Living the Magickal Path


There I stood tears streaming down my face, arms raised to the sky. The energy surging from the earth through my body. Somehow the birds in the trees felt me because they started screaming at the same time. I call this moment in my life, Initiation. Life opened a mystery for me to experience directly, consciously. There were more to come but this was the big shift.

My Initiation was an invitation to expand my awareness of the connection and energy of Life. Our Universe, the Greater Reality, and all things swim in this sea of energy and consciousness. “Jump in the water is warm,” the energy said. So I did.

Shifting Awareness, New Paths to Take

Are you drawn to the energy path? Maybe witchcraft or Reiki intrigues you?

You can learn to feel or sense energy very directly. My path to sensing and working with energy was nature immersion. Others have their unique paths to this type of opening.

Each of us also have unique talents with energy and magick just like in any other aspect of life. Not all of us think in three dimensions or can carry a tune for example. So some of us will work with energy very naturally, others will struggle, and some may never physically feel the flow yet still are able to do effective energy work.

People also work with magick and energy in different manners, a few examples:

  • Witchcraft,
  • Nature Magick,
  • Sigils,
  • Chaos Magick,
  • Sex Magick,
  • Ceremonies or rituals from various cultures and times in history.

If you are being drawn to a path you will likely find the idea of working with energy is present in some manner. The details differ of course between systems and philosophies greatly. Even individuals in the same system may have very different perceptions of what is going on. There are things you can do to work directly with energy regardless of the path you are on.

Unlocking Your Energy Awareness

Your Senses

Get to know your senses. Taste things you don’t normally taste. Listen intently to far off sounds. Work with your senses like you would work with your muscles at the gym.


Quiet your thinker. Spend time watching your thoughts. Do not judge. Let them float on by. Notice Your Breath. Even a couple minutes a day will make a big difference. We can get so caught up with our thoughts we don’t notice experiences like energetic connections.

Notice What You Notice

What is it that captures your attention? Make a habit of noticing what you notice. As your mind quiets down more often you may find you notice more. What is it you are noticing?

Journal Your Experiences

Write your thoughts, emotions, experiences, what you notice, write everything! Begin to see patterns in your awareness. Being able to review your notes will help you see how in tune you are naturally. We get so distracted in life we can forget our daily energetic experiences.

Problems Integrating Your Magickal Path with Daily Life

In my own studies I never really tapped into there being a goal for working with energy until much later. For me the path of exploration and learning was the goal. My attitude was in some ways limiting. Integration with my daily life was problematic. I am still having trouble at times integrating everything!

Instead of working to integrate “normal” life with my developing awareness and abilities with energy I was straddling two worlds. Not very successfully I might add. The idea of two worlds is pretty funny when I think about it. The “world” is really a belief, a map, I have acquired or constructed about life. My actions and choices in life follow this map. Of course, the map is not something I created. The map was given to me as a child by my culture.

When life veered off the map I was given I started making a new map. The old map wasn’t working as I was making sense of what I was perceiving. There really wasn’t any place to even add to the old map. At least, I didn’t see where I could make any modifications. I suspect in cultures which recognize magical and energetic experiences as normal elders for instance are able to help with adjusting maps for people as they grow and change.

Without elders at hand to help redraw my map I now had to deal with two maps. Thus, I ended up standing in two worlds. Yet, there was only ever the one reality or world. Not integrating the two maps created this feeling of straddling.

You Do You

How do you live your life once your magickal talents and energetic abilities begin to manifest? What I finally figured out in one word?


Be true to yourself. I know how much we hear people say to be yourself these days. It’s hard though! Fear of judgement is common and crippling.

You do have a choice. Live your life or someone else’s. You don’t have to attempt to convert anyone to our way of being. Just live and let live. They do them and you do you.

Begin thinking about how you can weave your practice of witchcraft into your career without attracting attention. How can you help your kids grow and learn in their own awreness of the magick around them. Though you may find your kids are the teachers and you are the student.

Bring your energetic work into all aspects of your life without saying a word. Spells and rituals aren’t usually done in public anyway. Sensing energy can happen anywhere you choose to tap into the flow.

Life is meant to be lived in an integrated manner. Energy, spells, rituals, science, math, magick, everything is all able to be mixed together in our life experience. The challenge for me in this lifetime has been putting them all together.

Have you found this integration of magick and daily life challenging? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Living the Magickal Path”

  1. I love it Eric. I feel we sometimes become sense slaves versus being observers of it now. I am expanding my awareness daily with Kriya yoga; powerful, closely guarded practice. Intense ritual but goodness, energy seems to be moving so quickly through my being these days.


    1. Hey Ryan, From what I have read Kriya yoga can get the energy flowing. The buzz can be intense. Ride the wave!

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