Headless Rite Before Bed

Few things in life are more frustrating than not being able to get to sleep. Sleep is everything! At least, it sure seems like it when you aren’t getting enough.

Usually, I fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time. When I can’t get to sleep though I get really frustrated. Why? Because I often get up early no matter how long I have been asleep. When I get up I am typically alert like I have 3 cups of coffee on board. Without the coffee.

At some point it dawned on me I might not be able to get to sleep because someone or something is keeping me up. With that in mind I decided to try an experiment. Maybe I needed to include magick in dealing with my sleep issues?

Direct energy work wasn’t helping. Whether through sex or solo trance working I wasn’t able to clear whatever was hanging on to me. What did work was the Headless Rite. Specifically, I used Gordon White’s version with the Four Kings as found in his book Chaos Protocols. His website is Runesoup.com.

BTW: If you read the Headless Rite you will notice a definite theme of getting rid of things dragging you down.

While I have used the Rite before this time there was a difference. I approached this ritual from a psychological frame I had only accidentally adopted in the past. Which probably explains the mixed results I was getting.

This time I performed the ritual as one with the blood of kings running through his veins. You can have the energy flowing, you can have contact with entities of all kinds. Stepping into the power psychologically was when the magick really kicked in.

I slept.

I had dreams like Visions.

Reality started rearranging.

That night I did the Rite I could feel each of the Kings energetically flowing through me as I addressed them individually. Invoking entities isn’t what’s new. Now they aren’t sitting to the side waiting for me to take my place at the table. I had to step into my place of power. They have been waiting. I suspect they have also been setting me up for being sleep deprived to get me to this place in my growth.

Lack of sleep is a classic route to altered states of mind or trances. Once in trance shifting is much easier than working with the ego and rational mind.

Since then I have been performing the Rite as inspired before bed. Each time I do my dreams get back to the vision-like quality and/or meaning of my early days in learning magick.