there is one thing I have learned in my life the linear obvious answer is rarely the only or most complete answer.

Yes, in some perspective One soul may be what happens. What happens though when the illusion of the 3D reality is shed, we get rid of the concept of time or at least change it dramatically, and space itself turns out to be far more curious than three dimensions?

What happens if we each have multiple aspects of ourselves existing both independently and as one all at the same time in multiple locations and times in Creation? Plus, everyone else does, too? I am not sure our brains can accommodate the reality of what we are in the non-physical. What would being One soul even mean?

As for her and I, while in this life we are not interested in an existence without our connection. That connection keeps opening and we keep integrating into One. In this life. I suspect this Oneness will continue to unfold. I don’t know what another realm of existence has in store for Us.

4.51 Sep 6, 2018 Is there anyone out there who is happy to be a twin flame? Haven’t you ever wished you hadn’t met your TF?

Absolutely! She can bring joy out of me where no one has before. If I am in a rather pissy mood I have to fight to stay pissy sometimes. Ego wants what ego wants!

There is a deep comfort in knowing I can’t hide anything from her. She can sense me deeply. By seeing past each others ego shells we help each other express our spiritual experience at greater levels.

We Heal each other.

We Love each other.

We Dance.

Dancing with her resets my mood better than any drug.

Yeah, I can get a little moody. I am trying to protect myself. I am even pretty good at keeping my walls up. You know, Ego!

When she feels my walls go up they hurt her. So I work on not putting walls up to protect myself. We do our work. Which is intense at times.

No one else has ever nuzzled into me like her. Except maybe the occasional puppy or kitten. Even in the midst of the intensity of a growth experience Ego can take a break and eternity is right there in my arms.

4.52 Sep 6, 2018 Is it true that there is no romantic relationship between twin flames, only spiritual growth?

From my experience, no. Different people have different viewpoints on this idea of Twin Flames. Some are probably projecting their own belief systems and patterns. Beliefs about sexuality are going to be some of the most powerful projections.

Don’t take any of their or my perspectives as Truth. People have perspectives on experiences and what they observe in their lives. While what they share can be very valuable to consider they are not necessarily going to know any more than you do.

As far as romantic relationships between Twin Flames. Sexual connection is a (the?) powerful flow of Creative energy. The way I see it beings connected so intensely and profoundly are going to have an intense flow of sexual creative energy thus a romantic relationship if they choose.

They may choose not to express this aspect of their connection. Or they might direct the energy into non-romantic goals. Maybe they don’t have a strong sexual drive in their physical body? Who knows? They are on their path you are on your path.

The bigger question I have is why the divide between spiritual growth and sexual or romantic experiences. Romantic relationships have definitely been part of my spiritual growth.

4.53 Sep 3, 2018 Are the twin flames not able to explain their connection to other people? Does the twin flame runner keep their twin counterpart a secret from their families and friends?

Mine would be considered the chaser if you are viewing the dynamic through the lens of the runner chaser paradigm. She tried to explain her experiences to her friends and family. Very few understood and some were rather dismissive. Eventually, she gave up trying to explain.

I didn’t have a problem telling those I knew would understand. There was no secret about who she was in my closest social circle. I also didn’t go waving the details about like a flag.

I shared with those who I knew to be open. I don’t expect people to validate my experiences these days. While comparing notes with others can help develop insights I didn’t feel a need to share with anyone who wouldn’t get it.

4.54 Sep 2, 2018 In twin flame relationships, are they full of crazy love for each other and very heated arguments?

The Love is crazy. We keep uncovering the depths and all-encompassing nature of our connection as we share our life in this incarnation. Explaining this to others can often sound crazy.

The heated arguments are disappearing. The only reason we have had heated arguments has been due to deep unhealed wounds. We are also committed to healing those wounds. With healing has come peace and far fewer heated arguments.

The Love is still crazy.

4.55 Sep 2, 2018 What do you do when you notice that you’re mirroring your twin flame’s emotions and behavior?

We are mirrors for each other only in a very general way. We perfectly complement each others wounds is the actual situation. My behavior can trigger her deepest pain. She can trigger my deepest pain. What’s curious about this set up is the feedback loop. We also feel the pain we trigger. This set up can get very messy.

Learning and growth is what it comes down to for us. Learning to be authentic and true to ourselves while staying compassionate and kind with each other. Growing and healing are our responsibilities to ourselves and each other.

Doing this work directly impact the other. We are growing more peaceful the longer we are together, learning, and growing while healing our internal wounds.

When a trigger happens I accept the experience as having happened. While not as common now a cooling off period of a few minutes or an hour may be needed. Next, I observe the reactions and energy circuits firing in myself. De-energize. Don’t take the experience personally. I am at the point where I can at times take the energy and feed it back into my energy system minus the emotional content.

4.56 Sep 2, 2018 Has anyone actually confirmed their telepathy with their Twin Flame? As in have you confirmed with them directly what you’ve been “sensing “or “hearing” from them to know it’s not just wishful thinking or your mind playing tricks on you?

Every. Single. Day.

The other evening we were in the car, stopped, waiting to turn onto another street. I was thinking about my ex-wife and about her car having broken down. None of the conversation between my TF/wife that evening had been about her or the broken down car. Certainly, not for a few hours. Within a minute or two my TF began talking about the very specific aspects of my ex’s situation that I had been contemplating at the stop sign.

This kind of thing happens everyday. Even with completely random topics. I am really good at having random topics pop up in my head. Actually, she is talented in this regard, too.

With her, I will just start saying stuff for no reason I can discern. Typically, she will have just had the thoughts I am verbalizing. They often have nothing to do with whatever is happening at the time the thoughts occur. We feel like our minds are becoming more and more transparent. Very spontaneously, too.

Here’s the trippy part. I will hear her thoughts as if she spoke them out loud while we are having a conversation. Except, she hasn’t said anything. I just keep talking as if I hear them and am responding to her.

This isn’t one of those “I know what you are thinking!” moments. It’s not sharing the same thoughts either. I actually hear her speak words without using her voice. And I don’t realize it!

One mind, One soul, Two bodies.

4.57 Sep 2, 2018 Could you still be friends with your twin flame if they are with someone else?

To be honest it would be incredibly difficult now that we are married to each other. The connection Is. The intensity of what we share as a couple will likely never make room for anything but Us being together. No matter what shows up in life we are like two intensely strong magnets.

We chose to face whatever this connection brought to Us. There is no getting rid of this aspect of who we are. Becoming friends after being married and experiencing what is possible in our connection? This wouldn’t be fair to the other people, either. No, I can’t see that happening.

It might be possible if we had never been in an intimate relationship with each other. Never having the chance to feel the depth of what we are capable of sharing with each other is probably the only way we could do friends. Even then I doubt we could keep from becoming more than just friends. The honeymoon has been going on for four and a half years.

4.58 Sep 2, 2018 Among twins there’s always one who’s a lot more beautiful than the other. Why?

My wife is beautiful inside and out. She finds me to be quite handsome. So … no I don’t agree with your premise.

The Twin Flame thing inspires people to offer all sorts of ideas describing the experience. Superficial Twin Flame characteristics are a distraction. I would recommend dropping your expectations of what Twin Flames are or are not.

Research the background of those who shared the romanticized characteristics. Don’t accept what people think about what is a Twin Flame. Boil down the common elements you find in your research. Read the writings of people who have experienced profound connection and relationship.

Humans appear to have a need to create complications or rules around what they don’t understand. Getting past the creations of the human mind and into the experience is the first priority.

4.59 Sep 2, 2018 Does the twin flame torture ever end?

Yes. The intense emotional experience gets better. You have to be willing to look into yourself as honestly as you can. A good therapist can be a big help.

Process your triggers. Follow your path of conscious learning and growth. The profound twin flame experience is a result of your path of learning and growth.Focus on living, learning, and growing, Love, and compassion.

4.60 Sep 2, 2018 If twin flames truly share the same chakra system and soul, when one elevates to a higher vibration/heals, wouldn’t the other be “forced” to do the same?

While I can’t say for sure whether we share the same chakra system I can say a few things about how the energies flow between us. There is no more clear example than sex.

During sex if I direct energy flows up my chakra system she will be affected intensely. As an example, there are times where I use a process in which I place my attention on each chakra in order with the first chakra at the beginning of intercourse. By the time I am reaching orgasm I am at the crown chakra. If I add other elements or visualizations into the process the experience can reach what appears to be dangerously intense energetic levels.

I would not suggest anyone try this for the fun of it. Early in our relationship she would appear to be having an electrical overload in her nervous system during and after sex. There were times I needed to use techniques to help her bring her heart rate back into a normal rhythm. Very scary!

With time her body has been able to acclimate to our energy exchanges. While the intensity can be extreme the energy flows without getting stuck. I suppose this is in part her experiencing healing and vibration changes as a result of our being together.

4.61 Sep 2, 2018 If the twin flame attraction is intense, are there any ideas on how to reduce those emotional, mental, and spiritual pressures?

My experience within this intensity has led me to two strategies for dealing with the intensity and related pressures. I am going to assume a few things. One, you have actually met your TF. Two, you are in an intimate relationship of some form with this person.

One approach is to shift your attention elsewhere. Distract yourself with a healthy hobby or career or family, whatever, just stop focusing on the Twin Flame thing. Energy follows attention is a dynamic you can see play out very clearly within these profound connections. This is only a temporary measure in my experience. Though it is useful to reduce pressure for a while.

We have an understanding. She may feel something. I may not even know what is there to work out yet. Nothing beyond a vague feeling sometimes. Or, something happened and I am not dealing with it, yet. Learning to be patient has been important. Trusting we will work whatever it is out in time has helped a lot.

Another approach is to determine if the pressure is a result of not fully accepting what is present in the moment. This connection is so intimate, we feel so seen by another, the risk of loss of this depth of being known can spark fears of loss.

Those fears off loss can result in pressure or stress to make it work. Ironically, the fear is an illusion of the ego. You can never lose this deep connection. You may spend the next 50 or 60 years without the person. Just a blink in the existence of your soul!

Discover new perspectives. Lately, I have been using a friends telescope. Looking out into the Universe can really put matters into perspective. We are so small! Explore and experience life.

Working through the dynamics and triggers brought out in the TF relationship is a huge opportunity for growth. Yet, if the relationship just doesn’t work out your primary path of learning and growth has not changed. In addition, you can’t lose half of yourself and time does not exist in the greater reality. Have your experience in 3D. Make the most of it. Have your experiences!

Love, learn, and grow!

5 August 2018

5.1 Aug 29, 2018 How did you bring up the subject of twin flame with your TF, when you know what it is but you don’t know if they do?

She was open to the idea fairly early. Heck on our first date I went right into conversations about energy practices and experiments. While novel for her on a first date I was pretty much done with pretending what was probably about to happen between us wasn’t going to happen.

I know what is possible between two who choose profound connection. The earlier I could scare her off the better. My track record with this type of connection was pretty dismal.

Our unusual shared experiences accumulated quickly. Because we were willing to have the experiences together and communicate about them the label was more for convenience.

She read about Twin Flames after I mentioned the idea and found various articles about people experiencing the connection. After a while we agreed the Twin Flame label was pretty (very!) close to describing us.

Here’s the thing. Even if we didn’t agree on what to call our connection it didn’t mater. We were having the experiences which is all that mattered.

There really is no need to label your connection or relationship. Labeling what you are experiencing may limit what may develop between you. Take the words Twin Flame. This is a phrase which even those who understand what the label is describing don’t always agree on the definition. At least, not entirely. Those who haven’t experienced it often don’t understand the reality of what we are experiencing.

By not labeling you have more freedom for learning and growing. There is so much depth to explore with someone you are so in tune with on all those levels and aspects of being.

Depending on the nature of your relationship:

sexual meditations and practices,
sexual energy and kundalini development,
mutual empathic and psychic experiences,
shared dreams,
primal knowings,
collaborative attraction and creation,
high vibration merging,
deep knowings,
and on and on are open to you.

Consider walking the path together for a while, notice and be aware together of your connection, and write it down in a journal. After a while when you can tell amazing stories about what you are sharing label it if you wish. By then any disagreements which may come up will focus on the label instead of the nature of what you share.

5.2 Aug 26, 2018 Are predictions over 5 years in the future suspect?

For this answer I am assuming a mystical perspective and approach to predictions. My apologies if you are asking from the point of view of say an economist or political analyst type of person. Though maybe we are not so different from each other in reality.

I have had the most curious experiences with prophetic dreams and visions. By the way, keeping a journal can be a big help in understanding the nature of these “slips” in the field of consciousness. Slips is a handy word here because the predictions or prophecies feel like information slipping through cracks in dreams or other states of mind.

Looking back a predictive message often appears obvious and always couched in symbolism. At times the message may even contain remarkable details. Yet, I have noticed with myself and others direct information about timing or details is practically impossible to interpret prior to the event. Whether or not there is a cutoff for accuracy at 5 years I don’t know.

I also tend to subscribe to the idea that future events have various probabilities of happening. Some higher or lower than others. The further out the event the less likely we are to make an accurate prediction of its likelihood of happening.

The people who appear to have the most success with this kind of thing are trained remote viewers. They are the ones who use symbolism and random numbers for time coordinates do a pretty good job. The more you can keep your monkey mind and logical brain out of the loop the more likely you will have some success in your predictions.

5.3 Aug 26, 2018 My Twin Flame is having a child with his girlfriend, and even though I felt intense pain from that knowledge, I also want him to be happy with his choice. Is it weird to have these mixed feelings?

Chrissy, I don’t think your feelings are weird at all. They are very understandable. You sound like you are quite self-aware and respecting yourself and your Twin Flame.

We are having these spiritual and energetic experiences in this physical world. Various aspects of ourselves from the animal and primal to the emotional, mental, and spiritual are involved. We don’t need to judge ourselves. Awareness and self-acceptance with compassion are so important.

5.4 Aug 26, 2018 How do I vibrationally align myself to my twin flame?

Are you already connected and in a relationship with your Twin flame? If you have never met and talked with the other person be very careful. Many of us have a need to find our perfect partner. That need is often inspired by deep wounds we carry through life. Find a professional therapist you trust and work through whatever issues may be present for you.

Looking outside yourself to feel whole can be a distraction on your path. If you want to find your Twin Flame you are already at a disadvantage. Authentically not needing to find your Twin Flame now or in the future is key. The need for the magickal, profound connection is a distraction on your path. Really. I speak from experience. When working in these realms everything is paradox. Slow is fast, fast is slow, neediness pushes away, presence without attachment attracts. Allow the energy to grow inside you and burn away whatever is holding you back.

If you are attempting to attract your perfect partner or Twin Flame I would suggest opening up to the powers of Creation. Trust the force of the Universe to deliver in ways you can not anticipate. Drop your expectations. Looks, career, history, how they will come into your life, where you will find them, and on and on are not in your control. You have the responsibility to be your healthy authentic self with good boundaries. Twin Flame is not an excuse for tolerating abusive behavior.

As far as your Twin Flame? You don’t need to align yourself with your Twin Flame. You are aligned with your Twin Flame. Meditation, observing your own thoughts, becoming less reactive about whatever things trigger you, spending time in nature, eating well, exercise, seeing the beauty in life, and being with positive, authentic friends are all examples of ways to clean up vibrationally.

From my personal life, dancing helps us. If we are out of sync some kitchen tango does wonders. Time alone together lets us experience the reality of our connection without the distractions of daily life.

5.5 Aug 25, 2018 Are male twin flames sexually attracted to their female twin flames?

The sexual attraction is crazy strong for us. I have had more sex dreams about her than I have about anyone in my life. If we don’t have sex for some reason I will soon start dreaming about Us sexually.

My belief is the strength of the attraction comes from all the different paths sexual energy is flowing from and between us. All levels of our being are open to each other. Which is of course incredibly intimate and vulnerable. Sexual attraction increases with intimacy and vulnerability.

She draws me into her, I am drawn to penetrate deeper into her. I penetrate her, she opens further to me. Losing myself in her increases my desire to penetrate her more fully and lose myself in her more.

We continuously spiral with each other as Masculine and Feminine. Yin and Yang. The strength of our attraction grows as time goes on. Wanting her creates more wanting her. A force of nature. Pure creative energy.

It’s not unusual for her to be so opened during sex she loses her sense of self. She told me some of the scenes in Dr. Strange where the doctor is blasted through the Universe are what she experiences when we have sex. All this just increases how much I want her.

We are in our most natural state of being when we allow the energy of sex to flow uninhibited. In the same way we have been circling toward each other our entire lives we continue to circle towards each other in our daily lives. This turns life itself into a conscious sexual act.

Of course, life in general can also be inconvenient. Kids, work, household projects and the rest all need some attention. Our sexual attraction is like a law of nature though which can only be set aside temporarily. Attraction and desire will vibrate and agitate until something breaks allowing the energy to flow uninhibited.

If we get too distracted by life to have sex we eventually have to drop everything to be together. The energy demands to flow along all available pathways. This is the natural order of things for Us. We are learning interfering with this dynamic comes at a cost.

Curiously, the quickest way for us to get back in sync is in fact not through sex at all. Physical sex almost gets in the way of the flow of the energy. The physical sensations and primal drives being expressed can sometimes be a distraction from the other aspects of connection. This is where tango helps us so much. When things feel off between us we can dance for 5 or 10 minutes in the kitchen and feel all is right in the world.

The intensity of our sex inspires more intensity. Because we feel each other so deeply paradoxically sex becomes a thing we share between and with ourselves as a single being. Two and One at the same time.

For us sex is a natural and sacred expression of the energy flowing through Creation. We are so marvelously matched with all our aspects of being vibrating at the same frequency. This shared frequency allows the sexual energy to be Us.

5.6 Aug 24, 2018 Do you think it’s possible for you to just one day stop believing in the twin flame concept?

Absolutely. In fact, I would encourage people to stop believing in the Twin Flame concept. Really. Don’t believe it until you experience it. This is generally how I have approached most mystical and energetic concepts in my life. Experience the concept and know.

The danger in believing a concept is in missing out on having the actual experience the concept is describing. People often mistake an intellectual or even emotional experience for an energetic or spiritual one. They can all be different things. As a result one can miss out on much deeper lessons and growth.

