New 30 Day Challenge! Ping Pong Balls and Rubber Mallets!

It’s here!  My new 30 day challenge!  I found this one via Michael Senhoff at  He sent out a newsletter talking about how people are getting lots of cool benefits from exercising their brains.  Working on hand-eye coordination, memory, and simply calculations in a rapid manner is supposed to do fun things to your brain and body.

So, what I’m doing is starting a new routine.  Starting out, I’m bouncing a ping pong ball on a rubber mallet.  So far, I’m up to 28 times right handed, 21 times left handed.  Saying the alphabet forwards and backwards.  Eventually, this will get more complex and I’ll use a heavier mallet with a smaller head.

Results so far?

The girls’ cat, Luna, is intrigued by the ping pong ball.  This might be a coincidental but I had a lucid dream the first night after starting.  And the lucid dream turned into an astral projection episode.  (Felt a pop as I moved through a “solid” structure.)  Been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of some out-of-body traveling!

There’s a warning label on the handle to always where safety glasses when using the mallet.