Choosing a Magickal View of the World

When it comes to the world outside of yourself be careful. More important than what you share with others is what you adopt from them. In other words how are you conforming to others expectations and views of reality?

It’s one thing to look, act, and talk like you are just an average guy or gal. A more subtle compromise is changing your mind set or world view to fit in with others. In my case I was adopting a materialistic, non-magickal worldview, mostly out of fear of how people would judge my magickal self.

I have only recently realized how big of a problem I created.

A very big problem. Attempting to navigate life, set life goals, and make life choices from two completely different frames of reference drains energy. My Will was split. Thus no movement. Attention fractured. Life has been stagnating.

I mean just look at how many times I have changed domain names for this blog let alone set up new blogs. Vacillating between working as a programmer/analyst and serving others via the occult is another example.

In my view of reality recognizing the laws of physics work does not negate the existence of fairies, astrology, and energy. By holding both world views though I was dampening the magickal flow into my life. That dampening was from the materialist or objective view of reality not having room for subjective experience.

For a long time I have felt no need to justify the magickal with the material. Or the material with the magickal for that matter. Where I would get stuck is in adopting the material to the exclusion of the magickal even if temporarily. The dynamic would cause me to question and compromise on what I would write about or how I would express my thoughts in my writing, for example.

So, why not have the magickal world view be my default? This is the world view where I feel naturally attuned. Understanding the materialist view isn’t a problem as I can relate with those who are in that perspective. Doesn’t mean I have to join them.

The important thing is for us to be true to ourselves. The split I experienced was draining energy. My path was being bogged down. Releasing the world view which was not serving me made room for my growth to continue.

We all need to sit quietly with ourselves. Know ourselves. Be ourselves. Let others be.

Once we get this far the next steps become even more interesting. What other perspectives can we explore and to what end?

Right now I am doing two semi-formal courses. One is Druidry and the other is Astrological Magic from the Renaissance period. Hopefully, they don’t conflict with each other.

Both are notably different from my occult background to date. Having never had any real formal training in energy and magick I have gaps in my development. The course in Druidry is filling those gaps nicely as well as adding in a more structured approach to deities and other non-personal entities. There is also some appreciated balance built into the system energetically.  The longer term commitment to a specific practice is also good for me. I feel like I have direction which was missing in my wild west magick days. Plus, having a daily schedule is keeping me from letting things like meditation slide. Which is no small thing.

The Astrological Magic course is a bit more adventurous. Where the Druid course is somewhat aligned with my prior development the astrological magic course is new for me conceptually. My world view muscles are getting some much appreciated exercise learning to see the Elizabethan perspective on magic.

So what’s the payback for all this shifting and stretching?

More magick.

Being able to hold a space of suspension judgement is powerful. This will sound a bit chaos magick but being able to shift belief systems is handy at times for getting things done. Along with the shifting is the experience of these other forces being worked with as very real.

I suppose I really am a polytheist. Being able to work with my goddesses and gods doesn’t negate your work. Etc. I guess what this boils down to is energy. If I set up a belief system which negates your system I have to invest energy for keeping it propped up.

Which brings us back to the start. What world view are you choosing? Is it the one you are meant to inhabit? If not you are spending energy you don’t need to spend.

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Magickal View of the World”

  1. Beautiful post Eric. When we are just being ourselves, without fear of being how we are meant to be, the world and its values cannot stir us. I cannot even put it into words. It’s almost like a blanket peace of mind exudes from within completely independent of appearances, illusions, circumstances and situations. Then we can choose a magickal view of the world and feel fully clear on it.


    1. Thank you Ryan. Powerful place you are describing! One of these days we will all get there. What a world that will be to experience.

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