Free to Walk the Magickal Realms

Do you have a hard time balancing being in the magical realms with ordinary life? Most of us witchy, occultist, magick types seem to have this problem in common. What to do about it though is complicated. Family, employment, friends, and a bunch of other factors make staying normal the safe thing to do.

Last week I was wandering down by the beach and had an epiphany. Looking at the water I closed my eyes, imagining the waves and shoreline just in front of me. Then it struck me. My two worlds problem was due to my not making a choice!

In that moment I had stepped into a watery doorway. Right there in public. In the middle of the day where normal people were walking by me. I choose to go into an unseen realm.

Why am I not making that choice more often? This wasn’t the first time I have done this kind of thing. What ws different was the contrast with my typical perspective. Why am I accepting “normal” as my default perspective? Why not choose to see the world from a magical perspective by default? Switching to normal as needed.

The way this realization is unfolding I see the answer. I have stayed wedded to the social consensus of what life should look like. All I need to do is choose differently.

Why do we hobble ourselves? I think we are wired to go along with our group. It’s a survival thing.

What that means is fear is what is holding all of us back!

Back to that other “F” word. FEAR! Facing our fear is once again the key to living the life we want to live. Pretty much applies to everything many of us want to do and certainly when it comes to magic.

For me that means letting go of my past where I identified as a commercial pilot, computer programmer, rational-ish guy and all the social roles and associated expectations. There is no one I need to impress with my conforming these days.

Maybe this is one of those shifts which comes with age? I don’t know.

I am looking forward to going back to that beach and walking through that watery doorway again. We will have a friendly conversation, whoever shows up to greet me. Ocean fairies? We will have a pleasant chat over some tea while sitting on the beach. Having already had some contact with the fairy realms I do suspect this is all part of my evolution.

Which reminds me, I ordered more books. The Living World of Faery by R.J. Stewart is on the way. I ordered this book in particular because Mr. Stewart’s work has been well reviewed by people I trust. The book appears to be a mix of both modern and old practices for working with the fairy realms.