Dreaming and Connection with a Dying Fawn

Yesterday evening while I was out in the backyard I heard a loud crack come from the street. Sounded like a baseball bat hitting a rock really hard. Only it wasn’t. When we went to see what was going on a young woman was in the middle of the road standing over a spotted fawn. She hadn’t hit the little one with her car she just stopped to help if she could.

The fawn, about the same age and size as the one in the picture, was still breathing. Mom was close by, clearly distressed. Three of us (a neighbor was there too) picked the limp body up and moved it to a safe area away from traffic.

My wife called 911 to see if anyone could help. While we were waiting for police to arrive, animal control is closed after hours, the fawn started kicking her legs and tried to move her head. We thought she might recover. The head wound though looked pretty bad. She also had very little control of her head and a very limp neck.

During the wait I stroked her coat and began holding energy with my hand. Not for long but long enough. I’ve learned the power of holding space like this when my grandfather was dying.

Eventually, after some calls to people who specialize in animal rehab the decision was made to put down the fawn. A single gun shot to the heart. Sad evening.

Like with my grandfather combining imminent death with energy work hit me hard and in a similar manner. Dreaming. Last night I had an intense deer dream. I was riding a motorcycle on the freeway dodging hundreds of dead and dying deer.

The dream affirmed to me what I have been searching for the last 5 or so years. Defining my spiritual path. My path in magick, the spiritual, and the occult has had a consistent nature connection theme. For a while now I have been exploring a number of other perspectives. Many even work for me but none have fit me comfortably.

When I am working from the perspectives of the elemental forces and entities, nature, animals, plants, and energy I am much more in flow. Now I will take the sad gift of the dying fawn as a reminder to walk my very special to me path. To be magickally me. Who I was born to be.

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