Meditation for Twin Flame Telepathic Heart Connections

Not long ago, in the middle of the night, I wanted to feel her closer to me.  Yeah, she was a couple feet away in our bed. Still, sometimes you just can’t get enough snuggling!

There is an energy meditation I like use to invite her to me in situations like this one. When I do she usually rolls over so we can snuggle some more. Being able to call to each other at a heart level in itself feels good let alone the physical closeness we share when she responds.

Why don’t I just roll over myself? I respect her need for sleep. Her health and happiness are a priority for me. Sleep is top priority for maintaining both.

This time something new and wonderful happened. When I made my heart invitation to her that night she placed her hand over my heart to flow energy for a few minutes.

Pure bliss! The warm glow of her energy reassured whatever wanted her closer that everything was fine. Just recalling the moment brings back the peaceful feeling of being cared for so deeply.

The technique for inviting your partner is really simple. Still, it may take some practice.

Warning: Trying this with people you are not in sync with can open you up to all sorts of painful lessons. The flow of energy can be very destabilizing if done at a depth either people are not ready to experience.

  • Focus on your breath. Allow everything else in your mind to drift by without judgement.
  • Relax. Physical tension blocks most communication. Relax as and be aware of the state of tension and lack of tension in your body.
  • Feel your energy flowing using whatever sense is most comfortable. Personally, I am quite visual and kinesthetic and am describing this process from that perspective.
  • Visualize you and your Twin’s heart energy and chakra as one energy system. Be aware of and see the interweaving and oneness of you and your Twin’s heart energy.
  • Intuitively feel yourself create a space for your TF. This space is an intuitive sense and will have the quality of drawing them to you.
  • Hold the space, the feelings, and the intention without expectation.
  • Snuggle up!

The fundamental idea of this meditation is in the invitation. This approach is quite receptive, very yin. I found a yang approach of projecting my energy wasn’t nearly as productive as making an invitation. Energy has been more effective worked with instead of commanded. Everything happens in my heart work space.

I use a similar process when I do energy work. Whatever level I am working with the idea is to make an invitation. Often, something does happen. I am intentionally not imposing my will so the results can be unexpected. Which is okay. Be unattached to results. Hold the space.

Why does this meditation work?

First, with a Twin Flame you already have a natural connection. You are in sync on all levels. Vibrations match for you two. Anything energetic work related is much simpler between you and your TF.

Of course, unresolved issues can get in the way. Anything that causes tension for an individual has the potential of reducing the effectiveness of your intention. Also, mental distractions or diverted attention are very effective at shutting down the awareness of the connection and the energy flowing.

Second as I described above the act of inviting can be very powerful. Creating a vacuum for the other to fill is very effective. A pushing force creates a reactive push against. Push your intent and you risk a push against your intent. Guide energy, attract energy, hold space for energy.

Third, related to the first point, you are of the same soul as your twin. Yes, one is masculine and one is feminine. The most natural partner for either to flow energy and intention with is their original complement. You are one, like two eyes share the same body. One sees from the feminine perspective. The other from the masculine perspective. As one.

You are meant to dance together. As one.