Lessons Given to Me by Two Psychic Deer

I would like to share a rather unusual, true story from my life. It’s about two psychic deer that I tracked near my home one day ten or twelve years ago. What happened when I touched their tracks at the end of the trail is what this blog is about.

My first encounter with touching tracks resulted in two lucid dreams that were like visions and a series of related dreams over a number of years afterward. I had touched a track made by a mountain lion after a few days of meditating in the woods and doing awareness exercises with a group. Group work can be pretty powerful! The above photo is of a mountain lion track a friend found in Idaho. Different cat, same type of track.

The story I wanted to share, though, starts on a late spring afternoon near Bellingham, Washington. One of the practices I was actively doing at the time was going to a sit spot on a nearly daily basis. A sit spot is a place one goes to sit, watching and observing nature while doing awareness exercises with one’s physical senses. The idea is to become familiar with one spot on the Earth throughout the seasons. The act of doing such a simple thing is, in fact, so profound it will require a number of future posts to cover. This particular spot I had been visiting for at least half an hour five times a week over the course of a number of months.

My sit spot was at the edge of an overgrown field, ringed mostly by alder trees and bordered by a creek. I had encountered coyotes, deer and a number of other birds and animals over the months. Ringed by trees and a creek that ran down one side this field was actually just yards from a large housing development. The planners had done a decent job of preserving the natural environment but even so this was definitely not virgin forest in the middle of nowhere.

Yet, the animals were there despite all the people living nearby. And they became comfortable with me being present while they went about their daily routines. Coyotes would pass by me within yards with barely a glance in my direction. After a while, all the animals seemed to see me as just another part of the forest. Even the squirrels!

On this afternoon, two deer had come through the trees, about fifteen yards to my right. As an side note, there’s something you should know about deer. Reputation aside, they are not the stealthy creatures of the forest. In fact, they can be pretty damn noisy. More often than not you can find them by the stumbling and snorting that precedes them as they eat their way across the landscape. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a difference between suburban deer and rural deer. A few more mountain lions might quiet them down.

These two clowns were definitely of the suburban variety. I had heard them coming for a good five minutes before they reached the field. When they reached the field they stopped for a moment and stepped into the long grass. From there they walked down the middle of the field about 20 feet apart and parallel to each other.

After they passed I decided to follow them. They didn’t seem to mind so for the next twenty minutes or so I walked when they walked and stopped when they stopped. I kept my distance such that they wouldn’t feel threatened.

As we approached the other end of the field the two deer crossed paths. From where I was standing I could see exactly where they crossed. When they stopped to graze at the far end of the field stalked quietly up to the spot their trails crossed.

When I knelt down I could see the tracks, less than a foot apart, of each of the deer and which individual made them, clearly. Grazing fifteen yards in front of me both deer were facing away from me.

Kneeling there in the field, I recalled a story one of my mentors told me about animals being able to sense when someone touches their tracks. What a perfect time to test this idea out. With both the deer looking the other direction I touched one track. As soon as my finger touched the soil the deer that made the track lifted its head, turned and looked directly at me. When I lifted my finger the animal went back to grazing. Interesting. So, I decided to try it again with the other set of tracks. Same thing happened as soon as I touched the other set of prints. Head came up, turned, looked directly at me. When I lifted my fingers slightly, back it went to grazing.

What happened that day with the deer? What shifted in me that allowed me to be there and have the experience with them?

The answers to those questions are deceptively simple. Learning to work with the energies representing the connection felt by the deer that day as well as consciousness is also simple. Again, deceptively so.

Once you open your awareness and further develop your consciousness your world will change in a number of ways. You’ll see and feel things others are not, yet, aware of in their own lives.

You will also be challenged. Your own ego will keep finding ways to interfere. From feelings of self-importance to inadequacy. Everything will pop up at you to challenge your peace of mind. The biggest challenge is in not complicating things. Something the mind and ego are particularly good at doing.

And this is where the nature awareness routines will be so valuable. When you sit alone developing your awareness of and empathy with the various elements and life forms in nature your ego you will discover a very special mirror has been waiting for you.

Nature is the ultimate mirror for your ego. Beyond human and absolutely indifferent to your ego or even physical survival, nature is able to reflect Truth to you. Personally, I found this rather comforting. My life, until my nature meditations and experiences, seemed to be filled with rather arbitrary rules. This system which was far bigger than myself and not ruled by other humans and their whims, had very simple rules. And was completely unfazed by the whining of my ego.

What happens as you spend more time in nature and your ego has nobody to argue with other than a cedar tree who couldn’t care less?

  • Your inner dialogue will trail off into silence.
  • You will learn to hear the quiet voice of your heart.
  • Your intuition becomes more reliable.
  • Your dreams have things to teach you.
  • You begin to feel energies you hadn’t felt before.
  • You inner life becomes both richer and calmer.
  • You are attracting things into your life intentionally.

As you keep tuning in to the natural world. quieting your mind, you also notice the influence your consciousness and heart have over your life and relationships. Researchers are even able to detect these influences of the heart, brain and mind, now. There are even some fascinating developments in physics research happening that offer exciting insights into our true potential as conscious beings. Here are some links you may find interesting to explore:

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I hope you found this first post helpful. My goals for this blog are simple:

  • Write insanely valuable posts that will be useful to you on your spiritual path.
  • Learn from each other and grow together.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Given to Me by Two Psychic Deer”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Eric. I learned a lot and I want to incorporate some of the teachings you shared here into my own life now. I just need to find a good spot to start in.


  2. Thanks Heather! Find a quiet spot that feels good and stay for 20-30 minutes in the evening or the morning. Go to the same spot as often as you can, once a day if possible. Journal about the experience. Describe what you saw, write poetry, draw. Express how it felt to be there.

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