Pondering Sasquatch in Sagittarius

WARNING: This article could very well be nonsense. Read at your own risk. Except the last paragraph.

After this morning’s meditation I was thinking I really need to stat writing on this blog more regularly. Most often by the time I sit down to write I usually end up forgetting what brilliant topic floated into my awareness just an hour prior. Or the night before. At the top of my list of things to do has got to be keeping a list of blog post topics.

Current events might be part of the problem. My sense of wonder appears to be getting over stimulated. Every day brings some new level of “I can’t believe they ____!” Which might be impacting my writing.

Then there is the lengthy and growing list of house projects. It could be worse. Standing in the hardware store a few weeks ago another amateur handyman and I were comparing notes on our active plumbing projects. I had seniority as my house was a decade or two older until a thirst fellow chimed in breaking the century mark with a pre-1920s era home. Had me beat by at least 30 years.

Spending so much time in the occult, having a home with a number of involved projects needing attention at any given time is grounding. Keeping me firmly secured to the third dimension might even be a good idea.

Which brings me to a thought I had this afternoon. Okay it is a stretch to connect but here is the thought anyway.

Do Sasquatch recognize astrological influences?

By most accounts Sasquatch are both intelligent and operate on levels of reality outside the awareness of most humans. The ability to shift dimensions for instance. Telepathy being another well developed faculty for them.

With such awareness do Sasquatch sense the astral presence of other planets more or differently than humans?

Lots of questions would come up. What house system would a big foot astrologer use? The planets are moving as the planets move of course. Would being able to shift dimensions change how one would construct a house system?

Social structures could well be different when distance are irrelevant.

Or maybe in a different dimension the Sun is inhabitable. How do you structure an astrological chart when you are not restricted to a single planet let alone dimension. If one can inhabit a planet at the energetic level or plane we humans currently are sensing from a far how would that change the influence of cosmos on a given incarnation?

Shifting Astral Perspectives

My guess is Sasquatch do perceive more directly than humans spiritual energy and forces we consider astrological. They may also see the influences play out from very different perspectives or multiple perspectives simultaneously.

Imagine if you could see the energy of Jupiter flow and interact with the CEO of the company where you work. Not just the planetary energy at the astral level but the company’s energy, since it was born at some point, imagine you could also see all the other entities which interact with the CEO and the company. You see this rich scenery while negotiating a raise and what do you do with the perception?

I don’t know. Like I said I had a thought this afternoon and didn’t want to lose it to the ether. This could all be nonsense.

So why did I publish this post?

The Last Paragraph

Life is flooding us with ideas, concepts, and inspirations. If we get in the habit of at least noting them down who knows what one of us will come up with next? Or inspire in someone else? It could be amazing or at least entertaining.