Do You Feel The Energy Flowing in Your Body?

My wife was still asleep while I was deciding whether to get out of bed. Then I did something I haven’t done very consistently over the last year. I got my body buzzing with energy and started guiding the energy flow.

Life Challenges

Why the lack of focus on energy work for almost a year? Life. New job, health challenges, house projects, and more just plain distracted me. My energy work had stopped being priority as I got lost in all this other stuff.


Life this last year has been a mixture of sleep walking and unusual challenges for me. Challenges in terms of my physical health in particular. Stress from working in an office environment was pretty intense. Last time I worked in an office must have been over 15 years ago. I applied for the job because I wanted to focus on paying off my new car. My consulting business hadn’t been doing much in terms of income so the paycheck has been helpful. Why the consulting business was in that state is a topic for another article.

Bathroom Remodel

Also in the mix was the over year long bathroom remodel which started as an attempt to fix a slow draining bathtub. Eventually, the bathroom was reduced to floor joists and wall studs. Everything was replaced or repaired. Wiring, plumbing, fixtures, bathtub plywood, the five layers of flooring, wall tile, … everything was a problem. Now the new bathtub has a very reassuring echo in the pipes as the water flows freely to the sewer system!

The best way I have come up with to describe what happened was I grounded myself into 3D reality. Paying off debt and fixing our home were consuming nearly all of my attention when I wasn’t at work. Even teaching and dancing tango were taking a back seat.

Living an unbalanced life in many ways? Heck yeah! Choices, even when necessary, come at a cost.

Guilt Getting in the Way of the Healthy Choices

My energy work really slowed down. Exploring ancient magickal texts and rituals took the place of flowing energy on a daily basis. Oddly, the energy flowing would have been simpler to keep doing. The rituals though took less time. I felt guilty every time my wife had to walk downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Looking back I see I was not allowing myself to do the things I cared about. I was lost in a world of obligations.

Did I make a mistake or a wrong choice in my life path? Sure I could have made other choices. On the other hand, I have learned a lot. One thing I learned is that where fear is most likely to show up is in how much time I have left in life. Letting go of my expectations about how my life should be progressing has been very helpful.

Let me rephrase. Practicing letting go of expectations about life progress. Because frankly this is an on going process for me. At 53 I finally feel like I can share my passion around energy work and consciousness with the world. Until very recently though fear of judgement has been holding me back. As I am getting more comfortable with moving past the fear I am encountering less fear.

Lesson revisited, fear restricts energy.

Office Energy Work

Looking back I think this last year have been good for me. There are challenges to being in environments you don’t want to be in but are there anyway. Doing your work as a spiritual being in this reality isn’t always comfortable. Fear is often the constricting element. Find the fear and you’ve found your next learning opportunity.

For example, in the last month I have started bringing energy work into the office setting. A few weeks ago I created a vortex of energy in my cubicle. My intention was to increase my positive social experience.

Now I have been asked to be part of a new team for a special project. The social dynamics of the team are very positive. Also, more people are going out of there way to interact with me on a personal level, too. I am kind of hidden away doing database programming and analysis. When people started reaching out the change was really noticeable. Most importantly, I realized no matter what my circumstances my life’s work with energy will always be present.

Back to this morning when I was in bed deciding whether to get up or not. Staying in my nice warm bed I relaxed my nervous system so I could feel the energy pulsing through my body. My hands got a good buzz going. I like feeling the energy in my body.

You have to feel energy physically. A Reiki guy I know once told me many practitioners don’t feel anything physically. Which kind of surprised me since my experience has been very physical. Feeling the energy is reassuring for me. Kind of a benchmark, the sensations allow me to distinguish between my unsubstantiated belief something happened and real, physical experience.

Feeling Energy Flowing

If you would like to feel the flow of energy in your body here are a couple of tips.

  • Allow the energy to flow. Something I have noticed is expecting and forcing the energy is not helpful. Allowing the energy flow to unfold works really well. Expectations, which are different than trusting and knowing, seem to hide or restrict the energy experience.
  • Relaxation is a big factor. The more relaxed you are the more open your body is to the flow of energy. Tension causes restriction. Restriction can lead to physical problems. Years before my shoulder froze an energy practitioner running a workshop identified the shoulder as being very constricted energetically. He was able to see a color which indicated reduced energy flow in my shoulder. I think it was four or five years later when that shoulder froze!
  • Awareness of sensation is really important. Get in touch with your physical self. Light touches to your skin are a good way to begin to tune into the energy in our body.

How To Work With Energy

Working with energy is all about intention and attention. Wherever you place your attention the energy flows. Whatever your intention is how the energy will begin to influence reality.

This morning I was using energy to open my throat and neck. Within a few minutes my sinuses began to clear and I could breath much better than I was able to when I woke up.

The other goal I had was to practice holding high levels of energy. With my experience of the last year I felt like I needed to get back on my path. Opening myself to greater and greater energetic flows has been a foundation of my path.

If you are interested you can begin the opening as well. Here are a few tips to getting the flow of energy running strong.

Relax and Release

  • You can use music if it helps you relax.
  • Lay down and notice your body. Notice how you are supported by the floor or furniture. How do your clothes feel against your skin?
  • Scan your body.
  • As you scan notice any spots of tension.
  • There are different techniques for releasing any tension you notice. Tensing and relaxing muscles is one. The act of noticing will often release tension, too.
  • As you breathe let your body relax and let go at deeper and deeper levels.

Using Your Breath

Learn to link your breath to the flow of energy. When I breathe in I imagine the energy coming up though my feet, into my legs, genitals, abdomen, heart, and bouncing against the top of my skull. When I breathe out I feel the energy flow back down my arms into my hands. You might notice I am hitting the major chakras in this pattern.

The key to making this link is in your imagination. Your imagination is one of if not the most powerful tools you possess. Imagine feeling the energy flow in the pattern I described.

As you keep relaxing into your body you will began to feel the flow. Sometimes I shudder or twitch during the process with the increasing intensity. Don’t worry if it happens to you. Relax into the experience.

Energy Patterns

There are other patterns you can use. Each pattern has a different effect so exploring and experimenting are a good idea.

Here are some patterns to try:

  • Head to feet. Bring the energy down through the top of your head.
  • Circulating within your body. You can also circulate the energy down the front and up the back of your body.
  • All over skin inhalation. Draw the energy into your body from every square inch of your skin.
  • Pick a chakra. Heart, root, throat, or whatever. Pick the chakra and imagine the energy flowing into and out of that spot of your energy system.
  • Pick an organ. Just like the flowing through a chakra do the same thing with an organ.

While you are experimenting keep track of your experiences and sensations in a journal. Being able to look back on what you’ve done and found is really helpful. In particular, there may be times when you don’t feel like you are making any progress. See how far you’ve come in your journal is really good motivation.

Let me know your thoughts! Do you work with energy? There are different types of sensations depending on the people involved in the work. How does the energy feel to you?