Hekate and Liminal Lessons

Four o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Past experiments with seeking help getting to sleep from other realms had shown some promise. Last night I ended up pulling all those experiments together in desperation as much as anything. I can only really say this in hindsight because at the time I had no clue what I was doing.

Looking back I can clearly see I was being walked through a process. Pretty sure the whole thing started because in my desperation to get more than four hours of sleep before I went to work in the morning I asked Hekate for help. She delivered big time. Not that I got much more sleep.

For reference this is the process from last night:

  1. Asking Hekate for help.
  2. Calling spirit (animal) guides to look over me.
  3. Releasing Energy
  4. Curiosity


Goddess of the between places, the liminal, the night, sorcery, witchcraft, and dogs. Asking for help from Hekate was my first order of business. She has been an important teacher/mentor of mine for a few years. Now and then I get visions in meditation affirming she is with me.

So, I asked her for help getting back to sleep. Whether insomnia was something she helped people with I didn’t know. She was the first one I thought of though and frankly she felt safe to ask. Feeling safe leads into the next aspect of my request to Hekate. Letting myself feel looked over by her. Again, I don’t know if that’s her gig or not but the feeling was it was safe to ask.

Writing all this down I can see what I really got was a lot more than a little more sleep. Goddess of the liminal indeed! Hekate led me to the between place. Access to dream worlds and visions in this place were vivid and lucid. I was able to cross back and forth at will.

Animal Guides

After my request to Hekate I felt guided to gather my spirit animal guides to watch over me. Not sure why. Once a gain it just seemed like a good idea.

This part of the process was really simple. I joined them in spirit and they hung out with me. I was very grateful for their presence. Not because I was afraid or lonely. Having them in my awareness was right somehow.

Releasing Energy

Guided by Hekate, surrounded by my protectors and companions, I simply started saying to myself, “Let go of fear.” No idea why. I wasn’t conscious of being in a state of fear. Yet, for some reason this helped quite a bit. Somehow there was an energy pattern I was feeling release from my body each time I repeated “Let go of fear” to myself. My body just kind of let go of energy with each release.

There is the possiblity I was letting go of recent trauma from an unexpected surgery in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some energy patterns associated with what I went through before, during, and after the surgery. Not that I was aware of such a thing bothering me but it is certainly possible.

Whatever was going on after some number of these releases I was ready for the next step.


My eyes were closed. Energy was releasing, and I was being watched over and guided. At this point I became curious. Not asleep and becoming less awake I started noticing the patterns in front of my closed eyes. Any characteristic or non-characteristic I could perceive of the imagery was a curiosity for me to explore.

Like being in a lucid dream the act process was one of be curious, stay detached, and let go as the image faded. Only a few lucidity cycles happened. They were enough though for me to get the point. I could drop in and out of these waking-ish dreams by choice.

Compared to lucid dreams I was kind of going backwards. Instead of starting from a sleeping state and shifting to lucid I was going the other way. Wakeful lucid state was leading to the dream-like state. Which isn’t exactly new either.

What’s new is this feeling of being led through a precise lesson. The object of the lesson apparently was types of fear energy, working with my spirit companions in specific ways, being curious, and asking for help and trusting help would be there.

The power of curiosity. Curiosity is a very real force in Creation. To be curious is to among other things engage ones imagination and intellect, and suspend judgement. Judgement can really shut things down in any realm. Imagination is where everything happens. Our intellect allows us to consider, reflect, and make choices about what we are exploring.

Curiosity opens doors. No wonder I keep getting lessons in curiosity when I am in these in between or liminal states. Working with Hekate would pretty much guarantee such an experience.