Energy Work and Reality Surfing

Some years ago, I would do energy sessions with people. Most of them had some memorable energy experiences. Some were quite intense. After a while though I started wondering what was the point. Why do these sessions? How was I helping anyone?

Not having an answer I stopped. My focus became very relationship oriented. Energy connections with my partner was how I began to tread my energy path. From there I was drawn into learning about soul mates and twin flames.

Shifting my focus like this has happened a number of times. Even now, my focus has shifted to a much more structured practice of magic. The shifting isn’t bad per say it just feels like I have been wandering for quite a while.

All of this wandering also feels rather disjointed and fragmented. That fragmented feeling has made sharing my experiences via writing rather difficult. I have just not been sure how to frame all this in a way which would be helpful or even make sense.

In truth the wandering hasn’t really been without direction or purpose. My path in this incarnation wasn’t designed to be structured. Everything I am learning is showing up when I am ready. There even appears to be links pulling it all together.

What is the meta-idea to link everything together?

Good news is I think I can finally do it. Hopefully, I have found my way far enough along the path to make those links.

Planes of Reality

Studying recently Dion Fortune’s work has helped a lot. Thank you to John Michael Greer at Ecosophia for bringing her books to my attention. In her work she discusses the planes of existence. While not new I hadn’t gone deep enough until reading her work and Greer’s discussions around it. Now that I have the smoke is clearing and pulling my experiences together into a whole. Which makes passing along what I am learning much easier.

The planes are as follows. Each has sub-planes but this break out works to start with:

  1. Spiritual (which is really another set of planes above what humans can perceive)
  2. Mental – Meaning
  3. Astral – Dreams and emotions.
  4. Etheric – Life force, etheric energyy
  5. Physical – Matter, Biological life

What I have been doing is approaching these planes as distinct paths. Which they are in way. You can spend a lifetime or two on any one of them.

They are also inter-penetrating and part of a larger system. My hopping around from plane to plane has missed the common path joining the planes. Along with missing the path I have allowed earlier explorations to take a backseat while focusing on what was currently in front of me.

Energy and Vibration

Did I get lost along the way? Were my wanderings a mistake or detour?

No, I feel like it was all part of the curriculum. The way my path unfolded I believe I was intended to discover the pieces before the whole. Circling back to bringing everything together I am now understanding a more holistic view.  Specifically, the ideas of energy and vibration have unfolded for me in new ways beyond the intellectual.

The following idea also showed up somewhere along the way in my research.  Getting my head wrapped around it is opening doors!

There are beings who exist in a level of vibration where electricity or light waves feel the same as rock or concrete feel to us.

What fell out of this contemplation and hit me on the head? All these different levels of existence are being experienced, supposed to be experienced, and are part of our evolution as spiritual beings. Not continuing to develop on the physical plane so I can focus on the astral isn’t the answer. They all interpenetrate each other! Like when I was doing energy healing on dogs when I was dreaming. An example of being active on the astral and etheric planes at the same time.

Truth is I never really stopped working on any plane. The issue is more about where do we put our attention. Being conscious at all levels is one of the bigger lessons.

Energy Work – Expanded

Wow! Sometimes I really do feel silly. All part of my path though so keep going. There is no need to divide energy work from astral, physical, or mental it’s all part of the whole and active at the same time.

This brings me to more of a surfing model of development. Riding the wave up and down the planes at all times. Whatever state of development I am at I can show up on each plane without neglecting the others.

Which leads me to the really big idea. Writing from an energy and vibration perspective. I have been looking for a larger theme the frame my writing on this blog. From magick to UFOs nothing has felt right.

With these ideas gelling for me though I get it. I can expand how I conceptualize a topic, any topic, from an energy and vibration point of view. Once again I feel silly here. Probably because when I define vibration and energy from a pretty specific perspective.

When I refer to energy and vibration I am referring to energy I can generate or channel not dependent on a belief system. Another person involved in the energy session typically feels the energy independent of belief systems as well. Sometimes there is an emotional component though not always. Energy and vibration is not defined by presence or absence of emotional states.

If we were to conduct an energy session with this understanding we could see reality as a spectrum of vibration. We can work along all of this spectrum with intention for healing and evolution. Including working with the other beings we find there.


Magic, ritual, banishing, offerings, divination, and meditation then all get woven into this approach. Our alters are physical touchstones for our patron deities, ancestors, and other beings. Creation is all linked by the spectrum of vibration and energy which defines creation. They are linked and interface where they are able.

We also interface when and where we can on the energy and vibration spectrum. As we evolve this capacity grows. Whatever path we walk we keep being drawn along to discern and tune to finer and finer level of energy.

The question is what has been slowing us down on our paths?

Opening My Eyes

The biggest blinders I have had all these years I believe has been cultural. My family wasn’t really religious in any way. They certainly didn’t stand in my way regarding these more esoteric interests.

When I was searching for books as a kid I doubt they would have cared if I brought home a Satanic bible frankly. Which I am grateful for seeing how oppressive some families can be. So where did all the fear about sharing the occult side of my life come from if not my family? Scientific materialism is about all I can really point my finger at for clues.

More than the fear but less obvious is the likely blind spots in modern books on the occult. I didn’t realize just how common occult activities and publishing has been for much of our history. Let alone all the old texts going back thousands of years. What lessons have we ignored in our contemporary magical systems which were well known 1500 years ago? Or even 150 years ago?

I don’t know. Of course not everything is sacred truth just because it is old. On the other hand we do have a ways to go before we can be accused of being stuck in the past as far as the occult. With that in mind I am looking forward to including more of what I find in the archives. I am even learning Latin to help in the research!


First, my writing has been hampered by lack of direction. Most of my occult background is through a seemingly chaotic process obscuring the bigger picture. Clarity is growing as I apparently have been graduated by whoever is grading my homework.

Working in and along the planes consciously as a whole system of energy and vibration appears to be a new lesson. Consciously, is the key word here. We all exist and are evolving on the various planes. Our level of awareness of them at any one time is what varies. Aware or not the vibration and energy keeps flowing.

The past holds secrets for us. We just need to set aside our scientific superiority and cultural bias for a bit. Being blinded by our own culture is slowing us down by forcing us to rediscover and reinvent what was found or known not that long ago. I am just getting started blowing the dust of these old books but even browsing the lists of titles is exciting.