My search for a profound connection was a distraction driven by wounds which needed healing. Admittedly, a necessary distraction all things considered. Still, there was a lot of pain in the process for myself and people I love which might have been avoided with other choices.

In my case, I didn’t ask for my Twin Flame when we finally crossed paths. When I made my request I simply asked for my partner. By that time I had learned I needed to trust the process and stop trying to control how it worked. In two days we were in contact and met in person about 10 days later.

While I did recognize our connection early I was clear I was not going to encourage any energetic or psychic phenomena between us. Nor was I going to introduce her to any of those techniques for a while. A long while.

My hesitancy in going deep into the energetic/spiritual connection came about from having opened such connections with others in the past. The result was typically a disaster. None of my intentions really made any difference this time. Other plans were clearly in play.

Seriously, I didn’t want a Twin Flame like experience. Yet, there I was with all the typical profound traits unfolding daily. Whether you believe in Twin Flame concepts or not isn’t relevant. Having the experience is all that counts as far as I am concerned.

5.7 Aug 17, 2018 Could the people who were the unawakened twin flame runner share their experience of awakening? How did you feel? What happened?

I am answering this question because many would consider me the runner in our dynamic. Personally, I like describing the dynamic as a dance. Running and chasing can flip between two people and happen at very nuanced levels switching in matters of seconds back and forth. Physically leaving and mentally checking out are not all that different. Same with chasing or neediness.

Here’s the thing. I was completely aware of the connection. I have had connections most people would consider as Twin Flames with a number of people.

If I wished to I could continue to have those types of connections with more people. I won’t. Connecting at that level can be a serious pain in the ass and waste of time and attention.

Far from unawakened I just did not want to deal with the pain and drama which can easily come with a profound connection. Being with someone who is not ready to dissolve their sense of selfness energetically, mentally, and spiritually when merging with you, even if for a few moments is not fun.

This process can be a large threat to the sense of self. Because I fundamentally see myself as a perspective losing everything else which is me is basically okay with me. Not many people are prepared for the consequences of that particular choice.

I decided to be with her fundamentally because all other issues aside I just wanted to be with my best friend. No one else I have met can inspire joy to vibrate from my core into the world when I am having a bad day. As amazing as the rest of the connection stuff might be it’s all just party tricks in comparison.

5.8 Aug 17, 2018 I feel a tingly warm head sensation when I communicate with my twin flame telepathically. What does this mean?

The energies I work with will cause different sections of my body to tingle depending on the circumstances. Feels like they are wanting to make sure I am paying attention. During tarot readings for instance I will get the sensations as I am interpreting the cards as if to say keep going or they are letting me know they are involved in the process.

The tingling sensation can also be related to becoming more sensitive to the flow of energy. The sensations can get very intense. As you place your attention more and more on the connection you may develop more and more awareness of how the energy is flowing. Communicating with your TF is another way to pay attention to your connection. Thus the energy sensation may be becoming increasingly apparent.

5.9 Aug 17, 2018 Who started this Twin Flame idea? Is it a thing for teenage girls? In what parts of the world is this naive idea popular?

Not being a historian and only having the Internet to use as a physical world reference for the most part, I really can’t say for sure where this Twin Flame idea started. There are theories everywhere of course.

For myself, I use the label as a convenient way to communicate with others. Yes, what I have with my wife is unique for me and intense and amazing and challenging. The label is minor and not something I am invested in as a part of my identity. Validation comes from experience and awareness of outcomes.

Many people do appear to be latching onto the idea. I’m sure the media has helped with romanticizing of this idea. The Twilight series comes to mind.

The idea of soul mates has been around for a very long time and not only in contemporary culture. I recall reading about heart mates being recognized as a relatively rare relationship in one of the indigenous groups in the northern regions of North America, for instance. Soul mates to Twin Flames is a small leap to take conceptually.

Oh and Rumi. Rumi said a lot of very Twin Flame-ish or soul-matey things. Definitely worth buying a few books of Rumi translations.

Why is all this happening?

Many people want to feel special. I know I did! The pain from inner wounds can really hurt.

In our modern world lack of connection is in my opinion a root cause of a number of social problems. Twin Flame represents the ultimate in connection. Like having a hole in your soul filled only much more.

Feeling complete by having another person complete what is missing is very attractive for those suffering. Of course, this isn’t really how it works from what I have experienced. Yet, being aware of the feeling of lack of connection can be a very positive part of becoming whole. The awareness and desire to grow and learn is key.

How people describe a Twin Flame experience is very much like my own experiences. I do feel people are having these kinds of profound connections with others. Some in relationships and some not.

People also appear to get distracted by ego issues like comparing themselves to others. Who is more special or more spiritual types of competition are really not necessary. My experience does not invalidate yours nor yours mine. Many people are not having these kinds of connections at all. This doesn’t make my experience more special or lessen their relationships either.

This isn’t a race or a contest. All experience ultimately inspires learning and growth. To me, this is the point.

5.10 Aug 17, 2018 What’s the best way to tell your twin flame that they’re your twin flame?

First, are you in a relationship with this person? Have you ever talked with this person? If not, be aware deep psychic and energetic connections can be opened with pretty much anyone solely by the focus of your attention.

Assuming you are in some kind of intimate relationship then talking about being Twin Flames can happen very naturally. The more productive approach may be to first ask yourself why you want to say something. What is behind this desire to use this label? Be honest with yourself.

Also, there’s really no need to say anything at all or even agree with each other about what to label your relationship. Don’t be concerned with a label. Do you have a loving relationship? Are you growing together?

Experience what you are experiencing together. Explore together. Share an awareness of the connection.

They may not agree with the label which is okay. The label isn’t the connection, the relationship, or the experience. If you share this deep connection in a relationship the journey has only begun.

Besides, finding one’s Twin Flame isn’t a goal to focus on in my opinion. Personally, I feel the need to find your Twin Flame probably indicates you have other inner work waiting.

There was a time in my life when I had a similar goal. What I learned from having such a goal was I had a lot of inner work and growing ahead of me. Whether or not this is true for you I don’t know. Between my own experiences and observing others I suspect this is pretty common.

5.11 Aug 15, 2018 Do you think it’s possible for some that a twin flame connection activated our spiritual journey and we’re meant to find other soul connections that lines up with who we grow into after finding ourselves again? Could this be just a stage of growth?

Certainly this is possible. Though I am not sure I would have recognized her as consciously as I did without the awakening I started long before we met. As I have said in other answers I was also quite willing to not be in a relationship with a deep spiritual connection with her or anyone else. Also based on those past experiences.

Not everyone is ready to handle the intensity of the connection. Currently, my development includes some very intense energy work during sex. It would be unfair and painful on various physical, energetic, and emotional levels for myself and my partner to do this kind of work if either of us wasn’t ready.

I will say this about my own experience. Having met and married her I have no desire to seek another. I can’t imagine how I would find a more completely matched, Home-feeling, comforting partner who is me and I her.

My guess is many of us aren’t ready for the “Twin Flame” connection until we work through those other experiences and stages of growth. Who knows? No one really knows what the correct answers are to your questions for you. I can only offer guesses based on my experiences. Some of what I offer may be helpful and some not at all.

Follow the path you are led to follow. Listen to the whispers in your heart. Read lots of Rumi!

5.12 Aug 15, 2018 How has your twin flame union (those of you who made it into a physical union) been affected by everyday 3D problems? Has your love remained strong and deepened?

Everyday 3D problems give us a choice in how we relate with the world. However we choose th relate or react to the world the other will feel. This constant daily reminder of how we feel each other keeps us aware of our connection at a conscious level. As we reminded of just how deeply we are connected our attention to our connection opens our awareness even more.

Daily things everyone deals with take on a new dimension for us because of this shared experience. If some event impacts one of us on the job, with family, or anything the other feels it.

Processing feelings which are really coming from your partner can be confusing. There is a bit of a paradox because the fluidity of feeling is great enough, in some perspectives, her feelings really are mine and mine hers. At the same time they are not quite.

This can come out of any aspect of life. Some of those shared feelings can be over the most mundane things in life. Or the most intense.

What gets reaffirmed as we go through all these experiences is quite beautiful. No matter what we experience we don’t become closer. We become more aware of just how close we have always been. The work we do as a result of 3D problems is a letting go of what obscures our realization of our true nature.

Except having to make money to pay bills. Annoyingly, having to make money interferes with our desire to be in constant sexual connection. Though I suppose we are learning something important there, too. Astral sex doesn’t help as it distracts from whatever task is at hand when on the job.

5.13 Aug 15, 2018 Have you ever had a lucid dream? How was the experience?

I used to have more frequent lucid dreams. These days I have 3 or 4 a year. Often they involve me flying by my own intention which is pretty fun. One of the tricky parts of lucid dreaming is not waking myself up while dreaming. Whatever stage of sleep those dreams occur in they are not too far from me waking up.

Getting more active with lucid dreaming is on my to-do list. I find it helpful to ask myself if I am dreaming at different points in the day. When I do this regularly I think I am more likely to lucid dream.

There has been a curious side effect of checking in about whether I am dreaming or not. Now and then I will be awake and wonder if I am asleep and dreaming. There is a moment of disorientation. Just a brief moment. Very curious experience.

5.14 Aug 9, 2018 Why do twin flames need to do all this Self work? We can’t be more “broken” than the rest of the population. How long are we supposed to work on ourselves before being “healed” enough to be with our twin? It just seems strange and unfair to me.

For what it is worth here is my experience. I have been into personal development and working on myself for decades. I thought I had a reasonable handle on things. Until I met her.

I am quite sure I have never met anyone so tuned into my trigger points. We are perfectly suited to being each others mirror. Feels like we were equipped to do this work with and for each other.

I would also say the triggers were present all along well before we met. They have definitely been activated in other relationships. This is different. The opportunity to transcend the issues is unavoidable.

Neither of us can hide our baggage due to the nature of our connection. In this relationship everything is out in the open. One of us, often me, may not deal productively with an issue at hand. There is no mystery about the issue though. Transparency or nearly so of emotions and thoughts makes hiding impossible.

So, I don’t think people in Twin Flame-like relationships are more “broken” than anyone else. If they are anything like us healing can not be avoided by nature of the connection.

5.15 Aug 8, 2018 How do tarot card readers do virtual or online readings? Doesn’t the client have to shuffle the cards as a requirement for a reading?

The client does not have to be present. All I need to have is a question I am asking on behalf of the client.

In person, I may or may not have a client select one or more cards. Often I do most the selecting. My last few sessions I offered my clients the option of selecting the final card as I fanned out the deck.

The connection with the client is key. Physical proximity is not necessary nor is touching the cards. In fact, when I select the cards after shuffling I either get a number to count down through the deck or a card somehow looks like I am supposed to select it.

Those entities I work with know the cards needed to help the client with insight into their question. My job is to listen to the guidance on which cards to select.

5.16 Aug 8, 2018 How can I understand if someone is my twin flame when I haven’t talked to him ever?

If it was me I wouldn’t assume they were my Twin Flame.

Until I was in relationship with her I wouldn’t have used the term soul mate either. For me, I expect confirmation on these kind of matters. Maybe not scientifically recognized proof but certainly evidence through experience. Being able to verbally communicate is very helpful in this process! There are many distractions in this type of experience. Getting wowed by the feelings or chemistry and even the spiritual phenomena can take us away from the reason we are connecting so profoundly in the first place.

I use the words Twin Flame for convenience in communication. There is a downfall to labeling this kind of experience. The term makes it very easy to assume characteristics and meaning about a connection with another person which may not be there in reality.

If the evidence tells you there is a possibility for such a deep connection then you have the matter of whether or not the other person wants to pursue this path with you. Or even whether they agree with you about the connection in the first place. Which they may not and might even be correct from their perspective.

Your feelings are valid. As are the other feelings of the person in question. While you might experience a paradox in this truth get comfortable. Paradox is more the rule than the exception when it comes to such matters.

Experience your life. Know yourself and be true to yourself.

5.17 Aug 8, 2018 If I love myself without condition, I live life through unconditional love, I treat and love my twin flame unconditionally, but yet we are not in union, what could possibly be wrong?

Hi Kimberley thank you for the question. I’ve enjoyed reading your writings. I hope I can offer something of value for you.

I doubt there’s anything wrong. One thing this journey in profound relationships is teaching me is how to shift my frames of reference. Those shifts can be dramatic.

The most profound relationship experience prior to my Twin Flame was beyond most people’s reference points for reality. Some seriously spooky stuff was happening with a healthy dose of pain and drama. I would not have believed you if you had told me those kinds of experiences would have been available to that degree or even deeper with another person. Yet, they were as I discovered after I let go.

By the time I was ready to leave that relationship for good I truly didn’t care if I ever had such a connection with anyone again. I even told her if we had to wait 50000 years to get back together I was fine with the wait. I meant it.

Obviously, my position mellowed somewhat as I was open to further experiences. The desire for the intensity of connection which I used to seek though was minimal. Yet, I ended up getting just that and more.

The closest I can get to your situation is with the question:

What would I do if I was no longer able to be in relationship with my Twin Flame?

If she is living I would allow my attention to our connection to soften. Less attention will translate into less disruption from the exchange of energy.
If she is not living I will probably maintain the attention or go even deeper. One of us not being physical opens possibilities for exploration.
I wouldn’t be seeking to replace the connection or relationship. No more seeking or yearning.
I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be putting much energy into seeking a future partner in general.
Other than time with my children my mystical and magickal studies are probably where the bulk of my energy would be directed. Included in this is being of service to others. I would probably also continue to express myself through dance.
On the other hand if I was supposed to be with someone post Twin Flame I would reluctantly be open. Even with all the free will in the world putting off guidance from other realms can get pretty painful.

Maybe this list has something to do with my age? I don’t know. After enough experiences I have a feeling I would have a bit of a been there done that attitude.

Ultimately, I can’t know what you are experiencing without being you. Words do not do a good job of communicating this Twin Flame thing. Undoubtedly, the other person is working through their own process. Their process is going to take however long it is going to take.

Again, nothing is wrong. The feeling of something is wrong informs you of more paths to explore. Take your inner journey deeper than you can imagine. The possibilities for exploration and learning are practically limitless. If you wish to be partnered in this life be open to possibilities other than your Twin Flame while staying true to yourself.

Keep living, loving, learning, and growing. Know yourself and be true to yourself.

5.18 Aug 8, 2018 Why do twin flames continue to stay with their karmic partners for years if they are miserable? Isn’t it selfish to keep them around if they are not in love with them and fully invest in the relationship?

Pretty sure my first wife was a karmic partner. Why did I stay for 20 years? If I had left earlier I believe I would have met my Twin Flame much sooner.

Simple. Fear. Also, if I had left earlier I would not had my children. At least, not with their mother.

Fear can be quite powerful. Fear of the unknown, of the future, of pain, all sorts of ways fear can show up in your life. The pain we know is often preferable to the unknown. Most people appear to be wired for this kind of choice making.

5.19 Aug 7, 2018 Earlier in life, I had similar and shorter experiences to what I am experiencing now with my twin flame. This experience is stronger and much longer lasting. Are the earlier experiences significant? How do they relate to my current one?

As I have shared before, deep connection of the Twin Flame type is possible with multiple people both platonic and romantic. What I mean is the various psychic, spiritual, and energetic characteristics can either happen or be intended with various people. This is what I believe to be part of what it is to be human.

For myself, those connections and relationships were primarily teaching me a fairly specific lesson or two. One lesson was to not be focused on those connection qualities like the psychic and energetic aspects. Focusing on outward signs is distracting from the lessons of the relationship.

The second of which had to do with my ego and expectations of who a partner should be for me. Once I dropped or at least stopped emphasizing those expectations she appeared. And the real work began.

All those prior experiences had the same lessons to some degree. This time with her they are very clearly present. No chance of misinterpreting what I am to learn to grow beyond where I am. I believe those past experiences are both part of learning to recognize your Twin Flame and if like me they also contain similar lessons as you may be encountering now.

5.20 Aug 5, 2018 To those experiencing a twin flame journey, what religion, if any, do you follow? And has this dynamic changed your beliefs?

No religion for me. I have been researching, studying, and doing energy in the chi sense for over 40 years. With this as my spiritual practice connecting with my Twin Flame was not unsettling at all from a spiritual perspective.

Except for one thing. I was really leery of having this profound of a connection. Period. In my various prior experiences energetic connections of this type were a reliable source of pain and drama. Eventually, I learned to not seek this type of connection.

As I let go of that need or desire I was brought closer to her. When we did meet I was reluctant to share my understanding with her. I really did not want to get very deep into accelerating opening the connection with her. Not surprisingly other plans were in the works.

As our relationship has unfolded I am open to the idea that people so deeply connected in this way can have a positive relationship. While I don’t encourage people to seek their Twin Flames I do encourage seeing the magick and beauty in Creation.

The details are being handled so no reason to worry over meeting your Twin Flame.

5.21 Aug 5, 2018 Do twin flames really exist?

Twin Flame is just a label for a set of experiences which some have in a relationship. I can say I am having much the same set of experiences as others and we may for convenience call it Twin Flame.

Do Twin Flames exist? My spirit guides or Higher Self may say yes. Yours may say no. There is no answer as of yet in this physical world.

I can teach you how to consciously create those same types of connections with anyone. Seriously. It is simple though not necessarily easy.

You will have to invest your time and energy in certain practices which will allow the opening of profound connections. Learning to sense, open, and direct energy is helpful if you want to consciously open such a connection with someone else.

There is a caveat.

Just because the connection has been created doesn’t mean the connection is stable. Whether due to my lack of skill or some other factor I could not consciously create a stable connection with a romantic partner. While there weren’t a lot of them the handful I did choose to create destabilized fairly quickly. The connection was clearly unsettling to my former partners.

My wife and I have what I believe others would consider a Twin Flame connection given it’s characteristics. Our connection is also stable while we are learning and growing together. A first for me. I also did not intentionally open our connection.

We are not together because we were each seeking Twin Flames. Our connection brought us together like magnets.

What we are experiencing exists. The relationship is unique for each of us. We have profoundly deep energetic experiences together. We often feel like we are sharing one mind, though not always. The connection is still startling at times even after 4 years.

The mind can always doubt or rationalize what is happening. Kind of it’s job. Does this experience really happen? Yes. At least for me.

