Loving Yourself and Living Up to Your Potential

Below is a post I made this morning on my Facebook account:

Don’t let other people make you feel bad about yourself because you don’t meet their expectations of what you could be. Where ever you are in life right now is exactly where you need to be in this moment. You can not help but be growing and learning constantly. Accept and love yourself. The rest will unfold naturally as you learn to balance allowance and action.

It’s okay if you are not expressing what other people see as your potential. You don’t have any obligations to live up to their expectations of  your potential.  If you want change in your life you can have it. The process of learning to make the change itself is an accomplishment in itself! If it takes you fifty years then it takes you fifty years. If it takes you fifty lifetimes then it takes you fifty lifetimes!

Buying into other people’s judgments about your life, though, can slow you down. You can spend your years building a life that you love or one that you hate.  You will learn a lot either way.  For myself, I’ve found choosing Love is a lot more fun.

Learning to Love and Accept yourself as you are in this very moment is key. And it can feel very frustrating and slow and lonely and all sorts of other feelings. Resisting any feeling, though, just makes it stronger. Allow those feelings to pass through you without judgment. Allow life to express itself through you. As you do, you’ll learn to act within Allowance. Your life will flow and unfold with perfect timing and joy.