Big Changes for the Blog

These last few weeks (months?) have been anything but boring. The energy moving about North America and the planet in general is hard not to notice. Lots of unsettling feelings are being stirred up for many people.

Times like this are really clarifying for me. In this chaos a special mirror gets held up for us to see into ourselves in new ways. Questions pop up.

Who am I and what path am I walking? What energy do I want flow with in life?

Then there is my daily divining with the Tarot. I have been getting very consistent readings related to resolving intellectual and energetic conflict and interference. The Hermit has been the card showing up this week to resolve the conflicts.

So it is time to make a few changes.

Hermit’s Path is now Occultra

My history with domain names is colorful. So many changes as I have been finding my online path. Each change though has represented a new level of clarity and focus. Merlin’s Path was very close yet too tight. I have plans to include more observations about modern culture and magic. Merlin may well have been all this kind of blog but most people don’t see the archetype that way and neither do it. was too confining. While my personal studies and practices still have a heavy Druid element I have always researched broadly across cultures. A long and time honored tradition in magic and the occult across the globe. leaves more room and is reasonably short which is a help with typing and was even available on Namecheap! Not a small detail.  What does Occultra mean? Occultra is a made up word combination of “occult” and “ultra”.

Occult typically refers to magic, alchemy, and sorcery. More generally occult means obscure or hidden from view. Ultra is a prefix to indicate going beyond somehow.

Putting them together we get what? Beyond the Occult? Beyond the hidden and obscure? Beyond plain sight? All of which feel appropriate for what readers are most curious about when they drop by this blog.

Dropping Social Media

Changing domain name once again is certainly big. The real big news for me is I finally let go of almost all social media. Which means I have deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. My Linkedin profile has been gone for a while now.  All that’s left are a couple of newer sites I am trying out.

What happened is I have reached a place of no fear.  For a long time I stayed with the big platforms out of fear of missing out socially. Many of my friends and family use Facebook and Instagram. With time I noticed a downside. I had this tendency to allow the likes and shares to replace actual social engagement. I was getting the brain chemistry hit of connecting without engaging meaningfully with people.

The other side of the coin was fear of staying on the platform. Am I being manipulated? How is the data being used, etc…  I didn’t want to leave as a emotional reaction to the way the platforms are run or their business models.

By moving beyond reaction and fear I was able to see with more clarity. Neither personally nor professionally was I seeing a net positive energy in my life. I fully acknowledge meeting a few fabulous people via Twitter. All in all the return on my attention and energy is just not there for me. Superficial connection was sucking time and energy away from creating and connecting.

I feel so clear and calm about my choice. I don’t see going back.

Other Ways to Connect Online

What are the alternatives to platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Other social media platforms are popping up.  Experimenting with them is something I am trying out. The big change is really going back to what has worked for me in the past.

Blogs and forums. For me this is where there is real bang for invested time and energy. There is enough focus as far as topics or at least more personal moderation, a lot of drama can be avoided. Even more importantly, anonymous third parties (human or AI) aren’t creating a bubble of what they think I want to see. Or what they are willing to let me see.

One of the advantages I found in Twitter especially was being able to keep track of what people were publishing in one spot. Luckily there is an answer which works even better than those SM platforms. RSS. With an RSS reader I see what new posts or forum entries have been published. I can either go to the site or read them in the reader.

Wrapping it Up

Looking forward I see greater clarity from both decisions. First, being clear on where I am focusing my energy as far as what I am creating is helping me create and connect authentically. Removing the distraction and energy of the big social media platforms gives me more time to do the creating and connecting.


6 thoughts on “Big Changes for the Blog”

  1. Hi Eric, wow, I’ve been doing the same thing with social media. I haven’t posted personally on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in a month! (I could not spend time on them with what they have been doing with censorship and such.) I’ve responded to some tweets but not posted. I do manage business accounts for others so I do that from a tool and don’t have to go on those networks 🙂
    I’m exploring other options for some clients who want to leave Facebook as well. I like MeWe and Minds the best so far for my blog and Next Door for clients.
    I’m building my email list with a free product giveaway too 🙂
    I like the new name and look of your blog Eric. I think it will be a great change and give you more flexibility too 🙂
    Here’s to being fearless!

    1. Thanks Lisa. This blogging and branding adventure has been quite the inner learning path.

      As far as Social Media. Feels like I have been trying to kick a bad habit with some of these platforms. What personal growth insights this social media era has offered humanity!

      I have enjoyed Minds off an on. The early years were a bit hit and miss but I’ve been checking back in and like where they are going these days. For whatever reason MeWe and Minds do not feel manipulative or addictive.

      The mailing list! Yeah, I am finally ready to do the mailing list building, too. Still working out what to offer those of us on the fringe. 🙂

      Go forth fearlessly!

      PS. If you are not Lisa and reading this comment check out her site. I am heading over to see her free offer myself.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I see such strong resonance between me, you and Lisa. Entering the “no fear” space reveals we easily create and connect through sites where we pay the domain and hosting bills. Really, it is simple, but ego often makes it a horse race with its fear of loss. Good for you. I love what you are being. Worldly life seems chaotic but we are experiencing the mirror you speak of.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      Agreed! I very much appreciate the “no fear” space we are each holding. I feel we are stepping into some very interesting and adventurous times! Thanks for modeling and sharing your journey.

      Not fearing chaos is such a help. My meditation this morning was on chaos, creation, and Ceridwen’s bubbling cauldron. Reality bubbles popping steam condensing and manifesting in the physical was a fun image to explore.

  3. Hi Eric,
    Came across this post from Lisa’s share on MeWe. Big social media is becoming such a problem these days. As much as I love social media, I just check in three times a day for 5 minute intervals. Gone are the days where I see other bloggers and internet marketers a plenty on those platforms.
    I’m still on Facebook for business reasons that are working well for me. But have to do a lot of scrolling these days with all the political nonsense. I’m there for business.
    I’m enjoying finding new platforms such as this and Rumble.
    But when it comes down to it all, I do most of my sharing with my email list. Last week I cleaned it up and segmented it according to interests. Within one week, I’m getting a higher response rate.
    I think this is due to the climate of things on big social media.
    -Donna Merrill

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks for stopping by. Very interesting about your email list. Seems the desire for more personal connection keeps growing. How to scale that kind of connection? I am curious to watch how all this plays out.
      — Eric

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