How To Mix Magick, Money, and Your Career – Tales From My Life

Until very recently I was stumped by a very important career question?

What do I want to do?

For a guy over the age of 50 coming up with some answers sooner than later would be a good idea.  Assuming I want to experience some kind of change in the professional side of my life. No small task in my experience.

For years I have studied and tried starting various businesses. I have had a few careers.  I’ve made bit of money here and there in hobbies. Nothing stuck.

Except my adventures in the esoteric side of life. Those inclinations never left me alone.

For at least 15 years I have been getting this nudge to offer my magickal talents to help others. Yes, it has taken me over 15 years to get to a point where I can be comfortable with the idea of getting paid for using these gifts. My big hold up was not so much confidence.  I was really concerned about business ventures focused on the magickal would slow down my growth.

Really concerned! So much so I would have lived under a bridge before risking sabotage of my spiritual growth.  I even did get paid for doing energy work early on.  In the end, I didn’t pursue a healer’s path.

One recent experience helped transform my thinking about money and magick.  After doing some rituals and offerings I started seeing results.  Pay off a car loan and buy another new car kind of results.  One was a phone call out of the blue two days after a ritual. In other cases, prospective real estate clients started finding me as well.  And fast.

What else happened was my growth accelerated. Why? Integration. I was beginning to integrate more parts of my life into the whole of who I am. Magickal and mundane are woven together. They are on in the same. I was limiting myself by creating the illusion of two worlds.  One to express the magickal aspects of my existence and the other the non-magickal. When in truth all of my life is magickal. Reality is founded in the magickal energies.

Including the money making parts.

So the next question becomes, “Do I use my skills in a non-magick field or offer my them directly to others in exchange for money?”

Both options are completely valid.  In my case, I have been studying, practicing, and experimenting with all sorts of paranormal and energetic things since I was 9 years old.  Speaking of, I have no idea what happened to the pyramid necklace I ordered in the mail. Curious child I was for sure.

My longevity in every other field of interest I have studied doesn’t even come close. You might say I tried everything else I could and am left with what was there in the first place.  Okay I took over 40 years to get here but better late than never.

What conclusions might you draw from my story? Or maybe what have I learned from my path so far?

  • All of reality is magickal at the foundation. I find hints of non-ordinary reality everywhere.
  • Business and career is just one of many ways for people to interact with each other and the world around them.
  • My delineation of money from the rest of reality has been fear-based.  I feel money at best represents energy.  Other than to humans in the physical it is just paper with printing.

The tools available in the various magickal systems are useful in real estate, medicine, education, business, politics, raising kids, or anything else. Everything we perceive in the physical experience is still subject to influence of some sort by the magickal. How you apply the tools though would  vary with your circumstances and your belief systems. Smoothing over tense situations at work and attracting a new client require approaches only really differing in the details. Meta-processes are quite similar.

I’ve come to understand that I just happen to be someone who is drawn specifically to energy and magick as a primary study.  If there was another field where I had this kind of attraction I could use magick to enhance that career. There isn’t so here I am.

Well, there is my side gig teaching Argentine Tango. A rich experience for anyone interested in heart magic. Another story for another day.