Manifesting with The Kybalion: The Principle of Polarity and Runes

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its
pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are
identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;
all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be
reconciled.”–The Kybalion.

My trip to the beach yesterday got me thinking about manifesting and the principle of polarity from The Kybalion. Especially how the N-rune or which came up in yesterday’s beach reading might play a role in attracting and co-creating our wishes and goals. Besides having worked my having worked my way through the Coelbren this last month in meditation I figured why not spend some time this morning with a rune.

If you take a look at the rune you can see the vertical line and diagonal crossing line. These two lines represent the spindle and a bow in a bow drill fire starting setup. The fire board which the spindle spins in is not part of the rune.

Side note: A bow drill does work for real. I’ve started a few fires with this apparatus. Just make sure not to use dense pitch impregnated wood for the spindle or the fire board. I don’t know how many weeks I tried to get a coal with that setup. Some smoke but no fire. Softer wood worked best for me.

Creation is Sex!

Yes, we have the makings of an obvious sexual interpretation. The male spinning in the female generating enough heat between them to ignite the coal dust into a cute little baby coal. The process can even be a bit sweaty especially if you are out of shape.

The feminine receptive the masculine projection show up again and again in every plane and aspect of reality we observe. I should also note I am speaking fro a heterosexual perspective as it is the perspective I experience. Though I am quite sure one could translate the principles equally well to other sexual perspectives.

Polarity in Action.

One without the other and there would be no baby coal to ignite. Creation. Manifestation illustrated for us and our ancestors all the way back to when we first realized friction could be so useful. Creation really is speaking to us constantly.

Okay so some of this is pretty obvious really. What really caught my attention this morning was the bow, the diagonal line powering the spindle in the rune depiction. What is powering the bow? Maybe the creative life force flows and powers the bow which spins the spindle then opens the fire board to ultimately give birth to the coal?


The friction between the poles generates heat. The protrusion of the masculine into the feminine, the receptivity of the feminine to the masculine allows the friction between them.

How does masculine even know it is masculine without the feminine? What is there to be received by if there is no feminine aspect in opposite the masculine opposite.

The duality brings out the energy of attraction and repulsion. Without one the other can not act.

Manifesting Your Coals

One big factor which trips up people when they attempt to manifest something is not understanding the nuances of polarity. Understanding polarity at an energetic level is very important to get right in order to get your manifesting efforts to work consistently. The same principles of polarity shows up in the astral and mental planes as well.

Polarity dynamics on different planes is something I have had demonstrated over and over in my life. I am feminine at an energetic level, which is typical, though not exclusively so, for biological males. If I am energetically receptive manifesting workings depending on energetic flow are much more effective. If I attempt to push my energy outward to influence or make changes my efforts are magnitudes less potent. Same idea goes for astral and mental workings. Working against yourself is exhausting and won’t get you nearly as far as making your plan with an understanding on your polarity and how it relates to your projects.

Some of this is going to sound like basic project management. And I suppose that is true though with an edge. If you want to go past mechanical third dimensional approaches you need to incorporate and use the polarity concepts.

Knowing What to Know

Know your goal and why you want it on a pretty subtle level. There will be feminine and masculine aspects to accomplishing what you wish to manifest or attract. These may not be obvious to you at first glance. You need to be conscious of these factors when making you plans so spend some time understanding your project.

Know your own polarities. By knowing your natural polarities you can use the right tool for the job so to speak. If an aspect of your goal has a masculine quality you may be able to achieve it on a feminine plane for instance. Using myself as an example, if I want to connect with someone for some reason I can be energetically receptive. Adopting this tactic I am drawing that person towards me energetically. Since I am masculine on an astral level I could reach out to them via dreams, visions, and trance work. Most likely I would do both.

Action and Non-Action

Along the way to achieving your goal there will be times for outward action and times for inward receptive being. Be aware of the most productive choice you can make. We can even bring in some lunar astrology to help! If the moon is waxing be more outward acting. If the moon is waning be more inward directed. Creation and energy ebb and flow. Tune in to the tide so you can stop fighting the currents flowing around you and use them instead to propel you along.


Creation brought about the two from the one. The two are poles of one. Each of us are a duality internally and with the outer world. Knowing and harnessing duality both in yourself and in the flow of the world around is a key in being able to be a co-creator with the universe.