Happiness and Being Enough

Facebook is asking me “What’s on my mind?”

This spring I realized I was pushing people in my life away or creating a distance.


Because I was judging myself with standards and criteria given to me and not meeting those expectations. From finances to being a father and all the other things that have to do with the present circumstances of my life. Ironically, I wouldn’t judge my friends by those standards. Just myself.

Then one day not that long ago I was pulling up to a stop sign. And I was thinking about one day needing to replace the car. From that thought a domino of thoughts toppled into my consciousness. All things that kind of sucked in life at the moment.

The last domino toppled as I came to a stop at the intersection. In that moment I could feel inside myself this core of happiness. None of the worries really mattered. No matter what my life was or wasn’t I was at my core happy.

Someday I’ll be in a wonderful relationship, my kids will get past their teen years, my body will heal, my business and financial life will be fine, and I’ll even be able to retire my car. And even if nothing changes, who I am in the moment is still enough.