5.22 Aug 3, 2018 If I don’t know who my twin flame might be is it still possible to send him a message telepathically? Will he receive it?

Before she and I met I was having very detailed dreams. Looking back some of these dreams were clearly about her. The details were very accurate. The connection and communication was there without me needing to reach out to her.

My advice is to not be concerned one way or another with sending messages to your Twin Flame. He will feel the work you are doing as you learn and grow in this life.

If you still want to send a message go ahead. He may well get it. Just be prepared for the possibility he is not in the physical world.

From my perspective the real benefit comes in pursuing the ability to send the message. Some of these inner skills and tools can certainly be distracting. On the other hand, developing and practicing them can help you learn and grow. The learning experience is well worth the effort.

5.23 Aug 2, 2018 Is it true that after meeting your twin flame, it makes your life totally upside down? Is there a drastic change in your life?

Pretty much. Nothing is hidden from her. Nothing. Even if I wanted to hide something I couldn’t. We feel everything. With time we are discovering what feeling everything means.

The longer we are together the less we can hide from each other. Since the beginning we haven’t been able to hide anything notable. What I didn’t realize was the extent of this transparency.

Now, even small thoughts like what to eat for dinner or taking the dog for a walk just pop into one of our heads if the other one is thinking the thought. The thoughts can be completely disconnected from what we are sharing in the moment. Totally random and we know without seeking to know.

The way things are going I can see us truly experiencing one mind in two bodies eventually. Thankfully this is a process. Having the one mind happen all at once could be really unsettling for one or both partners!

With this transparency you have a perfect mirror of your inner world. A mirror which can turn your world upside down. You can’t fool yourself anymore. At times the process has felt like learn and grow or self-destruct.

5.24 Aug 2, 2018 What does it mean to heal your twin flame? What are some techniques to do so?

As far as I have experienced the most you can really do is help create a healing environment and work on your own healing. The actual healing is up to the person with the wound. Opportunities for healing are likely at more than one level of being. Psychic, energetic, emotional, physical, etc… might all be wounded or traumatized.

Working on your own healing will do a couple of things. The triggering and various dynamics between you will begin soften. Instead of spiraling into pain you will spiral into more harmony. You begin to support each other in positive growth and development. More healing happens in the positive feedback loop.

Know yourself. Observe yourself. Learn to identify what triggers you so you can stop any painful reactions which get started.

Your self awareness and emotional maturity will help your partner. You impact each other intensely. This impact happens in ways that can either be productive to your growth or non-productive.

Meditation. Therapy with a good therapist. Yoga. Hypnotherapy and similar modalities have helped me.

The only tricky part is if we get lost in the intellect. Reading and thinking about healing is very different from taking definite action towards healing.

Lots of possibilities.

5.25 Aug 2, 2018 My Twin Flame wants to be friends. What do I do?

Be friends if you wish. Being Twin Flames you will always be what you have always been. Do what feels authentic and true for you.

Take your journey, walk your path, and see where it takes you. Embrace and process whatever feelings are showing up for you. Seek a professional to help you if needed.

Live your life, learn, and grow.

5.26 Aug 1, 2018 How do twin flames feel about being romanticised continuously and does it get tiring to post the same msg about loving yourself too people who aren’t listening?

Romanticizing the Twin Flame relationship is a step along the path for some of us. I didn’t think of my desire for profound connection specifically as seeking my Twin Flame. I was using different words is all.

From my earliest desires to be with a mate or girlfriend I knew I was looking for a particular type of connection. This ideal connection with a woman was very romanticized and changed superficially over time as I matured.

Seeking the romanticized connection inspired me to learn and grow. Without this motivation I can see how I might have fallen asleep spiritually even more than I am. At the same time, to the degree I was focused on the connection as a way to feel better about myself I was neglecting my own inner work.

My own journey is what I think of when I read people’s questions. The connection feeling is intoxicating. Even more so if you feel your path in life has been one of isolation. I can relate to the people who are there and still have more inner work to do.

I don’t get weary of questions repeated. I respect my own time and energy in choosing when to answer questions I am drawn to answer. Hopefully, those with questions will do some searching on sites like Quora and find enough answers from enough people to help them.

5.27 Aug 1, 2018 Why did I let myself be so vulnerable with my twin flame? The running behavior was so unexpected and grieved my soul. It has me praying I could completely forget him. It’s too painful wondering if it was all just a lie.

Vulnerability is a strength to be developed not a weakness to guard. Vulnerability practically defines the Twin Flame experience. When you can’t hide anything you are completely exposed to each other.

If you haven’t come across Brene Brown I would suggest checking out her work on connection and vulnerability. Here is her web site and story My Story | Brené Brown

6 July 2018

6.1 Jul 31, 2018 Is it possible to be chased with synchronicity if you have met your false twin instead of your real TF?

Synchronicity isn’t unique to Twin Flames so I would venture to say yes.

6.2 Jul 31, 2018 Why do I feel like my twin flame is my only best friend?

This connection and bond is so deep and profound. She will always know me better than anyone including myself at times. Truth is spoken because that is who we are. When we hurt the other we feel the pain directly because we are the other.

So many reasons to feel my twin is the best of best friends. Not the only best friend but the definitely the one who knows me most deeply. Absolute comfort with each other.

Best friends for sure!

6.3 Jul 31, 2018 Why are twin flames so easily amused by “experts”or liars who are simply trying profit off of them, why don’t they think for themselves?

Buyer beware!

I don’t have a problem with people asking for money in exchange for products, services, coaching, consulting or whatever. The spiritual and the financial are not mutually exclusive in my mind.

On the other hand, consumers need to be smart about purchasing advice. Research is important. Besides, the answers you are seeking you will only find in yourself. A guide can serve you best in helping you explore and learn from yourself. You are your own authority in this matter.

I have read a number of people’s writings about Twin Flames. I am interested in hearing the details of their experience for my own learning and growth. Rules and laws about what is and isn’t a Twin Flame, to me, start sounding like the rational mind and/or ego trying to make sense of something outside it’s scope of understanding.

Also, aspects of the Twin Flame experience are common in many people’s relationship experiences. Even the much talked about runner/chaser dynamic is rather over blown. Many people Twin Flame or otherwise do the runner/chaser dance. Just a fairly common part of being human maybe it’s is more intense because of the connection? Often what I read sounds like people trying to make sense of pretty normal human emotional experiences in relationship with other people. Emotions and relationships can be messy! Of course, adding in a profound connection can up the intensity.

Even the connection does not define Twin Flame relationships for me. I have had plenty of experience with energetic connections with other people. Multiple connections which if I wrote about them here on Quora people would think were Twin Flame connections.

My observations are energetic and psychic connections can be created by and with pretty much anyone willing to make the time and effort to learn how they work. Most humans as far as I can tell are born with this potential to one degree or another. Though the quality of the connection can certainly differ between sets of people.

Profound connections do not require a sexual or erotic attraction. Of course, emotional intensity can turn up the volume in the connection and sexual energy even more so. Energy and the quality of attention being directed do have a large impact on opening the flow of energy in the connection.

Where my experience with the one we can call my Twin Flame begins to differ from the rest of my experiences is in the quality of the connection. If the energy is vibrating ours is the most harmonious vibration I have experienced. I really don’t care if we can be categorized as Twin Flames . This really is not a goal which I consider productive in my life. The feeling of harmonious connection and peace we bring each other is what I value. I don’t care what you call it I love being able to be immersed in this feeling.

A second difference is the blatant messages in the form of dreams I was getting before meeting her. Whatever you call what we are, we were supposed to meet for whatever reason.

Finally, we are perfectly suited to expose each others core wounds. I do mean perfectly. A commitment to learning and growth allows us to work through these issues. Our relationship is a positive feedback loop for growth on all levels. Truly amazing.

Those three differences and what is being created out of them is what’s important to me. What we call this is not a big deal. While I am not amused by what I see people struggling with I do wish them well in their journey. I feel the desire to seek answers will eventually lead them to a very positive place. My guess is they will find where they end up to be even better than they imagined.

6.4 Jul 30, 2018 Me and my twin flame are working on trying to control the weather in our area, is that weird, stupid, or are we onto something?

That’s not weird at all.

When I used to sweat with one of my mentors the funniest thing would happen. Most of the time a hole would open in the clouds where there was once rain.

Not every time. Enough though that it was obvious something was going on. I am pretty sure the fire was not hot enough to be having any impact on the weather.

There is tremendous advantage in working with others in this manner. Twin Flame or not. The key is a harmonious mind when doing the work. When we have some time to put together a project my Twin and I would like to do some workings together. We kind of already do. When we are in sync on a goal everything aligns fast. Quite inspiring!

Enjoy the adventure! There is so much to realize in how creation works. Following what you are inspired to work on is the best path in my opinion.

6.5 Jul 30, 2018 What happens in marriages that are pre-existing once either person finds themselves awakened to a twin flame connection?

My awakening to connection started long before meeting my twin flame. Fifteen or twenty years before we met I think. As I developed my sensitivities to energy I also began to imagine what it would be like to have a deep energetic connection with a partner.

For years, my abilities to connect with others kept expanding. I learned we can intend a very deep connection with another. Romantic or otherwise deep connection is not reserved for Twin Flames. Eventually, two things happened that signaled it was time to divorce my first wife.

First, I was quite depressed and I believe the marriage was a core reason. This isn’t to cast blame on my first wife. Given how much better I eventually felt and continue to feel post-divorce I do think the marriage was one factor in the depression.

Second, I met a woman, not my twin flame, who I shared a very profound connection. If I related all the ways we were connected most would say we were Twin Flames. I learned so much with her. Even if she was my twin though our dynamic was so toxic not being together was the best option. No matter for how long that meant. I was willing to never have a deeply connected partner after that relationship.

Between those two factors I was practically pushed out of my first marriage. Four years after the divorce I would meet the woman one might call my Twin Flame. She was in the process of getting divorced when we first met.

6.6 Jul 29, 2018 What kind of similarities have you found out as a twin flame with your twin flame’s life?

While we are not carbon copies of each other here are a few things where we are alike.

From the time we met people have said we.look like brother and sister.
The other day I commented to my daughter that I am starting to notice I have the same speech mannerisms as my twin. She looked at me like I was dense. Told me we have talked alike from the beginning.
Our sense of humor is identical.
Love of water. She is Pisces & I am Cancer sun signs.
Sex drive and interests are well matched.
Core life values.
Emotional and physical sensitivity.
Physical mannerisms.
Free flowing approach to life.
Both writers.
Love books.
Never lived more than 40 miles from each other.
Both grew up on water. Lake for her, the sea for me.
We frequently have the same thoughts about whatever we are experiencing in the moment.
At the same pivotal life stages we made choices based in fear. If we had not made those fear based choices we likely would have met much earlier.
Our paths were quite close throughout our lives. At one point we lived a few blocks from each other. I walked or biked a few yards from her home for months. Lessons learned.

6.7 Jul 28, 2018 Why can I feel what my Twin Flame does and how come they tend to say the exact same things at the same time?

You are experiencing a profound connection with another person. The why behind this connection is up to you. Your guess is as good as anyone else. While I do find the Twin Flame concept to have some merit I also feel humans are wired for this kind of linkage for survival purposes.

Few people in the modern world have to rely on this kind of connection to survive. From short term simulations I have experienced and other informal experiments I have done I believe this kind of connection is inherent in being human.

With some the connection is downright unstable, with others it may not be noticeable, and with still others the connection is so natural and easy it takes your breath away.

You can create this kind of connection with just about anyone. I’ve done it and it works. The effortless, smooth, easy, soul satisfying connection though is a different experience.

Just imagine the survival benefit of being able to know without physical communication what others in your small group are experiencing. Whether they are on a successful hunt, your mate is in danger, or who knows? This knowing would give the members of the group and thus the group itself an edge in surviving.

My wife and I share words and thoughts every day. For us the thoughts are incredibly mundane. We live in a modern safe town. The matters we concern ourselves have more to do with trivial things than matters of survival.

This all of course is rather non-spiritual. Just because what I wrote above is not about a grand spiritual plan does not exclude such possibilities either.

Now, in terms of personal growth instantly feeling how we might hurt each other by our words or choices even when apart physically provides direct feedback for learning. How many times do you really want to feel each other make choices which are out of harmony with your connection? We also get reinforced for positive connection. Twin Flame sex … wow. The mechanism is very effective for learning and growing.

6.8 Jul 27, 2018 Do twin flames feel the intensity of other twin flames apart from our real twin flame’s energy?

Quite possibly. The thing about becoming more sensitive to energy is you can pick up anyone’s energy. Twin Flame or not. If connecting with your Twin Flame got you tuned into your own energy centers you will very likely start picking up others more consciously.

You don’t need a Twin Flame to develop energy sensitivity. Possibly, people experiencing Twin Flame connection could be easier to sense than they were before they connected with their twin. Unless they were developing their energetic sensitivites already.

6.9 Jul 25, 2018 How can my twin flame and I get past our 15 year age difference? He is younger. This may be at the heart of his fears and running. He wasn’t expecting the intensity. He had a hard time shifting from status quo paradigms.

Eventually he has to choose to take the journey inward. My biggest hurdle or core trigger was something I experienced in every relationship I had prior to meeting my twin. With her the intensity was that much greater. My twin flame experience is like a fire at times in this respect. Burning away the resistance and fear.

Getting to know other people who are in happy age difference relationships might help. At least researching them. I would wonder whether the age gap is the core or a reason to avoid the intensity? The various phenomena in a profoundly energetic and spiritual connection can be extremely unsettling and difficult to navigate.

6.10 Jul 25, 2018 If the TF concept is that there is a TF for every soul, how is it possible with all these twins to have found each other? This is a statistical impossibility.

How many souls exist in all of creation? I don’t know. My guess is the number might as well be infinity given the limits of the human brain to conceive of very large numbers. In this galaxy alone there are hundreds of billions of stars and who knows how many planets with life.

In the visible Universe the numbers of stars and potential planets with life scale to unimaginably large numbers. This is for one slice of time. Over the course of billions of years how many sentient species develop and go extinct? Assuming sentience is even needed for a soul to exist. Probably not but still… seems like it could be a big number.

Now we add in the spiritual component. How many non-3D entities are there in all perceivable and conceivable physical and non physical creation? Wow. Likely a very big number. Who knows?

Assume every single person on Earth were with their Twin Flame. The number of Twin Flames joined together on this planet probably isn’t even a rounding error in calculating the percentage of those joined compared to those not joined. Essentially, the number would be zero if considering all of creation.

I am not a mathematician and none of what I stated above is provable at the moment or possibly ever for 3D physical humans in a science lab. Science at this stage of development is going to disregard most of my non-physical non-ordinary reality experiences. Statistics? What is there to even calculate?

What I have left to refer to is my own experience. I will get little to no help from outside authorities of either a religious or scientific source. My subjective experience is what matters to me in the end. I am having this experience of a twin flame connection. It doesn’t fit most publicly acknowledged models of day to day reality in the society where I live.

Whether or not anyone else is having this experience or one like is also irrelevant to my experience. Dismissing their experience does not bolster the legitimacy of my relationship. Neither does affirming their experience. My opinion of other people’s relationships is irrelevant.

Unless they ask me for my perspective. In that case I can offer an opinion based on my experience and what I have observed in others. Am I speaking Truth? Don’t know. Ultimately, people have to walk their path.

Maybe one day they will look at the love of their life and say, “Hey, you ARE my Twin Flame!” If that makes them happy then I say go for it. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is the having of the experience. Let the brain spin around if you wish. It’s all good!

For better or worse, I prefer to step back and unfold along my path.

6.11 Jul 25, 2018 Does the twin flame runner try to resist the feelings they have with the twin flame chaser?

I don’t know about others. I was just not interested in a predictable pattern of pain and drama I had been experiencing. You see creating the energetic and psychic connections is something you can learn. I did learn how in fact.

When I started opening these connections with others I learned some important lessons. Profound connections can be profoundly distracting and painful. I was done being with women who weren’t ready for the connection.

I acknowledged the connection and feelings. The pain wasn’t worth it though. We have free will in these paths. Yes we will be drawn back together per our connection. This doesn’t mean we have to express the connection in a particular way.

I suppose some will resist the feelings. The problem with resisting those feelings is you are putting your attention on the feelings by resisting. This attention will add energy to the feelings and make them grow more intense.

6.12 Jul 25, 2018 During the separation phase of twin flames does the male twin runner break down in tears also? I am just wondering if the male counterpart both in gender and spirituality feels that massive emotional pain the female chaser feels.

I won’t speak to the separation phase. I was so relieved. I felt I escaped a bunch of impending pain and drama.

As far as the crying goes that’s another story. If anyone can bring tears to my eyes she can. I am not a crier. Nobody who knows me would describe me as a crier.

When we were first together I would watch her in the kitchen and start crying. This was really startling. What the heck? Her smile feels built to tear down my walls. She’s my cryptonite. Yeah, she can make me cry tears of joy or frustration.

Strange stuff for me.

Now that we have been together for a while I can let the emotions flow so they don’t get jammed up in my eyes. Still, every now and then boom. Tears. The energy is sometimes overwhelming.

6.13 Jul 25, 2018 Why does this twin flame thing have to be so hard? Why does it seem like just finding happiness with my twin separation is triggered? Why can’t I have my happy ever after?

You are going to be challenged. The twin flame thing is all about growth and development. For most people growth can be painful or at least uncomfortable. The only way out is through and going through means going into yourself. Figure out what is yours to deal with and focus there.

Your twin is faced with the same situation. The issues might differ though I suspect they are complementary. You probably trigger each other perfectly. You may not be perceiving the dynamic fully. To do this you first have to develop clarity about your own inner landscape.

6.14 Jul 25, 2018 Is it possible to meet your twin flame even if you are dating someone else?

You can meet your twin flame at any point in your life and under any circumstances. We feel fortunate that we were not both married when we met. She was actively dating when we met though that ended as of our first date.

You will met when the time is right. Whether you stay together or not will depend on where you are in your personal development.

6.15 Jul 25, 2018 What was the most accurate tarot reading that you ever received?

I frequently do tarot reading for myself and friends or family. Yes they are accurate. Tarot is a helpful tool in my life.

The bigger question is what am I using tarot to accomplish?

