Learn to Trust Yourself

Let me tell you right upfront I do not feel good. When I got back from my lunch break I went straight to my manager and said I had to go home. I am pretty sure I didn’t look very good standing in the doorway to her office.

Why am I writing this blog post if I really should be in bed?

First I got a bit of sleep this afternoon so another hour being up won’t be a big deal. Second, and most importantly I wanted to see how many days in a row I could write and publish something useful for you.

I hope you find my thoughts today helpful in some way. Frankly, I am not all that confident what I am about to write will even make much sense with the brain fog. But hey let’s give it a go.

So what is the big deal? Why not just go to bed?

The big deal is if I don’t write this post I risk sending myself the message that this blog isn’t that big of a deal to me. This is something I learned a while back about commitment to my own choices. One person I can’t let down more than anyone else in the world is myself.

Do I sound selfish? That’s okay I can hold space for you to sit with me in that feeling.

Putting my thoughts on your screen shows me this website and the message I am sharing is important. Writing this article sends at least one person that very important message. That person is Me.

Sitting here composing these thoughts helps me develop more trust in myself to do the important things I want to do in life. For example, I reinforce my intention to serve the world by sharing what I am inspired to write in the moment.

Trusting Yourself

What I am talking about is deciding your life and what you have to offer is important. Just as important as other people’s. Choose yourself! BTW: James Altucher wrote the book on how and why to Choose Yourself. Buy his book, read his blog, and listen to his podcast. Go here and check them out: https://jamesaltucher.com/

Other ways I am learning to trust myself:

  • I meet my trainer at the gym which let’s me know I value my health..
  • The food I choose to eat signals the value I place on my health.
  • Writing my free flowing thoughts and ideas, three pages worth, every morning.
  • I spend quiet time everyday for at least a few minutes tuning into spirit.

When you choose yourself you do something amazing for the rest of the world. You uncover your unique gifts for the rest of us to appreciate. If you are serving other peoples dreams we don’t get to do that.

Thank you dear reader for sharing these moments with me. I really must get back to bed. Cough syrup awaits.

Feel free to share your thoughts about choosing yourself and not letting yourself down in the comments below.