Magick and Polarity Beyond Sex

The idea of energy and polarity in magick has been tickling my brain this week. Most likely because I have been browsing forums quite a bit and came across a few related discussions. Dion Fortune also has a chapter on Polarity in her book The Cosmic Principle. No doubt there are many other places one can more research.

Once again I am coming at magick in what feels like a reverse fashion. When I started in magick and energy work I had very little guidance. I wasn’t even aware there were formal course on learning magick until well into adult life. My awareness and skills developed mostly as a result of experiences in nature and in relationships both romantic and platonic. In other words while I was exploring energetic connection with others I was also learning about polarity in magick. An effective if painful path.


What is polarity in magick? There are probably a variety of definitions. I am going to refer to personal experience to illustrate. Polarity is the state of two or more whatevers in a state of flow of energy.

What or who are the whatevers?

The north and south poles of a magnet illustrate the idea. Another might be two lovers. On a larger scale political parties or nation states could act as the poles in a polarity situation.

The key is there is the ability to flow energy from here to there and back. The dynamic might result in a push or repulsion. In which case, to maintain proximity each must resist the push. Or there could be a drawing together requiring each party to react to keep apart.

Staying with magnets for illustration purposes. The north poles of two magnets push each other away. Flip one of the magnets around so the south and north poles face each other and instead of pushing they pull towards each other.

What is important here is the dynamic exists. Whether it is good or bad, positive or negative, or yin and yang isn’t the issue. Because the dynamic exists there is energy. The strength, usefulness, or other qualities of the energy is another matter. Depending on the qualities some energy dynamics might be more useful in some types of work than others.

The key is the polarity.

Polarity Magick

How does polarity work in magick?

In sex magick one partner is acting as a north pole and the other as a south pole.  (Note: From personal experience or lack there of I don’t know how other dynamics would function. Three or more partners for example.) The circulating energy between two people can be harnessed and directed. During the sex act energy is exchanged and often builds. This building energy can be released, especially at orgasm, towards a variety of intentional outcomes.

While this is a fine and fun way to harness energy there are other polarity situations worth exploring. If we can find situation where two or more poles are either attracting or repulsing each other we can potentially harness the energy of their dynamic. Yes, even if we are not involved directly the energy is still buzzing around in our environment. We can tap this buzz.

The energy coming from the recent presidential elections in the US are palpable. Reading social media can be an energetic experience all by itself. When I say energetic experience I am not referring to reactions you are having to others opinions. Yes, those can be energy sources.

Go deeper.

You can tap into the dynamic without having any attachment or reactions to the content. Social situations are certainly plentiful if you want to experiment. Any social media platform is likely to provide plenty of opportunities.

Exploring Energy Dynamics

We can look in other directions, too. My background in nature based energy, exploring Druid systems, and astrology have gotten me thinking of other examples of polarity dynamics. I haven’t done anything with these but do find them intriguing dynamics to explore:

  • Planets, Moon, Sun, etc… – Can one tap the energy between two celestial bodies? This might be differ from creating a talisman using the energy of Jupiter say.
  • Energy between two geographic features. My readings in Taoist magick might be inspiring this and possibly already is described there but the potential is intriguing. Can one harness the flow of energy between the ocean and a mountain? Between a river and a forest.
  • Two species of animals. Is there a dynamic creating energy to harness between two apex predators? Or predator and prey?
  • Between animal and ???  Is there a dynamic between the salmon and their spawning river? Birds and trees?
  • Partner dances like Argentine Tango? Definitely exploring this one!

Flows of energy are fascinating. Where can we find a system we can work with to guide energy? Can we petition spirits and other entities? Are there dynamics in astral and other spiritual planes we can work with as well?