Pondering the Geometry of Polarity Magick

Polarity magick is more than sex magick by a long shot. Pretty much any two complimentary forces will work.  Let’s denote them as (+  -) for convenience. Conservative/Liberal, Vegan/Carnivore, Mountain Dweller/Cave Dweller it really isn’t too hard to come up with a polar pair.

At the physical human level any two people in a polar position to each other will work. Sex, being one possibility, is powerful and easily accessed primal source of creative energy. Thus sex magick is a thing. As fun as boinking for magick is I am going to shift perspectives.

Group Sets

Let’s explore a bit deeper by looking at not just single sets of (+  -) pairs. What would happen at energetic, astral, mental, and so on levels with groups of polar sets. Imagine a meeting hall full of people who pair off and then as a group of (+ -) pairs they start doing magick for some intended outcome.

Group work is powerful. What would a map of magick energy look like between all the (+  – ) in the group? It might depend on how many sets there are. The drawing above is to help visualize some ways small groups might look geometrically.

Geometry of Group Magick

One set looks like a point in space.

Two sets allow us to draw a line between the two polarities points.

Three sets lets us define a 2-dimensional, flat surface.

Four sets gives us a three sided, four faced pyramid.

Do any of these shapes have influence on the magick? I don’t know as I haven’t run any experiments. Being a solo practitioner also means it is unlikely I will be experimenting in the near future.

I am also curious about whether each (+  -) polarity set is experienced by other sets as neutral or do they each have a dominant polarity? If so this reminds me a bit of chemistry with different (+ -) in a group arranging themselves based on their set polarity.

Does our pyramid take on different magickal characteristics depending on the net charges of each corner? If so, do we end up with a flow of energy unique to how the sets are arranged?

Magick with Objects and Shapes

Really, at this point I mostly have questions without answers. Not being in a position to experiment with these ideas with other people I am pondering if objects could be used. Maybe certain geometric shapes work at least in part with some of these ideas? The pentagram would be one well known shape. How do the vertices and crossing points all interrelated from a polarity perspective?

Circles, pyramids, and pentagrams are just a few of the shapes we find in magick practices. There are many very intricate and complex shapes used around the world weaving energy flows in nearly infinite ways. What happens when we add other planes of Reality into the mix? In reading Dion Fortune’s works these multi-plane connections and flows are required for stability of a system of polarities. I am curious what effects beyond stability emerge from these complex arrangements of polarities on multiple planes of reality.