Case Study: Lesson Learned Reading Tarot Cards for Career Change

My client was contemplating accepting a job offer. The job he was in was a good one. He was looking for a chance to stretch and grow though in his career. The new position seemed to offer him growth he didn’t see available with his then employer. He came to me for insights about his situation wondering what the cards would offer in terms of guidance.

The message of the cards was clear as far as I was concerned. The new position was going to be challenging and even end up being a step down financially. My intuition was clear and I shared what I was intuiting and seeing in the cards.

Seeing his disappointment with the guidance I did something I am still not sure I should have done. Drawing more cards about the challenges of the new job I was able to provide guidance on how he would need to approach the situation once employed at the new organization. We could also see there would be potential drawbacks. Some of the challenges would require him to tap aspects of his personality he didn’t often use in his current position.

My client accepted the new position at the new employer. He didn’t have to wait long. From the first day, unfortunately, the drawbacks warned of by the cards began to materialize. The guidance by the cards was incredibly accurate. What he was giving up by changing positions and what he would need to bring to the job were spot on.

The warnings about financial loss were also, unfortunately, accurate. To make matters worse the job he applied for wasn’t really the job he ended up doing. Meaning the growth he was looking for was not there and not going to be available. He ended up making less money in a position with much less potential for career growth, both in terms of responsibilities and financially,than the one he left.

In the end I feel providing the deeper exploration with the cards was a responsible thing to do on my part. He was able to make a decision with as much insight as was available. In the future I will be more confident about the guidance from the cards and my intuition. Since one of the major goals of my client was career growth putting more focus in that area would have been helpful. As it turns out the growth he was looking for was in fact available with his previous employer! I also now know to query the cards about the organization as well.

Tarot card in the above image from Universal Tarot, Lo Scarabeo.