Life is not meant to be a struggle. Relax!

Listening To Your Inner Guidance

For the last week or so I haven’t been sleeping well. Up at all hours, some nights I just gave up and read until dawn. Last night though was different. I slept at least 7 hours only getting up once to use the bathroom. I feel so much better! Lack of sleep is no fun.

What happened yesterday to help me sleep so much better? It wasn’t what I ate I know that much. I had a late dinner followed by some chocolate chips. A combo which is usually a sleep killer for me.

Listening to the Quiet Voice

I did two things which I am sure made all the difference. But I wouldn’t have done those two things if I hadn’t done something else which is very important first.

I listened to the quiet voice in my head and heart. This voice while quiet can also be very persistent.

What the voice was saying was, “Start blogging again!”

Okay. I wrote a blog post yesterday. Which did feel good. Creating and sharing are important for me to be doing. When I don’t I eventually get restless.

The other thing I did was make a fresh water offering at my alter. Regular offerings are turning out to be pretty important for me. I know this because I haven’t been for a while. Last night, I had to get out of bed to make the offering because when I first got the whisper a couple hours earlier I ignored it. When I was in bed I realized there was no way I was going to get to sleep until I made the offering.

Knowing When You Are Off Your Path

Journeying through life often has a foggy feel. What I mean by this is we don’t often get to see very far down the path. There is a lot of feeling our way.

In our loud, over stimulating modern world connecting with inner guidance can be challenging. All the noise and stress drowns out important messages from our intuition and higher selves. Luckily, shifting our attention even a little can make a big difference. Our guidance systems are built into us so paying attention to our bodies and brains is a big help.

For example, take a moment to notice:

  • Physical Tension
  • Quality of Your Breathing (shallow, deep, fast, slow ….)
  • Mind chatter, (racing thoughts)
  • Sleep Patterns

Of course, there can be physical and mental health as part of all of the above.


For example, my sleep was truly messed up for years as my gall bladder was a mess and getting worse. After emergency surgery to remove the poor dear my sleep quality eventually got better than it had been in years. Bile reflux was the most likely culprit behind most of my sleep issues. Until the CT scan none of the test showed any indication my gall bladder was in such bad shape.

How Being On Your Path Feels

How does being on your path feel?

  • Life is easy and relaxed. Not that I don’t need to put in some effort or there aren’t challenges. But there is a sense of flow.
  • Fear is easy to put into perspective or gone. Fear is one of those things which shows up as our brains try to keep us safe. Being on my path means I can step through fear.
  • Radical acceptance of self. Am I “lazy” and not getting the project done? Yep. Am I procrastinating? Yep. Here’s the challenge. I resist my experience I give it energy. If accept and yes even honor the “negative” aspects of myself magick happens. The energy I was using to be in the state of judging myself get redirected and integrated allowing me to accomplish whatever I am putting off or enjoy the moment. Or both.

Choosing How We Navigate Our Path

We get to choose:

  • Struggle,
  • identify with fear,
  • and judge ourselves.


  • Give fear a hug in total acceptance of ourselves.
  • Be a partner with the energy of life.
  • Listen to our inner guidance and physical self.

Either way is okay. Seriously. Feeling fear and struggle is important to developing deep knowing of a relaxing, flowing life.

How do you listen to your inner guidance?