How to Learn Magick

Leaving room for the possibility that the physical universe can be influenced by your will and relationships with non-physical beings is all that’s needed to learn magick. A small crack in your perception of the world will do. You don’t really have to have faith even. You will learn magick by experimenting and seeing magickal results.

How do you get magickal results?

Cracking Reality

Begin by opening your perception of reality with or without without chemical help. To do this you need a magick journal. You want to keep track of daily coincidences, meditation experiences, dreams and whatever else shows up in your life along with your magickal experiments.

The journal is really important because we forget the details of our everyday lives very easily. When you can look back on your experiences in your own words you will begin to see the patterns. Petitioning your favorite Goddess one day and out of the blue three days later you got your result. A short list of possibilities for experimenting and results to record:

  • Curious interactions with animals?
  • You are able to feel or otherwise sense energy in people, places, things, animals?
  • Understanding or knowledge just shows up in your head about subjects in which you have no background?
  • Maybe you can offer lucrative stock market tips?
  • You attract sexual partners without effort?
  • Your dreams have become prophetic?
  • Weather changes you’ve asked for happening?
  • Life is basically handing you your desires?

Or maybe you didn’t get any results? Either way you have a record to review. As you continue you may find some applications or areas of magick work better than others for you. You may even find a knack for certain applications.

Your intellectual mind needs to see the evidence in front of you. Not just once either. When you see results happen over and over you will begin to think there is something to this magick thing.

The Magickal Experiments

Journal in hand now you just need an experiment to run. This experiment will have a goal to influence reality in a very small way. Small sums of money might be interesting. Interaction with a spirit or other entity you are drawn to is another. Influencing your co-worker or boss at your job might be another.

Pick a goal where you can get clear feedback. You want to know if the experiment works or not without a lot of needing to interpret. You got a raise. Your co-worker stopped stealing your lunch. Your tarot spread nailed your friends situation perfectly.

Magickal Systems that Work

What system you use is going to depend on what you are most comfortable with using. You will probably want to try a few out.

  • Taoist,
  • Enochian,
  • law of attraction,
  • witchcraft,
  • druidry,
  • astrological,
  • elemental,
  • chaos magick,
  • pop culture magick,
  • and on and on.

Yes, you can learn how to do magick from books and videos. Most of systems really do work for someone. Do your research and find systems you want to try out (also listed at end of article.) Learn, learn, learn, and DO!

To get you started take a look at The Gallery of Magick web site and their books. The rituals are pretty straight forward and work for many people. I have done some of them and been impressed.

John Michael Greer is a prolific and thorough researcher and practitioner. I love his books. Not all of them resonate with me but they are all well done. His book “Learning Ritual Magic” is quite good with a well organized plan for getting started.

New Avatar Power or NAP is another system which is both beginner friendly and powerful. Geof Gray-Cobb is the creator and author though his daughter has re-edited and re-published them after his death. Definitely check them out.

For a simple yet powerful way to get started try sigils. Basically, marks on paper which bend reality for you.

Gordon White over at has some good articles as well as books to read. He covers a lot of ground and is author of “The Chaos Protocols”. Definitely worth buying. He writes about some innovative ways to work with sigils as well as powerful traditional rituals for our modern times.

How to Work a Magick System

For a magick system to work you need to do the work. Give it a try. Do what the process without modification for a long enough period of time. This might mean doing it for a year. Whatever is typical for people new to the system to need to get familiar you will need to do.

There are reasons why participants in a certain system do the things they do the way they do them. As an outsider to a practice and especially as a person new to magick knowing why things are done the way they are can be difficult to understand.

At the same time your healthy boundaries are important. If you become involved in a group ritual unwanted physical or sexual contact is not okay. Emotional abuse is not appropriate either.


Magick is about discovering what works to bend reality according to your will. In order to know if you are being effective you need to be a bit of a scientist. Pick a system. Do the system the way it is designed to be worked. Keep track of results. Reflect on your notes to see what works for you and what doesn’t.


  • John Michael Greer, “Learning Ritual Magic”, and many other titles. His website Ecosophia.
  • Gordon White, “The Chaos Protocols”, his website RuneSoup.
  • Damon Brand, The Gallery of Magick has a number of good titles.
  • Geof Gray-Cobb, “The New Avatar Power”