Death, Meditation, and Recursion

Today is a day of hypnotherapy, software development, and remembering a new friend in my life. He was called and inspired to serve and relieve the suffering of others. My new friend died recently while out hiking. While I am writing this my wife is with his widow. We don’t know and don’t control when our path in this life transitions to whatever comes next.

Michael Singer’s books “The Untethered Soul” and “The Surrender Experiment” are helping me remember aspects of my growing self-realization. Looking back I feel like in some ways, I took a 25 year detour. Forgetting practices and habits I new were important. I stagnated in fear for a long time. Though what I learned in those years was apparently what I needed to learn. Which can be a little embarrassing to my ego. All part of my path. Including letting go of the embarrassment. Deaths of a kind.

Lately, I’ve been getting a much more regular schedule of meditation without intention. Which is so simple and SO profoundly helpful. In completely unrelated news, or is it, Chapter 4 of The Little Schemer wrapped up today. Studying recursion (functions that call themselves) in computer programming has been stretching my brain a little.

Living an inspired life is remarkably challenging. So many shoulds are coming at each of us from so many directions. What gets in the way is not what we don’t have. Dropping what we’ve been given by others is the challenge. Should I be focusing on hypnotherapy, software, or ???? Yes!

As I keep dropping beliefs systems I get lighter. Instead of replacing those belief systems I am relaxing into the Self I am before the baggage found me. The toughest part in the growing self-realization is in this bit. I’ve held belief systems for much of my life knowing I would have to eventually drop them. Recently, I reach a threshold of some kind. I think it came from feeling like I lost everything over the last 5 years. Yeah, a bit dramatic. The feeling is there though. The result is being willing to give up everything ego attached in order to be free. Curious process going on here.

Sometimes balancing my diverse interests can be difficult. Egoic- mind wants to attach to one. Instead of letting the flow of Life inspire my next action my mind wants to tell the Universe how everything needs to happen. Why study the Scheme programming language? I don’t know! Yet, I feel drawn. Inspired. I’m also drawn to work with drones. Can’t say why. And when I get a little extra cash I’ll be getting some hardware for experimenting. My step-son asked this morning if he could help with a drone project.

Then there’s hypnotherapy. Programming for the Mind. Another thread in my life getting some focused attention from me. Helping people work with the systems of their mind is very rewarding. Instead of communicating in text with silicone we are working with imagery and feelings. Energy bundles making up belief systems “programmed” by life at some point in our history.

Venturing further gets into some out there stuff. Energy healing, Chi, remote viewing, remote influence …. For some reason, I’m drawn to all this. I still don’t know how all this things fit together. Somehow they are part of whatever Life is inspiring me to do in this Universe.

So, I keep doing my daily practice as best I am able. Thank you James Altucher for your book, Choosing Yourself. James’ book convinced me to attend to my Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual health every day each day. I wasn’t doing a very good job. Neglecting different aspects of my being was very limiting.

Turns out happiness is the foundation not the result of a life well lived. Moving my body, getting enough sleep(!!!), exercising my brain (Ten Ideas a Day!), reading and learning, meditation, love and being loved all keep me happy and tuned into the whispers from Life.