Finding Your Power Spot – A Circle in the Woods

Have you ever experienced a spot on the Earth which just gushed energy? Years ago I was out wandering in the woods and came across such a spot. There wasn’t anything particularly notable about this spot physically. Typical Pacific Northwest forest, really. A rotten log nearby, some Sword Ferns and trees which were likely third growth. Hemlock and Douglas Fir most likely.

I am out for a wander. Not really looking for anything in particular. Seeing the sights along the path less traveled. The floor was dappled with sunlight. My path is meandering generally downhill though gently nothing too steep.

Just past the end of the rotten log by 10 feet or so I step into a buzz of energy. There was no mistaking it either. Stepping back the enregy wasn’t there. Stepping into the spot, energy. I figured the area was around 10 ft in diameter though I didn’t trace the exact shape. circular seems the best description.

I could walk around in this spot in the woods and feel this rush. Energetically the feel was kind of sexual. Though not quite. I wondered if it was a spot where the local deer came to mate or maybe had given birth.

The feeling was strong for whatever reason. I took my coat off allowing the energy to flow and guide my movements for a few minutes. Then I was continued on with the rest of my wandering.

Energy Portals

Looking back with today with experience and time on my side I wonder about that little circle in the woods. My opinion is shifting now about it’s true nature. I feel I could have stumbled across a portal of positive and creative energy.

Where was the energy coming from that day? Who knows? The hill I was traversing was also a spot I had seen some non-ordinary reality phenomena. Sky super-imposed on clouds. A red blanket hanging from the branch of a tree. Trance states on this particular hill expanded the definition of reality for me.

At the time I hadn’t yet begun to explore any of the systems of magick and energy. I was focused on Earth-based experience and the energy I could channel and guide through my body. Working with other entities really was a few years down the road still.

Given what I know now I would spend more time there. Going back to develop a connection and relationship with whatever was manifesting. Heck if I was living near the hill I would spend some time wandering now to see if I might be able to stumble on it again.

I don’t live near the hill anymore. My imagination and memory of the experience will have to do. What I learned so clearly was how powerful energy portal experiences can be when you find one. These days I am as likely to have a similar rush experience by the ocean or bay. For whatever reason, lakes and ponds are nearly as strong for me. Rivers and oceans on the other hand can be a real rush.

Magick of The Moon

Which is why I see the Moon as such a heavy influence on my life. Our relationship became conscious for me pretty early on. Growing up right on Puget Sound north of Seattle, as a kid I got to the point I felt the tides. I swear I could feel them in my body depending on the time of the month. The feeling is hard to describe but something was there in me.

The ocean is a power spot for me. Pretty big one too! The connection with the Moon is clear. Somehow we form a triangle of energy.

So, when I drew The Moon yesterday in my tarot card for the day I smiled. The Moon has been such a dominant part of my life for so long I enjoy when she shows up in my divination and magick work.

To top it off today’s card turned the card of the day draw into a multi-day reading. The Knight of Wands. Creative energy and a young man on a quest riding a powerful horse. Magick, new journey, creative expression. Pretty much sums up my first week after spending the last year at the cubicle job!

Finding Your Power Places

If you want to find energy portals I have a few suggestions. First, ask yourself why you want to find a portal? This question is worth exploring. Some portals can be very powerful. They also might not have your best interests at heart. If you are a thrill seeker you might find some unwelcome guests on your adventure.

  1. Go looking without fear, with respect, and listen to your intuition. You could very well find the scene of a violent crime which occurred decades or even centuries ago. Be ready and know what you are willing to deal with given your stage of development. If you get in over your head you may want or need to seek out someone with experience handling malevolent entities.
  2. Allow yourself to be guided to places of power. Meditation will help you keep your mind quiet and your intuition accessible. Learning about local history can be a big help.
  3. What natural features of Gaia are irresistible to you? That desire for certain landscapes is telling you where to go.
  4. Tune into your body and imagination. Feel for the energy, listen for the voice of the place.
  5. Ask permission of the guardians of the place.
  6. Offer thanks and a gift.
  7. Treat the place with respect.

Reality is a field of energy. Intelligent energy. We are a part of this field as is everything else. Feel yourself as part of the creation appreciating and respecting the other aspects of creation.

Make an ally of the place. Care for this place. Help re-enchant our world.

Tarot cards from Universal Tarot – Lo Scarabeo.