When I use tarot I am looking for insights into some aspect of my or my client’s life. I am not fortune telling. Still the cards are uncanny in how they can anticipate the future.

For instance, I did a tarot reading with my wife about a job offer she received.

We asked two questions, drawing a separate set of cards for each:

“What do I need to know about accepting this job offer?”
“What do I need to know about staying in my current job?”

As we talked about the meanings of the cards I drew a story or narrative became clear. The funny thing is I didn’t trust accuracy of the card draws. I know enough to let my feelings about interpretation go. Sometimes it is startling how the card draws can accurately describe a client’s situation.

She has been in the new job for a few weeks. The card draws were quite accurate about details of the job she would encounter including income potential and personality characteristics she would need to utilize.

I was honestly skeptical about those two readings. You would think I would learn by now! Other cards would have clearly shown a different picture. These cards though were the ones that came up.

6.16 Jul 25, 2018 How do I meet my twin flame?


Seriously, don’t go looking.

If you are drawn to seek your twin flame use your time and energy to go into yourself. Explore what motivates you to seek your twin flame. Be honest with yourself.

There are some really important clues you have in front of you. The desire to meet your twin flame is directing you to inner work for yourself. Take advantage of this gift. You will be amazed at how your life unfolds as a result.

Seeking your twin flame can be a huge distraction. In my opinion it’s not even very important to meet your twin flame. While really amazing things can happen when you meet those are side effect not the point of meeting.

Live your life and be open to learning and growing. Know yourself deeply, relentlessly, and with courage. Your twin flame may show up at some point. Or not.

6.17 Jul 25, 2018 Will reiki help me on twin flame journey? I am a twin in seperation.

While I am not formally in the Reiki system I do work with “reiki” daily. Continuing to develop in Reiki is a path of learning and growth. The twin flame journey is also path of learning and growth. Working with your energy systems is a way to keep growing and expanding, twin flame journey or not.

The twin flame experiences can certainly be challenging. Reiki tools could be o helpful to you in clearing blocks and resolving stuck systems of energy. My experience of twin flame is like being a battery. Make sure you are allowing the energy in your part of the battery to flowing and healthy. Corroded batteries don’t work very well.

Personally, I would just let the twin flame journey unfold of it’s own accord. For me, it’s not the goal but an aspect of my actual journey. That’s up to you though.

6.18 Jul 25, 2018 Does the Law of Attraction work, and do we actually create reality by using our imaginations?

It’s been working for me in the areas of love and money. Imagination is a powerful tool. Combine your imagination with focused intention in an energized state. Then let go. Of course, you have to show up doing your work too.

Know your goal. Is this your real goal or is there a deeper goal hiding beneath this one.
Knowing your goal means knowing yourself enough to know if your goal is congruent with you.
Figure out the steps to get there. Realizing smaller goals on the way to a bigger goal is easier than jumping straight to the final goal.
Use your imagination to clearly experience the feeling of reaching your goal in the present.
Let go of control of the details and timing.
Work on your next step and be willing to alter course as the Universe inevitably shows you a different route.

In all this a sense of playful energy and seeing the beauty in the world are key. Possibly all you really need.

6.19 Jul 25, 2018 Why does fighting with your twin flame hurt so much?

This is a great question! Thank you for asking.

The answer is simple and profound. When you fight with your twin flame you are feeling them feel your words and actions. Something which isn’t always very pleasant.

What you say or do to your partner you say or do to yourself.

If there is such thing as karma the twin flame dynamic is like instant karma. You quickly learn to improve your communications with each other or self-destruct.

I can be really stubborn. Must be the Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon in me. Stubbornness combined with a willingness to endure pain on principle made for some really intense conflict. At the same time here is this woman who melts me like no other ever could.

Frankly, it’s a real pain in the rear. Sure does work though!

6.20 Jul 25, 2018 Do twin flame relationships end up in marriage?

Edit: This answer was originally written for the question Do twin flames marry each other?

We did and it is amazing. Fair warning, if we are anything to go by, getting married to your twin flame is going to be different from other marriages. We were both married previously and agree this is very different.

There’s no place to hide feeling when you can feel each other so transparently.
We trigger each others core wounds very effectively. If we weren’t both committed to our personal growth we would have split in the first 6 months.
With the profound connection comes a responsibility to respect the connection. This isn’t really a moral thing more like emotional survival. There’s no place to hide also means doing things out of site of your partner is impossible too. They will find out about whatever you are trying to hide.

6.21 Jul 25, 2018 Why do I sometimes feel my twin flame and sometimes I don’t? Is not feeling them, telepathically that is (those are words I never thought I use) part of the journey? What does it mean?

As different aspects of life ebb and flow my awareness of our connection can also ebb and flow. Energy follows attention. With both people living their lives one or both may have their attention elsewhere. The perception of the connection might be less during those moments.

The nature of the energy can have a big impact as well. Someone was doing some research on I think telepathy. You might want to google this as I don’t recall all the details and I forget who at the moment. Anyway they decided to work from the hypothesis that human telepathic communication would be most effective if tied to a primal survival drive.

When they ran the trials they used sexually arousing photos. As I recall the results were quite remarkable. The accuracy of the psychic connection was notably higher when tied to the sex drive.

I have noticed the same thing. When there is a sexual charge in one or both of us the psychic connection can be really obvious. If one of us is definitely preoccupied with other things the connection isn’t as in our face.

My feeling is the state of the energy flow has a lot to do with the state connection in the moment. You can experiment with the variables to see what impacts your perception of the psychic connection.

6.22 Jul 25, 2018 Are people who believe in twin flames really just experiencing and obsessing over an unrequited love?

Hi Lilly,

There does appear to be a common desire to connect deeply to the point of complete merging with another. Psychologists might not consider this healthy. I don’t know I am not a psychologist.

In the past I did seek this kind of union for the wrong reasons. Feeling like I wasn’t enough and needing someone else to feel whole was how I felt for a very long time. If someone is in that place in life I can very much understand how they would find the twin flame idea very attractive!

I don’t know whether or not people are in a twin flame dynamic or not. There probably are a bunch of people on the Internet in that same dysfunctional place I found myself. The good news is they have identified a place they need to work on in themselves. Over time they will hopefully begin shifting their attention inward. At least that is what seeking outwardly eventually did for me.

All just steps along the way. Like I said, who am I to say?

6.23 Jul 25, 2018 Why would everything be going great with twin flames and then all of a sudden change for the worst?

Hi Tashay!

If you are anything like us then triggers is my answer. We excel at triggering the deepest core issues we each carry. No other person in my life has been able to trigger me like my twin flame. Seriously. I was trained from an early age to not be triggered. Not saying this was healthy emotionally but it was what I experienced.

With her there is now escape. I either deal with the trigger or keep getting triggered. After reading other people’s accounts of this connection and experiencing it myself I suspect this is a core feature of being together.

The good part is when you figure out how to work through the triggers you get huge leaps of growth. As I resolve core issues secondary issues are resolved as a bonus.

BTW: A good therapist can be a big help in this process.

One requirement for this processing to be successful is a commitment to personal growth. Fearlessly looking at yourself makes this work much more effectively than hiding or deflecting to your partner. I am not saying own what isn’t yours. Definitely take ownership of your stuff then work through it relentlessly.

6.24 Jul 25, 2018 How can I channel my own psychic energy to facilitate healing? I’m an empath and the energies I’m picking up are so overwhelming with my twin flame and focusing on my inner work is hard.

Being an empath and being aware of your twin flame connection can be challenging. I speak from experience! Figuring out which energies, emotions, and feelings are yours and which are your twin flames will help with the overwhelm. Part of the overwhelm for me was in taking responsibility for feelings that weren’t even mine in the first place.

Meditation has helped me a lot with discerning the details about feelings and emotions I am experiencing. Getting to the calm place of the observer helps in detaching from ownership of the experience. The feelings exist but are not the real me. Watching the energies go by without identifying keeps them from getting stuck in you. When they get stuck in you it is easy to start believing you are the feelings.

In a way, I found that it didn’t really matter who was the source of the energies. The important part was in being able to step back and allow them to flow without being disturbed by them. Once I could step back I could figure out the details.

Often the flow of energies between my twin and I are from both of us at the same time. We both are the source! Other times one or the other of us is the source. Or someone else entirely is the source.

6.25 Jul 25, 2018 I am a twin flame runner. What do I do?

First, while I understand labels are convenient I would suggest not identifying with the “runner” label. I use the label mostly because runner/chaser has become standard terminology for people. Labels can be tricky so be careful. Words do have power.

As a twin flame runner what do you do? Why are you running? In your running what are you avoiding or escaping?

Early in our relationship I split. From my perspective I was avoiding a repeat of a pattern I was seeing show up in my intimate relationships with women. I expected the psychic, energetic, spiritual, etc. aspects. These things in themselves were not a problem.

Years prior I had learned to work with energy both internally and with partners. In my estimation at the time I left she wasn’t mature enough to handle the responsibility of the this type of connection.

Being able to know each other with very little boundary is intense. One past partner described feeling like I was swimming in her head. There is nowhere to hid in this dynamic. You can’t run far enough away or drink enough alcohol to actually silence the others presence.

I had learned quite a bit by the time I met my twin flame. I knew I would rather be alone than go through another relationship impacted by that kind of connection. Our choices have a direct and immediate impact on our partner whether we tell them what happened or not. To me it just wasn’t worth it to be with someone who couldn’t respect the nature of the connection.

Given what I observed I felt my twin wouldn’t be able to respect the connection. So I left. Kind of. While past partners were fairly easy to let go of my twin was another story. I always had a soft spot in my heart for her no matter how angry I got.

Why did I leave really?

Fear. Fear can be a good thing by the way. Sometimes fear protects us. Fear can also get in our way. Is there something you fear about being with your twin flame? Listen to your fear.

There may be very good reasons for not being together. One or both of you may well not be ready to be together. Look into your beliefs and triggers.

While listening to your fear I would suggest you really look at what is behind this fear. Are your fears rooted in a believe that no longer serves you? Maybe or maybe not. Only you will know the answer.

Diving deep into why you are “running” is going to provide a tremendous opportunity for your own growth. Grab hold of this opportunity to learn more about yourself.

6.26 Jul 23, 2018 Why will I be fine for days managing separation from my twin flame and then suddenly get an overwhelming feeling like I am going crazy just to reach out, speak to him and chase him?

The energetic connection between you and your twin flame is by nature intense. The lack of his physical presence is also intense. Which is why it becomes overwhelming every now and then after being calm. There are a few factors which could be at play.

On your side of things your day to day life can draw your attention away from him. Energy follows attention. While you are focused on other things you may not be as conscious of the energy flows with him.

You may also be adjusting to the energy. There is something I have noticed personally. My body doesn’t get as buzzed by energy even though people feedback they are getting pretty strong sensation from me. You do get used to or adapt to the flow.

As you become more aware of what your twin flame connection entails you recognize the difference between being with him and not being together even more. You could be getting overwhelmed missing his presence. There is no comfort like the feeling of being in each others arms.

My twin felt very real physical pain when we weren’t together. This went beyond emotional attachment. There is something our bodies can feel when we are too far apart from each other.

If something isn’t right I can get this crazy gotta find her feeling even now. I am wired to protect her. This even though we are married andsharing many hours a day together.

It’s like once we became conscious of each others presence it hurts to be apart. The only thing which could overpower that feeling was fear. Fear was able to hold off the flow a short while.

You may also be feeling his energy flowing strongly. You didn’t say what his situation is at the moment. He may or may not be thinking about you. You will probably feel any surge of energy he may be experiencing. Feeling him could then trigger missing him.

Allow yourself to have these feelings while allowing the twin flame energy to flow. Observe the flow. Notice how it feels at all levels you can perceive. Accept your experience in the moment without judgment. Keep living, learning, and growing in your life!

6.27 Jul 23, 2018 How do my TF and I (both are awakened) balance our energy and vibration during the phase of physical separation? I am in a committed relationship with a soul mate.

I didn’t have the experience you describe. This may not be applicable. Off the top of my head I would start with the following if I were in your shoes.

Meditation, breathing, and quiet time in nature could be very helpful.
Depersonalize the energy. Remove any ego classification of the energy allowing it to flow and circulate unrestricted.
I really like routing energy through my heart with my breath. The heart seems to do a good job of managing the energy.
Routing it up your spine could be interesting. That’s kind of how I started the energy side of things. Though this can be disruptive and dangerous. You probably want to work with someone familiar with the Kundalini process.

6.28 Jul 23, 2018 How can I just let the distance and silence between my twin flame and I swallow up our truth?

You are not losing your twin flame. The Truth isn’t going to disappear.

In our human form time is so real and linear appearing. What happens when we are not in physical bodies? There is no time in the way we understand time.

If twin flames are eternal where is the loss?

Silence is your freedom. You are all you need for your path. When your twin is ready you will have an amazing experience coming together. You already are and will always be twins. There is no rush.

Do what makes you smile without needing your twin flame. As a bonus, this choice to live your life being happy without them will draw you two together.

6.29 Jul 23, 2018 Why am I seeing fewer twin flame synchronicities now that I have surrendered my beloved?

You may be focusing your energy in other directions and are not noticing the syncs as much. Which is a good thing. Live your life!

Until your twin flame is ready, you live the life that feels right to you. Follow your path. Keep growing and learning! Energy follows attention. Putting your energy into learning, growing, and having an amazing life is a great way to live.

6.30 Jul 23, 2018 Do twinflames unite always? What if they don’t want to be together? Previously, I was unhappy with my BF, then I met my TF, everything was so beautiful with him. Now things are reversed. I feel safe & happy with my BF & scared of even contacting TF.

You have free will. At least, I like working from that perspective. Don’t do what doesn’t feel right to you. Doing what feels right to you also implies developing an understanding of yourself . Self-knowledge is key to navigating your path.

Twin flames can choose whether or not to be together. If you are twin flames you are working things out anyway. The physical is just one perspective. Reading other people’s accounts of being twin flames I would say most do not unite in a given incarnation. Which is totally okay.

One woman I thought was my twin flame because of the type of connection we shared almost put me off women for the rest of my life. Our relationship was intensely negative in many ways. I emphasize intense!

Even if she had been my TF I was quite willing to never see her again. Going through the intense negative energy draining dynamic was not worth whatever we were to each other. She was a big reason why I stopped caring if I found a soul mate or twin flame.

Working on my own spiritual growth is my priority. The twin flame dynamic accelerates this process. The descriptions of twin flames may sound romantic and coming together is amazing. Truly there are other just as valid and deeply satisfying relationships to experience. The one with yourself included.

6.31 Jul 23, 2018 What can’t be done with magic?

Hi Peter thanks for the question!

What you can do with magick depends on how much energy you can muster. The less probable the outcome the more energy it takes to bring it about. I think I first read this on Rune Soup, the book Chaos Protocols, or a blog post written by Jason Miller. Manipulating probabilities does appear to be the way of things when I look at my own practice.

Of course, if you can access and guide a large source of energy then you may be able to realize less probable outcomes or even miracles. A relationship with an archangel or other entities might be pretty handy in this regard.

For myself, I really like working with nature based energies. The ocean in particular calls to me. Lots of power in the ocean which is of course highly connected to the moon. My work in love, sex, and money gets decent results in part because I am working with a solid source of magickal energy.

I haven’t found a way around gravity. Yet. Bi-location would be cool but transporting my body from continent to continent is so far limited to the usual modes of travel.

Which is okay as I see magick as a tool kind of like a cat’s claws or a dog’s teeth. What I really need magick for I have found it works great.

6.32 Jul 23, 2018 What does a twin flame runner do to forget? How do they change their hearts and shut out the chasers?

Hi Jas Journey,

Just an aside, I prefer to think of the Twin Flame dynamic as a dance. The runner/chaser description comes across rather linear to me. We lead and follow each other in a timeless dance across lifetimes. I also feel the dance metaphor is more empowering for both parties.

I would be described as the runner, at least in the beginning of our coming together. Changing my heart didn’t happen. Nor did I try to change my heart. Resisting something just make what we are resisting grow. Fear of a specific type of painful experience was why I was willing to say no to the relationship.

Blocking feelings for a partner is definitely doable though not advisable. They have a way of popping back up. In my case, life experience and lots of working on myself by the time we met (in our 40s) also meant I was more than willing to be alone. For the rest of my life if necessary.

I didn’t need to forget or shut her out. I just needed to not have another source of pain in my life. Perspective, meditation, and rerouting energy without denying my feelings and experience worked for me.

Note that I was still resisting the connection to some degree because my not wanting to be with her was based in fear. I couldn’t just let the connection go. Resisting the connection intensified the connection. Ultimately, I was forced to work through content behind the fear of being with her.

I don’t believe people can really forget even a brief encounter with this connection. I do believe they can choose to not be in a twin flame relationship. At least they can for a while.

6.33 Jul 23, 2018 What would happen if I broke the silence with my twin flame and simply showed up at his door? He has not responded to my texts recently. The separation is painful. I want to look into his eyes.

Hi Jas Journey,

She did this more than once while we were in separation. My twin had a solid spirit inspired feeling about who we are to each other and refused to stop. I think her family thought she was nuts. Her sister has even told her she thought I am brainwashing her.

The whole separation ordeal was incredibly painful for her on a physical and emotional level. Still, she was determined to not give up. No woman had ever been so persistent in wanting to be with me.

In my case, looking back, I needed to know if she was really serious about being together. The start of our relationship caused me some serious doubt as to whether I could trust her. Thus the separation.

One night was particularly memorable.

She showed up at my door after being out with her family. I think the only warning I got was a text or call saying that she was outside my apartment and wanted to come in and talk. I forget exactly how it went down. Though I remember thinking she might be crazy.

We did talk. Of course, because we can’t resist each other she stayed the night. Her surrender though was still a few weeks away so we weren’t back together after that night. Still, there’s nothing like being with her. Ultimately, I just wanted to be with my best friend.

The moment she surrendered and let go of me, loving me whether or not we were in a relationship everything started working out. It’s hard to say what you will find if you just show up. Where each of you are at is important as to whether you are going to be together. I wouldn’t assume a particular outcome. You may go through a lot of pain.

