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My Magical Education for 2021

Back in December I decided to give my magic and spiritual a little more structure. Sure I’ve been free-styling the occult path for decades with decent growth and understanding. My bookshelf is stuffed and I often try out what the authors are sharing. Some of it works for me and some doesn’t.

The energy work has been the easiest to develop. I started before I began reading other people’s work in the occult and for whatever reason it flows readily. Other applications have been coming along okay. Yet something kind of big picture has been missing. Lie there were gaps in my education I couldn’t identify but could feel. My intuition has been pestering me to start something new in a new more organized manner for a while. But what?

Daily Routines for Developing Magic Skills

Then I came across John Michael Greer’s (JMG) The Dolmen Arch (DA). Already a fan of John’s writing for years I placed my order for vol 1 of the DA and the next day ordered vol 2. By the way I have an extra I received to my complete surprise at Christmas. Relatives generally do not know what to buy me gift-wise and my brother-in-law really surprised me. Wow! I can look up the serial number if anyone is looking for a matching vol 2 for their vol 1.

Since December 15th, 2020 I have been following the DA curriculum daily.

A core part of the DA is practicing daily:

  • Banishing to help clear out any icky energies and spirits.
  • Discursive Meditation to develop your mental body and focus.
  • Divination to develop access to your symbolic senses.

The daily routine has been easy for me to keep going without missing so far. I guess I was ready for this change. To say I am happy with the results would be an understatement. The discursive meditation practice has been key to my recent growth in magic.

Another welcome addition to my practices is the new divination system I am using. The Coelbren Alphabet is a relatively modern Welsh alphabet used for divination by modern druids. While it has a debatable origin story I have found the readings quite remarkable for both clients and myself.

Finally, I had been rather negligent in not banishing enough (at all) for way too long. Some do some don’t but I feel daily banishing have been effective in cleaning up around here.

Astrological Magic

Around the same time I purchased The Dolmen Arch I signed up for Christopher Warnock’s Astrological Magic course. I figured learning to make talismans would also give me a good start in elective astrology as well. My motivation with astrological magic is in part pragmatic. Astrology looks to have a bright future in the coming decades and will make a fine retirement career for me. The course is a little pricey but top notch.

Getting started has been slow but progress is being made. Earlier this week I finally turned in my essays for lesson one. Chris got back to me today with feedback and I am getting ready to start lesson two! Lesson two involves actually choosing a basic talisman project and the elections, planets, and art to use. Very exciting!

Learning Latin For Magical Work

A third element in my magical curriculum is learning a new language. Lots of occult books have never been translated to English. I want to read them. So … Latin. JMG makes a good case for both Latin and French as valuable languages for occultists. Though he says pretty much any language other than English will have many magical text not yet translated to English. Latin and Arabic having the most untranslated occult texts I am starting with Latin. Hopefully it will help my French down the road.

btw: If you are on feel free to follow me! My username is Occultra. I am using DuoLingo as part of my strategy to learn Latin. They have done what seems like a pretty good job for beginners anyway. One of the things I really like is how easy it is to practice on the spur of the moment. I can use my phone, my iPad or my desktop. That ease of access is very helpful for me to build momentum and keep going. Learning a new language feel daunting. Less friction in the process makes a big difference.

I am also studying with Wheelock’s Latin with a Latin translation of The Hobbit waiting for me too for even more practice. One of the things I like about using DuoLingo and Wheelock’s in parallel is learning Latin pronunciation via DuoLingo is super easy. Wheelock’s has audio resources but DuoLingo’s convenient access is hard to beat.


Here is a quick recap of what I am up to in furthering my magical education:

  1. The Dolmen Arch by John Michael Greer
    • Banishing
    • Meditation
    • Divination using The Coelbren Alphabet
  2. Astrological Magic from
    • A Foundation in Astrology
    • Learning Elective Astrology
    • Making Talismans
  3. Learning Latin
    • Wheelock’s Latin
    • The Hobbit in Latin

So far my magical education plan is coming together. I am looking forward to fitting in some research in the area of radionics and researching the occult in history both around the world but especially in the USA. There was a lot going on in the occult and fringe science scene in the USA before the 20th century which we have somehow forgotten. Lots to learn. Lots to explore. Lots to share!