Life on Purpose – What’s Your Why?

A rudderless ship in a storm. Life can feel pretty chaotic or maybe like you are floating along with no purpose or direction. Asking why is funny. We can want to know the why of something really big. Like life, love, or the reason for the Universe. Sometimes we want to know the why of really small things. Day to day random stuff happens and we want to know why.

I am going to think out loud on the screen. Feel free to follow along. Maybe some of my thought process will be helpful? Why not?

My why for today is, Why am I writing everyday?”

Getting Started

After listening to some of James Altucher’s podcasts I decided figuring out my why would be a good idea. My first question was, “What do I believe?”

Maybe figuring out what I believe would help with my why?

I like the idea of being really clear on my perspective and beliefs about life. Seems like it would make creating and writing a lot easier. I just need to spend some time doing the figuring out.

Making Lists

Some beliefs I came up with:

  • Sex can be a path for conscious, personal development.
  • We can learn from every experience not every experience is an effective way to learn.
  • I believe consciousness through intention and attention can make changes to physical reality. Sometimes via direct physical manipulation, sometimes via other means.
  • There are entities we can not see who may influence our daily lives. They are not necessarily benevolent.

I want my BIG why. The why behind all the beliefs. Do I even have one? This list exercise wasn’t helping. It felt a lot like trying to pick a niche for a business. The whole niche thing has been a weak spot for me.

The Big Why, My Life Purpose

As luck would have I do have one! Some time ago I had a conversation with someone about this idea of purpose. For whatever reason I had forgotten all about it. We had been talking about life purpose and other such things. What I had come up with was more like a computer program or series of steps.

Which in a way is a good way to think about this purpose question. I mean, what are we really? Are we static objects? Or are we verbs, with matter and energy in motion? I feel like a verb most days. What am I doing as a verb in my life?

What am I here to do?

  1. Explore
  2. Learn
  3. Share
  4. Grow

Rinse and repeat.

What is the purpose of my actions? The purpose of my actions is to grow as a conscious being.

What am I exploring and learning about in life?

  • My potential and limits as a physical being.
  • Self-expression and creativity. Dance, writing, and ???
  • Fear
  • Sexual energy and connection.
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Family
  • Being Conscious

Pretty much everything and anything I do or experience can be tied back to personal development and conscious growth. Seems like everything I do or experience is related to my personal growth. My life is clearly one lesson after another!


Why share these lessons? Why not go along quietly through life?

First, every life lesson I share will probably be helpful to someone. Just like I have learned from others, people will learn from me.

Second, writing about what i am learning helps me understand the lessons better. Trying to explain something is a really good way to check your understanding and enhance your learning.

Third, is the ripple effect. Sharing what I am learning the number of people I am helping is far greater than if I didn’t.

How does this process of exploring, learning, sharing, growing start? How do I pick a direction to explore?

Get to Know Your Compass

Like most explorers I use my compass to find my direction to explore. What is my compass? My compass is my curiosity, my excitement, and what feels like play. What inspires me?

Yeah, I will admit learning to trust my compass in picking a direction is a lesson in itself. Fear, apathy, depression, and procrastination can really mess with my compass.

Compasses point to the horizon. The horizon is that place which is a place which is not where I am right now. What place is on the horizon? I can tell you what it is not? My comfort zone.

Making Friends with Dragons

Yes, this process requires going outside my comfort zone. Dragons wait for us outside our comfort zone don’t they? That’s what I hear.

You want to know something interesting about dragons? They are powerful. Make friends with your dragons.

Back to the original question. What’s my why?

My why is to befriend my dragons and share with you what I find along the way.