My twin and I have both been dedicated to developing self-awareness and personal growth even as children. I believe this has been a big help in our being able to find each other and be together. Otherwise, our union would likely have been delayed further for years, decades, or lifetimes.

6.34 Jul 23, 2018 Are twin flame couples relationship dysfunctional?

We’ve discussed this off and on for a while. From the outside looking in one particular form of dysfunction an observer would pick up on is Enmeshment. Enmeshment is the blurring of the lines between people.

I completely understand why someone would see us as dysfunctional. We really are wrapped up into each other. What keeps us from just bouncing around the world in our own little bubble of Oneness is our kids, family, jobs, etc.

We feel each other so transparently. Reading each others minds and emotions is a normal everyday all day thing. Being together probably even looks like an addiction. A honeymoon period that never ends.

We have a very high level of empathic communication. Setting emotional boundaries is challenging when you aren’t even sure if the emotions you are experiencing are yours in the first place.

With this level of empathic connection I have had to learn to check myself emotionally. I can’t assume an emotion I am experiencing is even mine. My level of awareness of my own emotions has to be very high. Feeling someone else’s feeling on a daily basis can be very distracting and confusing.

This isn’t to say we don’t legitimate dysfunction. We all have our baggage to unpack. Transparency combined with the irresistible energetic draw to each other though forces us to confront whatever shows up very quickly. This is quite different from any other relationship dynamic I have experienced.

6.35 Jul 21, 2018 What is happening with my twin flame’s heart and spirit when I am imagining I am conversing with him? We are in separation but I sometimes cannot help but talk to him even though he is no longer around. Are my chats reaching him?

Thanks for the question Journey girl,

There is a distinct possibility he can feel the conversation. We can and do communicate with each other quite a bit. In fact, you can communicate with anyone in the same manner. The one thing that gets in the way is whether or not one of us is distracted.

Paying the bills, writing notes, or other tasks can take our attention from the realms of connection and psychic communication. I feel the communication is still happening. What’s going on is the message is drowned out by the other activities.

There is a cloud of trivial and not so trivial thoughts billowing around most people. Communicating through that cloud is not always easy. One reason doing it at 2 or 3 AM is helpful. Less noise when we are asleep.

6.36 Jul 21, 2018 When twin flame chaser surrenders, can the runner energetically feel it?

Hi Journey girl!

We were apart for around 2 months. She was feeling my presence with her regularly and energetically. There were also spirits doing things in her house. This was a very intense time.

The hour she shifted to accepting and allowing me to have my experience we were in communication. I felt it was okay to be together even though she didn’t tell me about the shift.

What happened was after she made the shift she saw a post I made on Facebook about going snorkeling. When she asked if she could join me as friends I said sure. Honestly, I didn’t really expect we could do anything as friends. The attraction is a force to be reckoned with for sure. At the same time I felt it was okay to get together.

Ultimately, as I told a friend at the time, I just wanted to be with my best friend. Now there was the space to be with her.

I have spent a lot of my life developing my sensitivities to energy and occult matters. Maybe I could feel things that might slip by someone who hasn’t done that work. I would expect though at some level the runner would feel the surrender.

6.37 Jul 21, 2018 Are there any remedies to forget my twin flame? He seem like he moved on, but I’m trying to forget about him. It makes me cry, I want him out of my head. If he moved on, why is it hard to let go? When I try, I see synchronicity.

Hi Princess Love, Thanks for the question!

If he is your Twin Flame there is nothing to let go of in the first place. The connection is the connection. You are who you are rather you like it or not. You always have been and always will be Twin Flames. Forgetting him is probably not going to happen.

Trying to force him out of your head will just reinforce his presence in your head. Don’t offer resistance. Resistance energizes what you are resisting. Where you direct your attention and energy grows.

A short story, my false twin (for lack of a better term) and I broke up. For about a month after the break up I would continued to feel her. It was never good. Always intense negative drama fueling the connection.

You see one of the defining characteristics of our connection was in what I could feel from her. Primarily I felt her through our connection when she was in danger, which she had a talent for finding, when she was fighting with her ex, or one time when she had a one night stand.

Yep, felt it all. Not fun feeling the person you think is your soul mate/twin flame having sex with someone else. Eventually, I decided I was worth more than the experience I was having regardless of what she was to me in the big picture. I even told her if it took 50,000 years for us to come back together I was fine with the wait. And meant it.

There is so much to do and learn in life. Relationships are to learn and grow and enhance our experience of life as far as I am concerned. If they are dragging me down then something is wrong. If it can’t be fixed then I am not willing to waste my life and time waiting very long for things to be fixed. Guess I have a low tolerance for unproductive drama.

To get her out of my head I had to stop resisting the connection we had created and fostered. Stopping paying attention to it and letting go were key. Energy follows attention.

Now with my wife I feel the joy too. Lots of joy. She is a rainbows and unicorn light worker soul. Sure we have the icky stuff but we are not defined that black painful goo.

Oh the Spirit world can have quite the sense of humor. My wife and false twin ended up working together as they also were in the same profession. Small world.

If the Universe, Creation or whatever wants you together you will be together. Start meditating if you aren’t already. You need to clear as much icky vibration as you can on your own. We all have the crud it sticks to us like old gum on the sidewalk. Meditation is how you scrape the gum off your shoe.

Train yourself to work with the energy. Chakras and the rest are real and the sooner you develop your facilities to work with the energy patterns in and around your body the better.

Allow the connection energy to flow. You two are like two terminals of a battery. Energize your life by letting the Twin Flame current flow. Focus on the energy itself not any romantic notions of being together. Remember you have always been together and always will whether you are physically together or not. Learn to work with this energy to enhance your life.

One other idea:

You can also turn down the volume. How? Be active in your life. Read. Go to school. Work on your career, business, and hobbies. Develop your intensity of intention. Then direct your intention.

In a way this is a strategy of distraction. Instead of picking random things to distract yourself though immerse yourself in meaningful pursuits. Energize those pursuits with the energy flowing from the connection.

6.38 Jul 21, 2018 Is it possible to begin the triggering process with your supposed twin flame only after knowing them a few weeks?

Hey Kimberley, I have been sitting with your question for a while thinking about what to share.

For us the triggering process started before we even met. By the time we had our first date I was primed as the trigger had already been set. I won’t share the details as they are rather personal.

At one point in our conversation after she shared things I swore I would never deal with again in a relationship I had to excuse myself to the restroom. Granted the mead was running through me but I also needed some time to myself to process some of what she was sharing.

While at the urinal feeling better about the pressure in my bladder diminishing I was chuckling and shaking my head. What the heck spirits? Quite the sense of humor you guys have there in spirit land. Obviously there was something there and then I have to deal with _?

So I am standing there, one hand bracing me against the wall, and get the message, “You will be safe.” Clear as day.


Okay. Here we go.

I asked for her to be in my life two weeks prior. She showed up in a dream 3 or 4 months before that and told me her name and about her son. This is the path and I had better figure it out.

Four years later we still trigger each other. Not as bad as it used to be. Triggering at first though was more intense than I had ever felt before in my life.

As time goes on we can see clearly how triggering each other is part of our journey. This is a process of cleansing by fire. Without the triggering we wouldn’t have the opportunity to find transcend the source of the trigger and heal.

6.39 Jul 21, 2018 Do we dream about our twin flame after we meet them?

Hi Krystal! Good question. Dreams are a readily accessible channel of communication.

Before we met I dreamed about her and she told me her name. Since we have been together I do have periodic dreams about her. She also has dreams about me.

It’s really not all that different from any other time in my life. Maybe this is due to my own dream life being fairly active? Dreams have been a major part of my learning and growth from early on.

If you haven’t yet start a dream journal. There is a lot to learn and be entertained by in observing our dreams!

6.40 Jul 20, 2018 Why does everyone think they are twin flames? Twins are rare, but these days every other person claims to have found their twin.

Many people want to feel appreciated, special, and belong in a world which often feels very impersonal. We are so easily used and just as easily replaced on so many levels. Everything and everyone is a commodity it seems these days from politics to sex and even love.

There is also the feeling of being incomplete or having a hole in our soul that only another can fill for us. Our world is challenging for families and communities. By the time we are adults many already have seem serious pain in our souls to process.

Maybe I am just projecting? I was a guy who felt pretty replaceable AND had the hole in my soul feeling. I can say from experience there are better ways to live your life.

Where do we find the comfort and security of connection, belonging, and being loved?

Enter the Twin Flame

One way we think will make us feel better is with our perfect match. Someone so well matched to us they are us! Or at least a piece of us.

Really, Twin Flame is a label describing a concept our rational minds will not be able to prove anytime soon. Whether or not my wife and I fit this label really doesn’t matter. My path is about the experience not what I call myself.

Whether or not two people are Twin Flames is really not up to me to judge. Who they are or are not doesn’t take away from my experience. Even if a fad the spreading of the Twin Flame idea is having some really positive impacts.

Inspiring people to seek deeper knowing and healing of themselves and their potential partners is going to add to the world in a positive way. Maybe we will also bring some seeds of sacredness to a rather crass world. There will still be pain along the way. Unmet expectations of each other and self undoubtedly will continue to be common.

That’s okay. The learning and healing by this shift in what could be is in the long run a very good thing. It’s also okay to not find your Twin Flame. I don’t recommend looking in the first place.

If you insist on looking you still win whether you find them or not. In finding your Twin Flame you will be on the learning and growth fast-track. In not finding our Twin Flame you will still know yourself better than you did before your search. This is I feel a good thing.

There is magick involved in the process. Paradox is the rule. I do feel the best way to search for your Twin Flame is to not search. Be open to the magickal nature of creation and creation will respond in a magickal manner.

6.41 Jul 19, 2018 What changes do we observe in ourselves after meeting our twin flames?

We were just talking about this yesterday. The biggest change I have noticed is I am at times more reactive and defensive. While on the face of it this might not sound so good it really is a good thing. Also, this was most frequent at the beginning and much less so now.

The reactions come from needing to work through patterns and survival mechanisms which no longer serve me. In the past I either didn’t have to deal with them or didn’t allow them to come to the surface. These patterns are definitely getting processed. Over time the intensity of reactions is clearly mellowing or disappearing.

The intensity of the twin flame dynamic is extreme. There really are few productive options. Let go and reintegrate the energy held in the pattern or explode. Explosions are crazy wild. We are drawn together with such a strong attraction at all levels and love each other so deeply the explosion option really is futile.

There is nowhere to go but through the experience. If we were only matched on a few levels I really doubt the connection would be able to withstand the process.

The other is a calm. I am no longer looking. I used to always be looking at some level. Always unsettled. No longer. Even with the intensity we both are finally at peace.

6.42 Jul 18, 2018 What do you think is the best part of being on Quora?

I appreciate being able to connect with people who may benefit from my experiences.
Sharing those experiences and lessons learned has helped my confidence in sharing more including when sharing in person.
Writing answer is helping me clarify my thoughts.
I also get ideas for blog posts I can write.

Edit: Now for the reading side!

Reading other perspectives can stimulate completely new ideas and start a chain reaction of idea creation.
Minimal social drama.
So many topics to read.
Many well thought out and composed answers.

6.43 Jul 18, 2018 I had a lucid dream that my twin flame messaged me, yet I’ve been blocked on everything in 3D for weeks. What does this mean?

The physical and the spirit can have very different perspectives. When I left my twin I didn’t really leave. From my point of view in the physical I was apart from her.

What I didn’t know until after we were back together was I was with her quite a bit. She could feel my presence in bed next to her. I forget the other experiences she had during that time. Basically, my non-3d aspects were not leaving only my physical self left.

Your lucid dream may be how you two are communicating now. Or it may not. The goals and priorities of our spirits and our physical selves can seriously differ. Sometimes these things can be difficult to discern.

There are times I wonder if I am going to need to buy my higher self a good bottle of rum as a thank you.

6.44 Jul 18, 2018 Why do so many twin flames think they need all this healing or to “fix” themselves to have everything all in alignment to unite with their twin flame?

In my case the primary thing I had to deal with was fear. My fear didn’t really have anything to do with the connection directly. I was afraid of repeating a pattern I experienced from profound connections in the past.

After reading other people’s experiences fear of something or another does sound like a common issue keeping people apart. Dealing with my particular fear was key on my end for getting (back) together. She had her own thing to deal with too. In terms of fixing, those two pieces had to be dealt with and the rest of the healing etc. is happening while together.

I don’t things have to be perfect. Just like healing and growing while together a willingness for both parties to face what is behind the separation is important.

6.45 Jul 18, 2018 Why do people act like the twin flame concept is scientific and can be rationally explained?

My feeling is that we live in a world where science is seen as the ultimate authority. There seems to be a belief that if science can’t explain something then it isn’t real or valid. This belief puts people into a bit of a bind. They are having real experiences. Accepted views of reality by a powerful authority, science, do not affirm their experience.

Faced with a difficult to explain experience people have a couple of options.

By accepting and sharing their experience they risk social shunning of marginalization. Social acceptance is a powerful motivator for humans. In order to avoid the risk of isolation of not fitting in people might adopt scientific language.
Or they can share their experiences and offer whatever explanations make sense to them risking ridicule.

For myself I find sharing my experiences without attempting a scientific explanation works best.

Maybe someday there will be a rational, scientific explanation for twin flames. I recognize science as we understand how to apply it has limits and am okay with those limits. Science and mystical or spiritual experiences are not mutually exclusive. Being curious about the strange things we experience can open doors for scientific inquiry.

Embracing the mystical and strange aspects of life frees me to explore, learn, and grow in the twin flame journey and other areas as well. Science also offers me valuable tools for understanding the world. Figuring out which to to use when and how is what’s important.

6.46 Jul 17, 2018 Have you ever performed any spells?

Yes I have. Sometimes I use energy and intent. Other times I work with entities. Making offerings of food, tobacco, or alcohol help.

For example: Some years ago I was in a martial arts class. There was one guy who was a loudmouth with a huge ego. At one point he even threatened me with sexual violence. I was not impressed.

After contemplating what to do I directed my attention to his consciousness so I could see through his eyes. He was driving in the rain from what I could tell. The question was whether to do harm or not.

I decided to direct intense love towards him. He showed up the next week very lacking in enthusiasm. Never saw him again after that one time. Which is really remarkable given how committed he was to the art.

I have also had success with spells in the areas of career and money, sex, relationships, and protection.

6.47 Jul 17, 2018 Which would you rather have: one intimate soul mate but no other good friends, or no soul mate but lots of good friends?

What an interesting question. I am with my intimate soul mate/twin flame and we really can spend days and days with just each other never needing to socialize with anyone else.

It’s funny, as I am rather extroverted. My soul mate/twin flame is rather introverted. I am the only person she can spend time with and not need alone time. She is the only person I can spend time with and not need more people contact.

For myself, I am also really comfortable being alone. Even though I am extroverted and get energy from interacting with people at least generally speaking being alone is no problem.

Given how our “bubble” works we have to be somewhat intentional about spending more time with other people. By nature we can spend all our social time with just each other. If we didn’t have to go do things like jobs, family, shopping, etc…. We would just float along engaging each other in so many amazing ways.

I have a hypothesis that twin flames are separated because they wouldn’t grow if allowed to always be together. They would just bop along forever oblivious to the rest of creation. No doubt others with soul mates and twin flames have their own unique experiences.

6.48 Jul 17, 2018 Did dating others help bring you into union with your twin flame?

This question may be targeted at those who met when younger. I was 48 when we met so this is from a different perspective from someone in their teens early 20s. We both already had a fair bit of relationship/dating history. By the time we met I had been out of a 20 year marriage for 4+ years. My daughters were already teenagers and my twin had a son from her prior marriage.

Dating others and past relationships helped me through the learning and growing I did and continue to do. Ironically by the time we met I knew I wasn’t interested in a profound energetic/spiritual connection. What I had been learning and growing from was the pain of those dysfunctional energetic connections!

By not seeking the distraction of the psychic/energetic traits I left room for some very intense psychological processing. Processing which my twin is uniquely suited to share in with me. Thus she arrived promptly when the timing was perfect.

6.49 Jul 17, 2018 Does the twin flame path come naturally to you, almost as though you have done it before?

The twin flame path comes naturally in the sense of feeling like it is happening by design. Whether or not we have done it before I don’t know. From a learning and growth point of view I can see where not being together is probably more helpful.

I picked up some pretty serious blockages in this life. With her I likely wouldn’t have had them. Which means I wouldn’t have needed to learn to overcome and heal.

At time I have certainly wondered what the heck was the point of going through all that and now we get to be together? Just being together at the start without all this crap to deal with would have been so much more fun.

Alas, creation appears to have had other plans. Or we agreed to something other than the easy path. I don’t know for sure. Maybe both are true or neither.

I have definitely learned and grown by the adversity.

Here is a thought I have really played with much until now. I have for a long time believed at my core I am a perspective. The dots in the yin/yang symbol for illustration.

One of the results of my life experiences both before and after connecting with my twin flame is in my perspective being stretched and moved. Life is like yoga for that perspective dot which is me.

Now I am more of a perspective blob versus dot. Wow. This reminds me also of the assemblage point in the Carlos Castaneda books. Loosening the assemblage point was a big part of the path in the tradition he was writing about.


I read those books as a kid. They were some of the first books which inspired my path. All these years later this is what I have been doing. I had forgotten.

Hope this didn’t go to off track for you. Sometimes the stream of consciousness just has to flow!

Yeah, it does feel like I have done it before. I have always been on this path. She and I coming together is a natural result among many of the path I am walking. On the other hand she is both is incredibly familiar and when we first got together I felt like I hadn’t seen her in a very long time.

6.50 Jul 16, 2018 Have you met your twin flame physically, and for how long have you waited for her/him? How was your experience?

I didn’t wait a day for her. We met in the physical, were married about 6 months later, and will be married 4 years this year.

Personally, I think looking for a Twin Flame is counter-productive. The seeking of a Twin Flame is a hint to work on oneself more. There was a time I was looking for and creating profound connections with partners.

I was doing this in part because I felt incomplete. She would never have been able to make me feel complete. I had to do that myself. If I had been looking for my Twin Flame and even found her during that period of my life I would have been even more distracted from the task of working on myself.

One thing which appears true for most Twin Flame couples is that being together is a journey of accelerated growth. Getting started now before you meet means less stuff to work on when you are together!

