Coffee Shop Experiments in the Power of Imagination and Chi

Your imagination is powerful! Very powerful. To give you an idea, I want to share what happened last night in a local coffee shop.

Looking for a place to get some writing done last night, I emailed a friend. He’s usually hunkered down over his laptop with a cup of coffee somewhere in town. The spot he was hanging out at had a few empty chairs so I asked him to save me a seat.

When I showed up there as a nice cushy easy chair waiting for me across my friend. Getting settled in, I started writing, watching people wander by, and enjoying my passion iced tea. Eventually, I needed a break from all that and decided to try an experiment.

Because my friend has an extensive background in working with energy (chi) I thought it would be fun to work some energy with him without telling him. In this experiment, I didn’t intend the energy to be active in his body. Doing so without his permission wouldn’t be cool. What I did was I created flow of energy in a cyclonic doorway pattern between the two of us. After a few minutes of of flowing and cycloning I IM’d him on Facebook, “Feel that?”

He didn’t see the message for 10 or 15 minutes. When he finally did he looked up and laughed. Looking at the time stamp, he said he definitely did feel something at about the time I sent the message but it was outside his body. So, while we were talking about what had happened, I intended the energy to move internally and began moving it in a circular manner through him.

Yep, he felt the shift immediately. Note that all it took was a shift in my intention for him to feel a corresponding shift. He also began describing the nature of the energy to me. Basically, the energy had a gentle feel to it as it was sweeping and swirling through his body.

Without saying anything I decided to try something new. And this is where the experiment in the power of imagination really starts. I imagined the energy I was flowing towards him as being passed through a funnel. What this funnel was doing was concentrating the energy into something resembling copper wire or a cable.

Then I intended that energy wire to coil tightly and work its way from his solar plexus to his head. After 20 or 30 seconds he said, unprompted, something felt different. The energy, he said, felt focused, denser, and more concentrated than it had before.

Two things happened with my friend in that coffee shop session. First, I made the choice to shift the energy experience and second I tried a new model for guiding the energy with my intention. Using my imagination I was able to create a new pattern for the energy to flow along.

While you don’t create the energy or tell it what to do, you are able to guide it. Kind of like sailboat. You don’t make the wind blow from a certain direction. You use a sail (imagination) to direct the wind and a rudder (intention) to guide the boat (you) to your destination (attention).