Natural Witchcraft – Offerings and Energy Flow

Today I went to the beach. Being in the house was just becoming stifling. The sun was out and there was a wind down on the bay. Exactly what I needed. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. Quite a few folks were walking and sitting in the grass or playing at the water’s edge.

I didn’t go to do any sea magick. Though I do find the wind, waves, and energy of the sea powerful elements for working rituals and such. Not that I am only sea going with my magick. Cedar trees have been helpful, too. Wandering along a trail or through a park you may stumble upon a willing (always ask!) tree or herb or stone to work with on some magick project of yours.

The natural elements and entities have usually been the most powerful avenue for my magickal work. With time I began to feel the presence of the non-physical for sure. Even so, the natural world hasn’t taken a back seat to anyone, physical or non-physical.

In fact, you don’t have to look far to see the various elements and entities of the physical world have a non-physical or spiritual energy working with them as well. This idea of corresponding spiritual entities scales geographically as well. Areas in the landscape, hills, meadows, and on and on all have someone or something looking over them.

Our roles as natural witches and sorcerers is to work in partnership with these entities. We work both on the physical and non-physical levels. Communication is intuitive, energetic, and symbolic.

Ritual Overview

When working with nature I follow similar processes as at my home alter working with spirits. Most rituals have commonelements. This is what mine usually look like:

  1. Clearing the Space
  2. Addressing the Entity(s)
  3. Making Offerings
  4. Making the Request Politely as a Peer
  5. Energy Flow and Becoming
  6. Saying Thank You
  7. Closing

Two points I want to highlight are Offerings and Energy Flow and Becoming. Offerings are very helpful! I am not always great at doing them regularly. Do them regularly even when you don’t have a request. I am working on this myself.

Why make regular offerings? You are building a relationship with the entities in question. Nothing extravagant is needed. Ask what they like.

Funny thing, my most successful offerings have been tobacco. Tobacco was what my mentors used and taught me to use. Lately, whiskey and rum have been appreciated, as well. Wine works too depending on the spirit/goddess.

Like I said, I have a spotty record with offerings. This is something I am changing.

I suspect what balances out my not making physical offerings is the energetic aspect. Feeling the flow of energy and the process of becoming or flowing with the spirit or place you are in really seems to make a big difference. There is this feeling of being one with and apart from the spirits energetically.

Becoming the Energy You Are Seeking

This place of becoming is very powerful.

Becoming the ocean, the wind, the rain, or any other part of creation is a key for me. How do you learn to become? Create! You can create:

  1. Songs,
  2. Dance,
  3. Poetry,
  4. Stories,
  5. Music,
  6. Art, painting and drawing.

Moving the process of becoming the energy from the logical brain is why the examples above are effective. You need to find ways to express your oneness with the entities or spirits in a non-intellectual manner. Thinking you are the wind is a different experience from feeling wind energy and emotions blowing through and with you. Using your artistic abilities to express the concept of wind in a non-intellectual manner will make becoming easier.

Recently, I bought an iPad. Using some art software like Procreate I have begun to discover my artistic side. Taking pictures and altering them is another possibility. Dance work for me as well. Tango has lots of energy and connection flowing with the energy getting stirred up in the dance. Enhancing and guiding this energy can be tricky but effective as well. Sex (the creative force!) whether alone or with partner(s) is a classic source of energy for magickal projects.

Of course, like any project you need to know where you want to end up. What defines success is important to figure out. How you get there is another matter. Remember the path to your objective is probably not what you think it should be.

Keep making offerings because you want to build a relationship with the place or spirits. Magick requires you to do your part in partnership with the non-physical or non-ordinary reality. Know your goals and make the right friends!

Learn to notice what you notice. Eventually, you will see nature and magickal energies everywhere. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle you will feel the very real personality of the place you stand and the flowing energies in it. Then you become part of the flow of energy wherever you go.

Finally, keep up your daily meditations and visualizations. As your energetic connections and spiritual relationships grow you may find your life unfolding naturally as you wish it to without needing many rituals. You by your evolving nature attract the desired energies into your life. You do so from a conscious and awakened perspective. Keeping your mind clear and know yourself is required when travelling on the path.