6.51 Jul 16, 2018 I feel the need to start fresh in a new town to help heal from past traumas, but I am hesitant due to my twin flame. We are in separation. I feel it will delay our chance of union even further if I do. What do you suggest?

Without knowing more details I would be hesitant to suggest moving very far away from your Twin Flame. Depends on your priorities right now and how much you want to keep from delaying being back together. Also, are you positive this person is your Twin Flame?

My wife was seriously persistent with me during separation. Her intuition insisted she not let go. She prioritized a future us above pretty much everything. All this while also going through deep sadness from the separation and most of her friends and family thinking she was crazy for not moving on in life.

This worked out for us because she also eventually let go of me. Which was part of her learning. Letting go and loving me deeply even if she couldn’t be with me was what was needed in our case. In our case, one of us moving would have almost assuredly slowed down getting back together. More likely we would not have come back together at all.

6.52 Jul 16, 2018 Is it hard for twin flames to be together in the physical?

Relying on my own experience, yes and no. Being with her feels like we are engineered to be together. Being together does have a price. Whether or not you and your twin are willing to pay that price will probably determine how hard it is to stay together in the physical.

The price? Willingness to learn, grow, and heal regardless of how uncomfortable the process is at times. If either partner is not willing to pay this price I would question how long a twin flame couple would be able to be together in the physical.

The connection energy is intense and persistent. If you are anything like us, you will not be able to hide any of your issues. If both of you don’t deal with them productively you will probably self-destruct as a couple.

This has been our experience. The Twin Flame connection burns stuff away. There is no way to hide from the flame in the end.

6.53 Jul 16, 2018 My twin flame gave me his name in a dream. How do I know if it’s who I’m thinking of?

This happened to me 3 or 4 months before we met. I assumed I was dreaming about my ex-wife though the woman in my dream didn’t look like her. Plus my twin and my ex do share the same first name. Also, because I wasn’t looking for my Twin Flame I really didn’t dwell on the dream.

I have had a number of dreams in my life which when looking back were clearly about the future. At the time of the dream though the meaning of the dream hasn’t always been obvious. Only looking back has it been obvious.

This is just how my dreams tend to be. If your dreams are usually highly accurate you might be more confident in your interpretation. I also find living my life with a bit of a magickal outlook helps move things along in the Universe. Invariably though the route and manner in which things or people show up in my life is pretty much not how I expect.

6.54 Jul 16, 2018 Does anyone feel like the twin flame journey is the universe putting you both through a trial and testing you both?

My life in general has felt like trials and testing and looking back is at least in part related to the Twin Flame journey. Without my various trials, learning, and growth I doubt I would have been able to work through the intensity of the Twin Flame relationship. Of course the Twin Flame connection is one of the more intense of those trials and testing.

For example, the smell of some kinds of alcohol on a woman’s breath coupled with her being physically aggressive towards me would trigger high anxiety and reactions. This was something I got a handle on until my Twin Flame and I connected.

You see, my reactions were the result of being raped by a woman when I was 18. As an aside, that was the only time being inside a woman felt physically cold. I think there is something energetic about the coldness which would be interesting to explore. As a result of the rape I had some serious trust issues with women as well as PTSD. The various impacts rippled out from that trauma for 30+ years.

It wasn’t until after my Twin Flame and I connected did I eventually process the trauma productively. This processing was extremely intense for both of us. I was definitely having those PTSD experiences in certain sexual situations and contexts. Our connection could both heighten the intensity as well as help me feel safe. Working this out didn’t happen overnight and had the potential to end our relationship.

She is the ultimate partner for this process. Theoretically, I could have worked through it on my own or in another relationship. But I didn’t and wouldn’t.

With my Twin Flame though there is no hiding what was going on inside me. Growth is mandatory now that we are together. Stuff doesn’t get ignored. It will show up some how some way. The Universe is very persistent.

6.55 Jul 16, 2018 What are the signs of Twin Flame Relationship?

Since I don’t know the context of your question I will share from various points of view. If you think you are in a Twin Flame Relationship versus wishing you were in one changes how I would answer your question.

From reading other people’s stories I feel there are some common patterns and experiences which might tell you if you are in a Twin Flame relationship.

If you are with someone you love, are happy, and feel you are right where you are supposed to be then I wouldn’t be too concerned whether or not you are in a Twin Flame relationship. On the other hand, if you are unsettled in your current relationship I would suggest keep doing your inner work. Wishing for a Twin Flame to solve your relationship issues isn’t going to help. A Twin Flame will likely intensify any triggers or issues you may have yet to work out.

A quick list of signs:

Psychic connection is fairly obvious and requires no effort to induce.
Energetic connection is intense. Feeling each other is profound, unlimited by distance, and so comforting to be with the person who is you at this vibrational, resonant level.
Twin Flames are perfectly suited to trigger exactly the core issues each person has in them. This is unbelievably intense. No one else in my life was ever able to break my protection against those triggers. Some I didn’t really understand until she triggered them and we went through the experiences. Same for her.
We are a lot alike. Just this week I was saying to my daughter how I am hearing myself sound just like my wife. She looked at me like I was a bit dense and said we looked, talked, and acted like each other from the day we met!

Each of these points could be expanded upon quite a bit. Hopefully this is helpful.

6.56 Jul 16, 2018 Why don’t twin flames tell each other how they feel straight up instead of the running and chasing initially?

We told each other straight up how we felt. Of course, by the time we found each other I was tired of dealing with how my energy meditations and trances were impacting my partners. Communication is important!

Without getting too deep I let her know on our first date about some of the unusual stuff I experience in my life. My attitude was that I was giving her fair warning. As the more unusual phenomena and intensity of twin flame connections showed up there wasn’t anything to hide.

Besides by nature she is quite open and willing to share feelings. I can be the same though not nearly as much as her.

Fear is a big limiter for most people, myself included. No doubt fear plays a huge role in people not telling each other how they feel. I suppose there is a lot to learn in the process of overcoming this fear.

6.57 Jul 14, 2018 Has anyone any tips on how to attract your soulmate?

Here is what I did:

Made myself available so she could find me. I was reasonably social and have some hobbies I am passionate about where I have contact with other people. She ended up contacting me via OKCupid. Argentine Tango was one of the hobbies she was attracted to on my profile.

I did some magick type stuff in the shower one day setting a clear focused intention then completely letting go of expectations. The two point method from Richard Bartlett’s “The Physics of Miracles” was what I used.

I also dropped my preconceptions of who she would be and asked for “My partner.” She contacted me two days later.

I was very detached from results. I wasn’t averse or attached to meeting “My partner.”

Most importantly! I worked on healing myself and focused on my own conscious growth.

6.58 Jul 14, 2018 Did you find out the twin flame concept before you had met or after you met your twin?

I had heard about soul mates. Might have run across the twin flame label. What I was looking for was a profound connection with someone to share mystic adventures with me. I really didn’t care about finding a person who fit a label or recognized role like “Twin Flame”.

I do feel labels and concepts like twin flame are problematic. For example, they can set people up for excusing bad behavior from others as well as escapist fantasies. Focusing on self-awareness, healing, and growth is the key. The twin flame connection requires one to be focused there anyway. Staying in that space of growth and expansion allows whoever you are to be with to appear in your life.

Anyway, after some rather attention getting energetic experiences of my own I learned how to work with energy and intention. There really is quite a bit one can do with such skills. One application is in opening energy connections with another person.

Which I did. A few too many times.

At first the connections were happening spontaneously and at times I was even being intentional though without understanding the consequences. This stretched over a number of disastrous years of my life which included the divorcing of my first wife.

Having learned my lesson by the time I met my twin flame I was quite cautious about anything that looked like one of those connections. Funnily, on our first date I got spooked during our conversation and excused myself to the bathroom.

While at the urinal I got the message, “You will be safe.” Yes, “they” don’t mind interrupting my private moments.

After we were together I told her I wouldn’t work with her on energetic techniques for a few years. My thought was we could acclimate to each other first. Like I said, being profoundly connected with the wrong people was very painful! Only there was no working together needed with her. It just happened.

I began researching the soul mate and twin flame stories soon after we met. That was when I realized being open (I had some expectations of a partner which were excluding my Twin) and asking my guides to send my partner opened the door for my twin flame and I to find each other. Honestly, at the time if I had been told I was being sent my “Twin Flame” I would have been very skeptical of whether we could have stayed together.

6.59 Jul 14, 2018 Can you keep secrets from your twin flame?

There are no secrets between us. Not that it hasn’t been tried. We both can sense immediately if the other is holding something back. Usually, we know quite a lot of detail about the secret, too.

We have had it happen often enough we understand there is no way to have a secret remain hidden. Images, words, feelings all end up being experienced which illuminate what the other person is not sharing. We haven’t tried to keep many secrets as the knowing started from day one. We learned pretty quickly just how transparent we are to each other.

A special case of not communicating happens sometimes when I am having an emotional experience or reaction. It can be about us or something having nothing to do with us. I do not always have the words to be able to talk with her in the moment about what is going on with me. She understands we may have to wait to talk about whatever we both know is there.

This can be annoying if you want to be left alone and not talk about something. I have had to learn to let go and let her know as soon as I have the words.

There is a lot of security in this level of Oneness. Since we can not break the connection we know we will always have each other ultimately and always. The choice is in how long we want to put off dealing with the various fears or blockages. Our attitude is the sooner we deal with the hard parts the sooner we get through them. The incentive for growth and moving beyond limitation is huge. Secrets are limiting to this growth process and will be known soon enough.

There is also a responsibility we share in being twins. We recognize our thoughts and feelings are shared with each other whether we want them to be or not. Anything we do will impact the other whether we say anything about it or not. Not telling each other something which may cause the other distress hurts our hearts.

Choosing to do things which may be hurtful to the other is not acceptable either. We can not just think of ourselves. We are each other. What we do impacts the other and ourselves directly and deeply whether it is shared or not.

6.60 Jul 14, 2018 Are twin flames not trully satisfied by any connection other than their twin?

I have had a profound connection with a couple of partners during the course of my life. Psychic and energy connections were clearly present with each. With my Twin Flame we connect in all ways. I have not and can’t imagine being able to have a connection as satisfying as ours with anyone but her. We are complete now. I never wish to be apart from her again.

Edit: Expanded the above a little. Also, I don’t think I can overstate how completely satisfying this connection is for us. As much as I was aware of profound connections with others my Twin connection redefines the whole concept of connection for me.

6.61 Jul 13, 2018 Why sexual merging is important for twin flames? Why etheric exchange happens before actual physical reunion?

Merging happens on so many levels. Sexual energy is a powerful aspect of energy connection. There are experiences, healing, and learning available through sexual connection with my twin which would be difficult or not possible otherwise.

Have you ever seen the Marvel movie Dr. Strange?

After watching the scene where doctor strange is blown out of his body by the Master my twin said, “That is like what I feel when we have sex.” The way she has described her experience sounds much like what that scene in the film showed. Including the being spread across the Universe thing. Actually, the first time she told me that was before we had seen the movie. The movie visuals were a good way to illustrate what she was describing.

Sex can be a powerful way to experience rapid learning and growth. The clearing and healing process is incredible with my twin. Being perfectly matched with each other makes the sex connection useful for clearing old energy patterns and blockages as well.

For us, the sexual connection is a process of energy building which doesn’t stop. The energy typically spirals upward continuously, magnifying if we don’t choose to stop. The process continues until one or both of us have to stop due to physical exhaustion.

6.62 Jul 13, 2018 Quora is asking me to edit this credential, ‘Spiritualist for around 14 years’, but I don’t know why. How do you think it needs editing?

I ran it to something like that last week. I deleted the credential completely and created a new one with same info though worded a bit differently. So far, so good. I don’t get what the problem was the first time.

6.63 Jul 13, 2018 What’s something new you learned today?

A friend of mine is loaning me one of his telescopes.

This thing seems huge to me! There is some debris on the mirror in the bottom. He said it won’t make any difference in the images I will see. Wow.

I am looking forward to mixing what I am learning about astrology and what I will be learning about astronomy. Being able to link the two together could be fun. Also, I learned the moon is so bright with this telescope you need a moon filter or your eyes will hurt.

6.64 Jul 13, 2018 Is it possible to meet your twin flame on an online dating app?

We met on OKCupid. Didn’t really correspond much more than introducing ourselves. First date was about 10 days later.

There are lots of ways to meet people in this world. Showing up as your authentic self is what is important.

6.65 Jul 13, 2018 After meeting your twin flame, is it possible to ruin friendships and the closeness to your family? Did that happen to you after meeting your tf? Will they feel like you’re distancing yourself from them?

If my experience is anything to go by being with your twin flame will probably change some of your relationships. Not everyone will be ready to grasp the depth and breadth of the intimacy and connection you are experiencing.

For a long time, my wife’s sister thought I had brainwashed her. Not everyone will be open to some of the experiences you are now having. I pulled an entity from my wife. We were in separation when she related the story so I wasn’t present for the conversation. I understand it was received rather skeptically.

A big part of what is happening has to go with the triggering of rapid growth which happens between twin flames. One friend commented we had gone through something like 20 years of marriage issues and development in less than two years. This can leave outside observers confused. Acceptance without needing to justify or being defensive has worked well.

Then there is what we call the bubble. There are family and friends in our lives we love. We want to spend time with them. Getting lost in our world together has distracted us from them at times. We are getting better at balancing this part of our life.

Edit: Correction, her sister still thinks I have brainwashed her.

6.66 Jul 13, 2018 Is it possible to feel your twin flame’s emotions on a daily basis?

Absolutely. The natural resonance we feel makes perception of each others feelings very natural. Being physically near each other isn’t needed. On a daily basis we have the experience of being one consciousness. This oneness still has comes with a sense of wonder even though we have come to expect it to happen.

I would imagine this could feel uncomfortable for some people. Being so transparent to someone else might even feel invasive. We find great comfort in being known by each other this way.

There are times though when I need time to process feelings. She will know what’s going on feeling wise with me. I will not yet have the words to share with her. I might not even know why I am feeling whatever I am feeling.

At those times with some processing time we can talk about whatever it was she was picking up. Without the processing time I would be speculating what was underneath the feeling. Waiting for me to find the words saves lots of time. Otherwise we can follow false trails and get all worked up about phantom issues.

6.67 Jul 13, 2018 What is the most specific premonition you have ever had in a dream, which came true?

In 1998 I had a dream. I saw an island city with skyscrapers in flames and an orange glowing sky being supported by a large hand. Kind of a hand of God look. I offer no moral interpretation to this dream please don’t assume one.

The morning of 9–11 I had a dream where I was sitting with someone in an airplane. I distinctly recall the shirt sleeves being like those of a business dress shirt.

This person knew they were going to die soon. I knew I was there to be with them as comfort. I hope my presence was of some comfort. My (first) wife woke me up later to have me watch the news.

6.68 Jul 13, 2018 How do twin flame runners feel when they reject their twin flame?

Tremendous relief. At least at first. I was triggered hard around a core issue and felt I had to leave.

The spiritual and energetic aspects were not a fascination or problem for me. I was at a point in my development profound connection was something to be cautious about due to the problems it can cause. Also, before we had met I had determined I would rather be alone the rest of my life than deal with certain issues in a relationship.

This attitude is a good practice when seeking a partner. Everyone has their deal killers and some are really important. Abusive partners (which mine is not), twin flame or not for example would be a deal killer for me.

As far as the connection experience goes profound connections can be created between pretty much any two people. You don’t need to be twin flames to have the psychic and energetic connection experiences. Developing the sensitivities, mind skills, and intention will do the trick.

With her though things were different. First, the connection required no effort. We resonate naturally. Very naturally. Being together a few months left an impact on me. She is my Home feeling.

I’ve never been with anyone like her. She is committed to growth at the same intensity I am. We complement each other perfectly in all areas. Without me asking she decided to prove to me she was going to be able to take this journey with me.

In the end I wanted to be with my best friend. I missed her.

6.69 Jul 12, 2018 Has anyone experienced seeing or hearing their twin flames name every where? Does this mean he is your twin flame for sure?

Not quite. Though this may be similar.

My first wife and my twin flame go by the same first name (a variation of my twin’s first name) and have an obvious variation of the same middle name.

My first serious, might have married her, girlfriend in college has the same first name as my twin flame.

The middle name of the woman I was dating prior to meeting my twin flame is the same as my twin’s first name.

My twin’s first name is beautiful to my ears and eyes. I had her name right all along. Just took 50ish years to find her!

6.70 Jul 12, 2018 How do I separate awareness and energy?

Meditation is a good place to start. Notice the energy, the feeling in various senses, the intensity, the patterns of perception you are experiencing. When you are noticing the energy who is doing the noticing? Who is aware of the one doing the noticing?

At this point you may find you have distinguished between energy and awareness.

What is awareness?

What is energy?

What are the characteristics of awareness?

What is the nature of energy?

Instead of answering these questions with words experiment with experiencing the questions. Let the words guide you to direct experience.

6.71 Jul 11, 2018 Is time really an illusion when twin flames are together? How do you explain it?

We’ve been together a bit over 4 years now. Time is nearly impossible to keep track of when we are together. While neither of us are exactly punctual anyway, when we are together clocks do not seem to function properly.

We get lost in our bubble never tiring of each others company. When we are dancing the effect is even more pronounced. I know it sounds odd. I’m not sure there is any amount of time we couldn’t be alone with each other.

Now, we may get tired of our circumstances. Or may tire of the company of other people. Never each other. Ever.

6.72 Jul 11, 2018 Can twin flames heal each other? How?

Helping each other in healing is a major part of the journey. She is perfectly suited to help me heal as I am for her. I still have to do my work.

We are perfectly matched to illuminate exactly what the other needs to heal. There is no procrastinating either. The intensity and inability to hide from each other means what needs to be worked on get worked on.

Of course, there are the situations like when I pulled a spirit out of her. Even there she still had to do the healing after the spirit was gone. Or she may have an intense energy experience where I flood her energy system. Dealing with that is her responsibility though I am also helping in the recovery process.

Healing is a big part of the process. Gets us ready for the next stage. Though I imagine healing is ongoing at some level no matter what the stage of growth.

6.73 Jul 11, 2018 How does one raise their vibration to be in sync with their twin flame and so that union in the physical can occur?

Some ideas to consider.

