How To Empower Your Magick with Video Games

About 5 minutes ago a dark dragon from Sky: Children of the Light attacked, again. I am getting a little cocky in the game. Lost some winged light I am going to have to find. Again.

No worries. I’ll get them back though I do have a bit of adrenaline pumping right now. Just like with movies or an engaging book I live the story in the game. Which is one reason I do limit my video game and media consumption. They take attention and energy which can be over stimulating for me.

Losing oneself in a story is handy. When you are working with magick immersing yourself in the story you are weaving in your magickal practice is a big part of what makes it work. Why?

Because the story is real. Even if no one else can see or engage in the story. In a subjective reality the story is still real if it is real to you. The subjective nature of reality is one reason why there is magick. We don’t exist in a mechanical contraption. We are in and of consciousness!

Yes some people will say I am deluded. That’s fine. Experience tells me out here on the fringe things don’t always work like we are taught by society, churches, scientists, and parents. Objective perspectives are useful for sure. They don’t capture the totality of what is possible is all.

If you are having trouble with your magick you might try adding a feeling of playfulness to your rituals and spells. Playfulness of powerful. When I am in the playful space I notice I am holding two states of mind at the same time.

First I am more fully in the moment. Even lost in what I am doing with no sense of time. What I am engaged in is reality. At least for a while. Just like when I work a ritual or spell. Last night I had a trance working with dragons which became so real in this Universe a ball of chaos showed up in my room. Yep, my eyes were open. I saw a wing or two flow through the chaos.

Second, even if I am highly focused I am not ego serious. For some reason being serious is a real problem. I suspect there are a couple of reasons. Being lost in seriousness can definitely interfere with magick. I suspect there is a block to energy flow like how energy doesn’t flow as well when our body is holding tension. The other thing is seriousness might be compensating for insecurity.

When I was a kid I would put myself in trances and just play with my mind and perceptions. I could feel like I was spinning upside down or floating or sinking. All from a playful place. Later as an adult when I began to learn to flow energy I would just hold an almost curious state of mind and relax. Doing this I could run a shiver of energy up my spine even while driving in the car.

Next time you notice yourself lost in a movie or video game pay attention. How does your body feel? What are your emotions like in the moment? Be aware without getting lost.

I guess this sounds a bit paradoxical. Immerse yourself confidently in the magickal space of working with spirits, energy, and imagination. Allow the moment to unfold while not losing yourself.

Relax, Breathe, Let Go


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