Magick and Secrecy

How much do you talk about your magick with other people? When do you talk about your magick if you do?

This has been a dilemma for me for years. At first I was embarrassed because people thought I was strange and I cared about what they thought of me. This was when I was heavily focused on developing energetic skills after my initiation experience. The weirdness compared to ordinary life made integrating my growing awareness and sensitivities difficult. Telling people was plain awkward.

This week I am getting some more clarity around this idea of secrecy. For the last 3 or 4 months I have really upped my ritual and offerings practice.  The results have been astounding.  Life changing.  Even though magick has been helping me for years lately certain blocks in life are dissolving.  Mainly in the areas of wealth, finances, and career.

I would like to help other people change their lives as well.  Yes, there is a self-interest involved.  In helping others with magick I will be continuing to develop myself.

In order to help others I have to interact with them and let them know what I do.  How much and what do I share has been the question.  Time for Google! Reading about how other’s have been sharing and looking back at my own experiences after some time has passed helps.

Why Not To Share – Secrecy and Power

Secrecy can help a lot on the power cultivation side.  Sharing a process being planned or currently underway can definitely be counter-productive.  I suspect this has to do with how easily we unknowingly are influenced by other people. Direct interference by another person’s active attention and intention is another influence.  Between the two results can be anything from dismal to completely opposite what is desired.

Holding the secret definitely builds power.  You can feel it in your body.  Try it with just about any secret. Even negative secrets work.  The feeling is different between positive secrets and negative secrets for me.  A negative secret feels bad. Powerfully bad though doesn’t feel good. A positive secret can feel very empowering.

Emotional and energetic power can be transmuted into magickal work.

Practicing Magick and Being Part of the Rest of the World

Do we need to keep magickal secrets forever?  Is there anyone we can tell? What do we tell?

Some magick practices have little to do with the human world which is the case for a friend of mine. Hanging out at the local pub chatting about magick projects with strangers is probably not helpful. You just don’t know what baggage and belief systems you are going to have to defend against.  Which takes energy.

Magick for results in the physical world is a bit different.  Secrecy can still be helpful.  Seeing results and not telling how you got them IS powerful.

What else is powerful is stepping into the world and declaring yourself at the table so to speak. Confidence bordering on arrogance at times is helpful in getting results. Allowing your ego to run a muck on the other hand is not. This balance is important to figure out.

When ego is in charge crucial parts of ritual and magick like patience or focus are forgotten.  Ego has a place.  Denying all parts of ourselves is also limiting.  Figuring out how to channel the energy behind all these parts of ourselves is what’s important.  They are a serious source of power.

Action in the world is an important part of magick. We are tipping probabilities with magick.  We increase our chances of seeing physical world results by being in the physical world.

I want to help people learn to use magick in their lives.  In the process, I will be developing my own skills further and I will be getting paid.  If I don’t tell people what I do and the results I and my clients get this will not happen. I won’t be able to help help anyone and I won’t see results in my life either.

Magick is your birthright as a human.