Take the inner journey. Breathe, listen to your heart beat, engage in silence.

Any time you react to something be aware and notice both your emotions and your physical reactions. Also, notice what you notice so you can begin to see the patterns of what catches your attention or sparks your reactions. Work with a trusted professional therapist to unpack your stuff and heal your wounds.

Begin regular meditation and trance work so you can begin exploring and becoming familiar with the energetic and spiritual dimensions. Explore your senses in order to become more sensitive to energy flowing through and around you. See the beauty in world even if you have to look deep because your mind only sees the ugly.

Keep a journal of all these things and your dreams, too.

6.74 Jul 11, 2018 Why does it feel like my blood and bones are on fire due to missing my twin flame. He came to visit me few days ago. He left today, and I feel like I’ve been “scrambled” (used for lack of a better word to describe how I actually feel)?

My guess is you are experiencing a greater awareness of energy flow between the two of you. Being physically apart does not limit the connection. The more attention you choose to put towards your twin flame the more you are going to feel this flow. As you become more aware of the resonance between you two the easier it will be to feel the energy vibrate.

We have had similar experiences. As I recall she described it as every cell in her body was hungry for my presence. Something like that.

Once we had enough time together our bodies did adjust to the intensity. Kind of. Now it mostly happens during sex.

Meditating and learning to work with the energy can help quite a bit. I had learned to work with energy years before meeting my twin flame. As a result, my body had already acclimated to greater flows of energy. I also knew what was going on energetically. The surprise can be a bit unsettling. I was mostly surprised at not having to do anything to feel the flow or for her to feel the flow as well. It just is the nature of us.

You can also learn to guide this energy intentionally for exploring your connection with your twin flame as well as other purposes.

Edit: I just shared your question with my wife. She started nodding her head before I finished the question. She could definitely relate to what you described.

6.75 Jul 11, 2018 What are the most important lessons you have learned on your twin flame journey?

There has been so much to learn. Many of the lessons have been about myself of course. There have been others about the world and other people as well. These are the lessons I learned. Some may be applicable to others.

Lesson #1 Wanting or Needing a Twin Flame Relationship

Seeking a soul mate or twin flame is a big flashing sign that says more inner work is in order. While I wasn’t seeking a twin flame I was seeking a profound connection many would consider a soul mate or twin flame connection. This was a major sign I wasn’t ready for such a relationship.

I even learned how to open similar connections, or close to it, with anyone of my choosing. After a handful of experiences I swore off ever having such a connection again. Of course, we have that now. My pain avoidance reactions around this kind of connection were definitely part of the struggle in us coming together.

There is a lot of maturity needed to be able to hold such a connection together in a healthy manner over the long term. The romantic fantasy does not come close to the painful reality if one is not ready. The comfort of being with someone who knows you so deeply at all levels is acquired at the cost of constant inner growth and awareness.

How do you know whether or not you are ready? If you really need or want the connection you have more work to do. Really contemplate what forever means. If that other half of you really is out there a few years, decades, or centuries mean nothing. Experience, learn, and grow. Learning healthy self-love really is a key lesson.

Lesson #2 Prepare to be Destroyed

Much of who we think we are comes from solidified energy patterns. Energy patterns which were created at some point in our lives to help us cope with life in some way. These energy patterns which dictate much of our unconscious behavior and reactions are beliefs we often don’t question. Some we are not even aware of until the right situation shines a light on them.

Situations like meeting your twin flame.

Being with her has destroyed a number of core belief systems. Major pieces of my ego can not remain intact if we were to stay together. Keeping them might have been an option but at the cost of us not being together. Not likely though. Life patterns were clearly leading to belief system demolition before we met. Finding each other has greatly accelerated the process.

In the destruction there is new growth and more energy flow. Those believe systems were limiting to the me today. They helped me survive but now I can put them aside.

Lesson #3 Other People Won’t Get It, and That’s Okay

Not being willing to share my experiences has held me back in this world. This was an easy lesson for me as far as most family and friends not understanding our experiences. Which really wasn’t a big deal. Many things about my life most people don’t understand.

I am getting lots of growth in sharing with the greater world. Sharing on Quora and writing on my blog are examples. Being able to share these experiences is very helpful in my learning and growing.

If people don’t believe or understand what I am sharing that’s okay. Those who do may find something helpful. Those who don’t I wish them love and a good journey.

6.76 Jul 10, 2018 Is it normal to keep falling more and more in love with your twin flame, even when you’re in separation? It seems like I can’t put a halt on it, it just keeps growing and growing.

The last day of our separation, after she let go of me and I could feel the openness she made, within minutes I just wanted to be with my best friend. We had only known each other for 4 months by that time. We also had lots of pain and trauma to yet heal. Didn’t matter the core was Love. And that Love was going to burn through anything between us.

The longer we are together the more the ability to feel the magnitude of the Love we are grows. To me it’s less about Love growing and more about being able to experience the Love we already are as Twin Flames.

Powerful stuff.

6.77 Jul 10, 2018 How does telepathic intimacy feel like with your twin flame?

We have a knowing. Often we are compelled to say something or make an observation. Usually, the other was just about to say the same thing. Context doesn’t matter. It can be on topics that are completely random. Sometimes I will hear the words before she speaks them. There’s one mind with two brains.

Not everything will get communicated. The logical brain can interfere with the process by being louder than the perception of each others thoughts and feelings. Being focused on something can reduce communications to more subtle intuitive nudges.

The other thing that is interesting is the beckoning aspect. The most reliable intentional communication happens non-verbally. If one of us wants the presence of the other it just happens. Seems pretty reliable too.

I would add that the telepathic aspect is not unique to Twin Flames. This kind of connection can be developed with pretty much anyone. With my Twin Flame it was always present and needed no intention to develop. In fact, I dampened the communication as best I could for a while.

Prior experiences with this kind of link made me a bit gun shy. Being able to read other people’s thoughts and feeling 24/7 is not always a good thing. Especially, if one or both parties is not ready to handle the responsibility that comes with an unfiltered direct connection.

6.78 Jul 10, 2018 Do strangers notice a lot when you’re with a twin flame? What are your experiences?

We are pretty sure at least some people notice or feel something when around us. We dance tango and it seems like we can get lots of looks. Might be an electricity in the air kind of thing.

Plus, we are always goofing around with each other and the world just kind of disappears. People probably notice our antics and our being in our own insular bubble.

6.79 Jul 10, 2018 Why can’t twin flame relationship be simple? How is it decided that you are ready for a twin flame relationship? Why can’t you find an answer without involving the God concept? (I don’t believe it exists).

The power of the Twin Flame is intense. There is nothing she can not see or feel in me. Really explore this idea of being completely open to another person. I suspect a lot of people find being so transparent to another person too much to handle. Nothing simple about working at this level of vulnerability. So much to untangle internally.

Even the stuff you hide from yourself is out there in plain sight. We are mirrors for each other. Everything gets worked on as a result.

Cleaning up the traumas increases the flow of the power. As this power flows through us and is shared with the rest of the world things happen. For example, we can see our co-creation choices with the Universe happening more quickly these days. Getting ready for this kind of outer work likely complicates things as well.

Before I met her I had done quite a bit of internal work. At least, I thought I had. I spent years exploring the emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Really, I have been all about personal growth and development since childhood. I also did what I could to heal wounds from this life and probably past lives as well.

We almost self-destructed after coming together because we each had things to heal and needed the other before we could really heal ourselves.

Those things carried lots of energy for me. All this energy flowing around could get pretty volatile emotionally. It had to be worked through though. The Twin Flame journey has been explosive growth for both of us. There is risk involved when playing with explosives!

Yes, our experience with Union was anything but easy in certain ways. Yet, being together is the most natural thing in the Universe. Pain and trauma is what had to be resolved, for both of us.

Two things probably kept us from exploding as a couple, permanently in this life. First, we both of us have a strong value around actively pursuing growth, change, and developing self-awareness. We also know each other and always have at levels which make not being together impossible.

Without the shared values around personal growth, awareness, and change we probably wouldn’t have been able to stay together. My suspicion is this is something which keeps other twin flame couples apart. There is nothing wrong with this either! One of the primary points of working on yourself is to be ready for massive accelerated growth.

As far as the God concept goes? I don’t know. Personal God versus impersonal force and whatever else we can think up? Take your pick. Whatever works, works.

6.80 Jul 10, 2018 Who (what articles) has helped you the most on Twin Flame journey?

Exploring other people’s visions and ideas of what’s possible can inspire my own explorations. Reading fiction and watching soul mate movies like “What Dreams May Come” has been helpful in this regard.

Reading stories on the Internet about other people’s Twin Flame and soul mate experiences has also been helpful. I have also searched on google for the terms Twin Flame plus various religions, spiritual practices, or spiritual leaders. I wanted to get an idea about how other cultures and traditions viewed the Twin Flame concept.

This can be an isolated path outside the relationship itself. Not many people seem to be able to relate to the deeper experiences. Assuming they aren’t outright dismissive.

I get it. Some of what we experience is pretty hard to believe. Eventually, it has gotten easier to generally not talk about what’s going on in this aspect of life.

Probably, the biggest help has been in seeking help in doing the work to heal core pains and traumas. Something we excel at uncovering as Twin Flames. Nothing remains hidden for long. A good therapist can help tremendously with this process!

6.81 Jul 10, 2018 Is it true that every individual has a twin flame somewhere in the world?

My guess is we all have a Twin Flame. It truly doesn’t matter.

Here is and was my thinking before meeting her. Much of the reason why I came to these conclusions was a result of being in relationship with a false twin or karmic soul mate.

As a side note, the labels get to be a bit much for me. Labels can so easily be confused with the reality they are supposed to be describing. Words can be both powerful tools and distractions.

First, don’t worry about finding them in this life because you have eternity to meet again. Second, if you don’t have a Twin Flame you are still going to keep growing. Growth appears to be the way of things.

Either way, the answer is always to keep expanding self-awareness, healing, and growth.

Whether twin flames are physically incarnated at the same time is another issue. From what I have seen if it is the case two are in the 3D at the same time they won’t be able to stay together until they reach an appropriate stage in their growth and development as individuals. Also, not every twin couple incarnates at the same time.

We always seem to circle back to the growth and learning concepts. Needing a Twin Flame is a sign pointing to areas of ourselves with the potential of growth. Appreciate this aspect of your experience and keep growing!

6.82 Jul 9, 2018 Can you only feel attracted to your twin flame? My love and attraction for my twin grew so much and is still growing. Now, I can only love/feel attraction for him/her. Everyone else is gross. It is so weird and so right. Was it the same for you too?

I can recognize the attractiveness of other women. That’s about it. I have no desire to be with anyone else. For me there isn’t any grossness about being intimate with other people just indifference.

We are tango dancers and I teach tango part time. I can connect with other dance partners for example. Those connections are intimate by some standards as tango is a fairly intimate dance. Yet, no one can share with me the type of connection she and I have when we dance.

Which is why some evenings we will dance for hours and forget our friends may wish to share a dance with us. We aren’t avoiding dancing with them we just get lost in Us. At the end of the night we often realize we once again forgot about the rest of the world.

She is me. I am her. We are one. Our connection only grows and deepens with time.

6.83 Jul 9, 2018 How does it feel like to be in final reunion with your twin flame?

Union is peace for us. Being angry at each other is difficult though it does happen.

We live in a bubble that never pops. Sure day to day stuff can show up like with anyone. Even with the mundane stuff there is always the sense of Home regardless of what else is going on or where we are physically.

We can dance together for hours and never get bored with each other. If we are together all feels right in the world. This feeling grows and never gets stale or taken for granted.

6.84 Jul 9, 2018 How many twin flame couples contribute on Quora?

I started contributing answers recently. My wife is aware of Quora now and may join in at some point. This afternoon we were talking about some of the questions I have answered and she was reminding me of some of her experiences in this journey.

6.85 Jul 9, 2018 How do twin flames who unite later in life re-ignite the passion of lovemaking?

Re-ignite? We were both in our 40s. I was a few months shy of 48. Yes, I was quite willing to give up on sex due to my dating experiences. Plus, I had gained quite a bit of control via mediation of the energies over the years.

The sexual energy though was like a blowtorch from day one. It has only gotten more intense over time. Friends and family said we were in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. There was no point trying to describe our experience.

One of the keys is our passion is part of a broad spectrum of connection. Starting with the animal our connection encompasses everything all the way to whatever soul/astral level we can imagine.

We have to join together. Feels like a law of creation. The physical connection is one aspect.

6.86 Jul 9, 2018 Will twin flames stay together forever even after death?

In truth, this isn’t a question my thinking mind can answer. That said, we have no intention of being apart. Ever.

In a way we have never been apart even in this life though we didn’t meet until our late 40s. The parallels and dreams prior to meeting are just uncanny to the rational mind.

If she dies first I will stock up on books and join her in trances and dreams until my journey here is complete.

Also, she can be very persistent. I wouldn’t want to be arguing this matter with her in the after-life.

6.87 Jul 9, 2018 Should I message my runner twin flame if I feel like he feels abandoned as I’ve stopped chasing? Or does the runner have to contact first to break the cycle?

From what I have seen there are no rules. Healing and growth are the rules if there are any. Your heart and intuition are the authorities in this matter.

My desire for separation was to avoid repeating a pattern I experienced in other relationships. The connection wasn’t scary in and of itself. Past partner’s reactions to profound energetic connections were why I pulled away.

Better alone than dealing with all that pain and drama was my attitude.

She knew I needed to feel valued after those past experiences. She never really gave up. She can be rather persistent though when she gets intuitive messages about what to do in her life.

After a couple of months she ultimately did give space and did let go of me. In the end, she would rather be friends than not have me in her life. That lasted a couple of hours. She saw a post I wrote on Facebook about going to the beach that afternoon. We were back in each others arms before midnight, at that beach.

6.88 Jul 9, 2018 Should I have sex with my twin flame during separation?

We couldn’t help ourselves and we were not teenagers either. I was 48 yo when we met. Union is compelling to say the least.

Saying no to sexual propositions was never a difficult thing for me in the past. With her … no only means not this minute.

Choices like being apart were really like putting my finger in a dike to stop a river from leaking. They were necessary as part of our healing and growth process. In our case, being apart once we knew each other existed wasn’t going to happen.

The energies were going to merge.

Part of the merging process was igniting the fires to burn away the pains and traumas. Pains and traumas which were the reason for the separation. Sex was an aspect of that healing process. So sex during separation is not surprising. At least it wasn’t surprising for us looking back.

6.89 Jul 9, 2018 How strong is the attraction towards your twin flame?

In a word. Unbelievable.

I use an energetic technique to call her to me. Basically, I create a space in my being for her to be drawn to from where ever she happens to be. She can do something similar with me.

We have been able to know what each other is thinking or feeling from the first date. Also, my scent is like a drug to her. Towards the end of our first date she was resting her head on my chest in a diner. The waitress asked me if she could call us a cab. She looked drunk. It was my smell she was intoxicated by not alcohol.

We dance Argentine Tango. I’m not sure but I suspect we give off an electricity people can feel. The bond is on all levels from Animal to Spirit and Soul. Others can not and will not interfere with this bond.

If the day to day world didn’t get in the way we could easily spend 24 hours a day with each other and never need a change of scenery. We’ve done it before for extended periods of time. Never gets old.

We would have a never ending slumber party if our bodies didn’t need sleep. We never tire of each other.


Physical exhaustion and the demands of life are the only limiting factors. There are times the energy is flowing so strongly the only way to be functional in this world is sexual union. And it’s not about being horny. We feel all of it especially if not preoccupied mentally.

If one of us is flowing energy and the other not in sync we still have to have sex. We always feel each other. If we don’t join physically neither of us will sleep no matter how tired we may be.

This intense attraction is not a choice we make in any way I understand choice making. We feel it is part of the natural order of things in all aspects of creation. We keep growing in our awareness of how extensive it is as we grow together.

6.90 Jul 9, 2018 Would a twin flame cut off all contact with her twin flame counterpart?

Yes. I did. It didn’t last long.

For the most part, I knew what the profound connection was like from prior more intentional connections in my past. By the time we met, I was quite comfortable with not being with my twin flame.

One day I saw there was the possibility of repeating the previous pain and drama experiences I had with others. By that point in my life I wanted nothing more to do with such experiences. I said I am out of here.

The thing with this connection is it’s pervasiveness and depth. I never had to use any conscious intention to create a connection with her. We are connected by design. I didn’t really get it until I experienced it.

About the whole Runner/Chaser thing. I prefer seeing it as the Twin Flame Dance. A back and forth communication that could feel really bad when we were burning through our accumulated pain and trauma. The dance can feel really great, too.

6.91 Jul 5, 2018 How do you explain the “searching phase” in twin flames?

My search phase was rather round-a-bout in a way. I can only explain it by sharing my story as everyone’s story is likely to be different. Also, I wasn’t really looking for my twin flame. In fact, even though I was aware of twin flames as a concept I was quite willing to not meet her at all. At least, not meet her in this lifetime.

I woke up to energetic connection many years before meeting my twin flame. For quite a long time I searched for someone who could share a deep energetic connection with me. At first with friends as I was married for the first part of this search. Then after my marriage dissolved, with romantic partners.

Finding my twin flame wasn’t really all that important to me. I always figured twin flames were not really a goal to pursue. We are talking eternity here. So what if we have to wait a couple more incarnations? What I wanted was to explore the great mysteries with someone. A profound connection seemed a good thing to share with a partner.

The funny thing is during this phase of my life I did learn how to open such a connections with pretty much anyone. Unsurprisingly, this did not lead to the desired experience. Unilateral or incompatible connections can still show many of the signs of soul mates or twin flames. Only they can come with a lot of pain and drama.

Did I say pain? Oh my goodness. I do not recommend this approach. Yes I did grow so there is that but still….

Eventually, I did get tired of all that came with such unstable connections. Mind you they were profound experiences with many of the psychic and energetic traits you might expect in a twin flame connection. The connections themselves were always missing something that allowed them to destabilize easily.

One day during a ritual in the shower, I released the criteria for searching for a life partner (at this point I was definitely well and done with even looking for someone to explore with let alone my twin flame) and just asked for my partner.

Two days later we were in contact via an online dating service.

6.92 Jul 5, 2018 How often do twin flames think of each other?

First some background for my answer.

I met her in a dream where she told me her name three months before we crossed paths in the physical. So in a way it started before we knew of each other. We have been able to know each other’s thoughts and feelings for the most part from the beginning. Physical proximity is not a factor and the depth of knowing just keeps growing.

Many of our thoughts and feelings are spontaneously shared. As a result we are not exactly individuals now. We are both Us and two individuals at the same time. While we can quiet this communication it is always present.

This is an intensely intimate experience.

I guess to answer your question, there is no time I am not aware of her or her of me at the deepest levels.

6.93 Jul 5, 2018 What does the twin flame runner feel when the chaser finally moves on?

After about 6 weeks of being chased, one afternoon she chose to let go of the need to convince me we should be together. I felt the opening even though I had no idea she had made the shift.

Events unfolded rapidly at that point. For reasons unknown to me at the time I was open to getting together. We were together within two hours, married in a few months, and are still together 4 years later.

7 June 2018

7.1 Jun 22, 2018 What was the last thing you said to someone before they died?

My grandfather was 98 years old when he died. A very independent man all his life, the last few years really slowed him down. He also disliked having to be taken care of at the home where he had full time care.

The nurses and home were really great with him. He just wanted to go to his home.

The last time I saw I felt his connection with this world was clearly loosening. Like he was bridging two worlds.

He had stopped eating and couldn’t talk or really communicate anymore. When my grandmother told him I was coming to visit though he immediately began eating. When I left he stopped again.

Because he couldn’t talk we were present with each other. I held his hand for a long time flowing and sharing energy with him. I told him I loved him and that all of us were going to be fine.

Family was THE most important thing in his life especially in later years.

I whispered to him he could let go whenever he was ready. Brings tears to my eyes just recalling that moment.

There are moments in my life which feel particularly sacred. Moments where I feel I was meant to be present. This was one of them.

I felt like I was supposed to experience saying goodbye and being part of my grandfather’s transition. The next morning I felt his departure in a dream. From what I understand he died that morning after everyone had left.

8 December 2019

8.1 Dec 21, 2019 Has anyone met, dated and then married their Twin Flame? If so, how is your relationship going?

Our first date was St. Patrick’s Day 2014. I asked her to marry me about a month later. I ran as fast as I could at the end of May that year. While I ran fast I didn’t run far or for long.

We were married October 12, 2014.

We have both been married previously. Her twice before, me once before.

We are perfectly suited for each other. Irritations and all.

We met too late to have children together. While we’ve had sadness around the timing of our meeting we recognize we also have lots of time and attention for each other and our relationship as a result. Our children from previous marriages are grown or nearly grown at this point.

Knowing each other from day one like we do is in a way challenging. A friend observed we experienced 20 years of relationship in about a year and a half. Yeah, it was a rocket ride. To be expected when there is NO privacy of thought for instance. I think this is hard for people to understand the implications of such inherent transparency.

Being able to read each other at such a deep level is challenging if you don’t surrender to the connection. We are required by the nature of our connection to be authentic with each other. We don’t really have a choice. We can see through each other with zero effort.

If one of us wasn’t ready to be so transparent, self-aware, and vulnerable I don’t think we could be together.

No one I have ever met romantically or otherwise can melt my ego defenses. She taps my heart no matter how much I might be pissed off. We genuinely enjoy each others company so much we never need space from each other. Unless there are specific issues one of us is working through and that doesn’t last long. Or I am snoring.

8.2 Dec 21, 2019 If your girlfriend says no to a $500 Walmart engagement ring and won’t marry you until you purchase at least a $7,000 ring, is the marriage meant to be?

My wife and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I read her this question. She wanted me to share our answer.

For background, she has been married twice before. I have been married once before. My first marriage ended after 20 years.

We spent less than $70 for both rings on Amazon. We have never been happier in a relationship.

If your girlfriend insists you spend $7000 for a wedding ring you may want to make sure your values align before buying any ring for any price.

8.3 Dec 16, 2019 How long did it take for you to marry your Twin Flame?

We met March 2014, we married October 2014. Then things really got intense for a while. Of course now we had each other under (marriage) contract so unwinding this deal would have been a little more involved than when we were dating.

8.4 Dec 15, 2019 Is there a physical “heat” sensation you feel with someone you share a deep love connection with?

The “heat” sensation can be very strong. The love connection can be of any nature. Romantic love as well as friendship, parent-child, or even with a pet might inspire the heat sensation. Creating an energetic connection with anyone or anything, even yourself, can also do it.

In the romantic love there might be a radiating heat in the chest. Or during sex one might feel the heat radiating from the genitals when connected physically. It is a heat which is more than physical.

I don’t know if everyone feels the heat sensation. My observation is physical tension can limit the flow of the energy generating the heat. So maybe factors like stress or being out of touch with one’s body in the moment would reduce the perception of the heat?

Also, the heat may be felt as other related sensations. Icy-hot is one that comes to mind.

8.5 Dec 14, 2019 What do you want or need from your twin soul that you can’t find within yourself?

Very insightful question, Penny. Thanks for asking.

I sought her, whoever she was, because I wanted an adventure partner. Someone who would join me on esoteric journeys. Explore energy together and see the unseen.

I don’t know what I was expecting the reality of meeting such a woman would be. Because I was never able to find the above the way I imagined.

What I did find was someone who could hold a mirror up to me like no one else. She has helped me see aspects of myself I didn’t know needed seeing.

Some things are just plain tough to do on your own. If we don’t expose ourselves to certain challenges we never have to develop the skills, emotional or mental or physical or spiritual …, to work with and grow through those challenges.

She does that like no one else I ever met.

8.6 Dec 8, 2019 What exactly does the term “twin flame” mean to you? What is your (literal) understanding of what a twin flame is?

The term “Twin Flame” to me is a label for what I have experienced as a rather profound relationship with a specific person. I only use the label for convenience in communicating. The label is not the relationship.

What makes this relationship profound?

The intertwined nature of our beings. I am not referring to emotional codependency.
The psychic, empathic, energetic connection.
The ability to know and act with and for each other without being in each others presence.
The high intensity nature of the energy flowing between us in multiple expressions.
The vivid premonitions of our approaching relationship years prior to meeting.

Here’s where it gets confusing. You can have this kind of intertwined experience with many people.


The quality, direction, and intensity of your attention and intention can open these types of connections with others. Focus enough energy at one person long enough while desiring a deep connection and you may well get one.

What’s the difference between my TF and the others?

Mostly, I didn’t choose to create the connection. The connection apparently was always naturally present.

The aspects of the experience that nearly destroyed the relationship all had to do with emotional issues from our pasts.

The act of being so intensely connected though felt very natural. Not that I wasn’t suspicious.

Having opened this type of connection in the past I had very memorable experience with the potential pain. Those experiences were also why I was determined to NOT have a Twin Flame or even soul mate relationship.

Rather be single for life than go through that drama again.

I am also not developed enough to hold a stable open energetic connection like this with just anyone for a long period of time. As in multiple weeks/months/years.

I wonder if such a thing is even possible?

Especially, if the other person is not also engaged in stabilizing the connection at energetic levels. If the other person is not prepared for the intensity of the experience the connection can freak them the fuck out.

I must give my wife credit. She was not prepared for some of our connection experiences. Even though I was avoiding showing up too strong energetically they still happened.

She didn’t freak out. She always trusted me to bring her back from wherever our connection took her. Or that she would be okay no matter how new the experience.

To me the unstable profound connection is not “Twin Flame” and more an expression of our potential to connect as human beings with each other.

The “Twin Flame” label is what I use to describe the natural, effortless, profound connection in a few words.

9 November 2019

9.1 Nov 9, 2019 What are some techniques for not reacting to your own thoughts during meditation?

Good question.

Notice what you are noticing.
Notice the source of the thoughts.
Notice where in your body you feel the thoughts.
Remember they are thoughts, in the moment of the thought remember you are safe.
Notice your breath.
Notice any tension in your body.

9.2 Nov 5, 2019 How long is the Twin Flame “bubble phase”?

Going on 5 and a half years now. It is still so strange, though not in a bad way, how absorbed we get with Us. The whole Universe could disappear and we probably wouldn’t notice. At this point I am not sure it will end. Something else might be added to it? I don’t know.

9.3 Nov 1, 2019 Have any of you noticed your electronics acting strangely on the twin flame journey? What have been your experiences?

When I was first jolted by the energy the group I was with asked that I not touch any of the computers. They had prior experience with this kind of thing. One of the other people had fried a laptop or something when she went through a similar experience.

These experiences had nothing to do with Twin Flames.

An acquaintance of mine regularly has spirits messing with his computers and other electronics. Apparently electronics are very easy to influence from the spirit world.

This is just to say, your Twin Flame journey may well be stimulating or catalyzing energy movement at intensities strong enough to cause strange behavior in electronics. Remember it is more about your growth and development than about the TF journey specifically.

10 October 2019

10.1 Oct 20, 2019 How do you sense when your twin flame is talking to you telepathically? Is there an instant knowing or do you actually hear their voice?

For us we will say the exact same words the other is thinking. Or we will hear the exact words before they are said. I often can hold an intention for her which she then fulfills. I think she does that with me too.

The time from intention to action can be very short and can also be completely out of context with whatever is going on at the moment. Really it is like one mind in two bodies. Or rather two minds which make up a third mind which is also one mind.

Hard to describe. Happens everyday though throughout the day. We have been like this since day one though it did take a while to realize what was going on.

10.2 Aug 27, 2019 Can you honestly say that if there was absolutely no chance of achieving union with your twin flame ever, you would still continue to do your spiritual work?

Without any doubt, yes. I started consciously working my path at age 9. She and I didn’t meet until decades later. The path is the point in my life, being with her is an added bonus.

People seem to get derailed by the twin flame thing. Understandably so. I’ve been there too. The needs, wants, and wounds of the personality and person you experience as yourself in this life are powerful.

10.3 Aug 24, 2019 As a twin flame, what is your personal experience of God?

One night a few years before we met I was lying on my bed in a room I was renting. Which by the way, just happened to be a few houses up the street from where she lived when she was a few months old AND a few blocks from where she was living with her then-husband and son. While our town isn’t big it isn’t tiny either!

Connecting energetically with Goddess I felt I Love You. There weren’t really words. Feeling words were how I was listening. She, Goddess, was there with me.

10.4 Aug 23, 2019 Do you feel that writing about twin flame experiences on Quora is a mistake since this is something that is sacred but attracts unwanted attention?

Thank you, great question! Frankly, I have been back and forth on this question. In fact, I have been very hesitant to write about anything having to do with magick, sorcery, energy, or twin flames. Telling the stories though can really add energy through increased attention.

The biggest issue I have had with writing about TF experiences isn’t really the sacredness. Sure I think there can be such thing as sharing too much information. I feel I strike a reasonable balance as far as not getting too personal here on Quora. She reads what I write here and hasn’t asked me to pull anything yet.

We may get a lot more personal though on a blog we are talking about starting. Not sure how that’s going to play out. We want to write about dom/sub power exchanges mixed in with the twin flame dynamics and a sprinkle of sex magick for good measure.

Whether I write or not I want to make sure I am choosing out of love. If I am choosing to not write out of fear then I will write. If I am choosing to write out of fear then I will stop. The sacredness is not fragile. It is only diminished if I see it as less sacred.

What I have realized over the last 6 months is I have been way too concerned about what other people think about the topics on which I share my thoughts.

Yeah, that is stopping.

Some people very close to me in my offline life swayed me away from writing on topics like sex magick, sorcery, energy, tarot, etc. Staying in that fear space was and is harmful. This guy is getting too old to invest energy in what others think.

There is a sacredness in sharing the stories with the people who are open to hearing them. Those that find my writing helpful are the ones I pay attention to these days. The others I send on their way with love.

11 August 2019

11.1 Aug 11, 2019 Can you intuitively feel when your twin flame is being intimate (having sex) with a karmic partner?

Yes, you will likely feel their sexual encounters at some level. Whether you recognize the feeling and where it is coming from is another matter. This is also not exclusive to Twin Flames. You can open a connection with someone which will allow such deep knowing whether they are your Twin Flame or not.

Sexual energy is powerful in the extreme. This connection and perception capacity with regards to sex is not limited to twin flames.

The intense nature of your twin flame connection is one factor. Another factor is your personal history and whatever issues you may have picked up in the course of your life. Quality and intensity of attention to your connection also influence how and what you feel when this other person is having sex. Or how and what they feel when you are having sex.

Perceiving the sexual encounter of a woman I thought I was in a deep, intimate relationship with was one of the most ego challenging events of my life. For some people this may not have been a big deal.

Everyone has their growth opportunities. What is challenging for one is nothing to another. Money (debt, insecurity, income) for you, casual attitudes towards sex for me, power and control for someone else.

We all have something.

Given my personal trauma history there was nothing which could shake me to my core faster and more painfully. This is very likely the reason for the experience. Pain often goes hand in hand with change and growth. Sometimes the cause, sometimes part of the outcome. It is all learning.

After going through this the first time I swore I would never seek or accept an intimate relationship with a soul mate or twin flame. Ever. Yes, I was serious. Yes, I married a woman who many would label my twin flame given the nature of our connection.

Life is funny. Ha…ha….

What is going on here?

There is a duality at play.

In my case, my physical being is very dominant. I have spent much of my life balancing and mostly avoiding this aspect of my nature for various reasons. When fully accepting of myself, I am most comfortable in taking a dominant role in most types of relationships.

That a female I consider a mate or potential mate would breed with another male easily offends my primal, animal nature. Thankfully, that edge is quieting with time (getting older really does shift perception) and my personal evolution.

Energetically? I felt no threat. Energetically, I am confident and at ease. The physical and the energetic though apparently need to be in harmony at multiple levels. If I were to ignore my physical self and stay only in spiritual and energetic frames of perception there would be no issues.

See the quandary? I don’t get to ignore one aspect of my being in this moment for another. This extends into all areas of my life.

Yet, in all this your twin flame is you. You are both having and not having sex with this other person having sex with your twin flame. The paradox is a very effective tool in the growth process. I suspect this is a core reason for incarnating on this planet.

When I accept and embrace my fundamental nature at all levels in all perspectives at all times magick happens. When I don’t life is a tar pit. Hot, sticky, painful. I suspect this is all by design in my case.

11.2 Aug 9, 2019 Why do I feel like someone I never talked to is my soulmate?

You may already be connected with this person you never met. My experience of these things is the connections are there already and can get more or less open depending on a number of factors.

Just beware of the mind’s ability to do all sorts of mental gymnastics to fill various needs and desires.

I felt the connection to my partner years before we met. Dreamed about her son years before we met. Months before we met I dreamed about her directly including having her name given to me in the dream.

11.3 Aug 9, 2019 How can you stop twin flame telepathy?

Telepathy doesn’t quite describe the experience for us. What has developed is this knowing of thoughts and intentions. I used to hear full sentences in my head before she would speak them. Now, more often, I just know.

If you want to stop the telepathic communication I would experiment with turning down the volume. I don’t believe “Off” is an option. of course I could well be mistaken. Lowering the volume though is definitely a possibility.

You attention and intention are part of what keeps the volume up. Same for the other person. You can experiment with redirecting your attention and intention as well as theirs. This would help lower the volume.

You may want to keep in mind, trying not to think about something can just make matters more intense.


11.4 Aug 9, 2019 Is there science behind a twin flame? Is it real or wishful thinking?

Great question. No I don’t believe I have come across any science behind the twin flame experience.

Is it real or wishful thinking? One may be experiencing wishful thinking before they meet their twin flame. After reality sets in romantic notions are likely to be challenged by the possible intensity of the connection.

Maybe one day our concept of science will evolve to allow us investigate consciousness and “energetic” phenomena like twin flames? Maybe our current science will “prove” it is all due to hormones and biochemistry?

Scientific methods and approaches for understanding reality are powerful tools. In my life like many people I have benefited greatly from scientific tools. I just don’t find them sufficient to examine all my experiences in the world.

11.5 Aug 5, 2019 To those who are happily united with your twin flame: what was your story?

We met on OKCupid in March of 2014 and were married in October of 2014.

I dreamed about her by name and image 3 or so months before we found each other online. I dreamed about her son years before meeting them. I am quite sure I had other visions and trance experiences related to our connection over the course of my life.

I cried when I saw her smile for the first 6 months of our relationship.

For nearly our entire lives we have been within a handful of miles of each other. She and my ex-wife have the same first and middle names. (With slight variation.)

Her ex-husband is like a brother in some ways.

We are perfectly suited to push each others most tender, dysfunctional aspects. Yet, she is the only person I can imagine wanting to work with through the issues.

No one has ever triggered such anger or such passion and certainly not with such depth.

When I thought I was having a heart attack she felt the intensity of my experience. Which is why communication is so important. The feeling of chaos and turmoil you can perceive from your Twin Flame in emergencies you are unaware of the details of is very upsetting.

Our bubble continues. Unless, we are triggering each other we can spend every moment of everyday with each other without end. Life on this plane does not want to cooperate.

11.6 Aug 4, 2019 I’m in TF separation. I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the time. It was 1:11 am. Could this be some hint to my TF journey?

Could be. Reality is constantly talking with us in some manner. Sometimes we may share a collective meaning like ‘11’ or ‘11:11″. What is more important is how you feel and the patterns you discern. Keep track of what you perceive.

Notice what you notice. The pattern of patterns is really helpful to recognize.

11.7 Aug 4, 2019 Does writing help you heal as you express yourself on this twin flame journey?

Writing helps me clarify.

Sharing stories and experiences helps me sort out what actually happened. Often I get a chance to consider how I feel only with some distance from events. The heat of the moment or time in life has a strong influence on how I might feel during an experience. Later, I may have other feelings.

Writing reminds me of what we share.

Retelling some of the stories or sharing points of view can touch me deeply. In the depths of me are energies. When they have my attention they get stronger. I appreciate the chance to share.

As for Quora specifically, people’s questions are so helpful to me. I am still learning to write without reference to questions. My tendency is to observe quietly, feel deeply, and work in isolation in these realms.

That’s not entirely true as now I have my TF so none of my work is as isolated. She feels pretty much everything even the magick and spiritual paths. Not surprising given our connection.

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