Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up on an island about an hour and a half north of Seattle. An island for as long as the tide wasn’t too far out anyway.¬† Oh and we did have a bridge.

I was fortunate to spend those childhood summers on the beach from breakfast until bedtime. My internal rhythms patterned on the Moon and tide early in life.

Bellingham, WA is now my home. Staying close to the saltwater and the pull of the tides.

My magical path began on those shores of my insufficiently misspent youth. Not just the Moon and tides pulled at my awareness.

The spark of seeking the non-ordinary glowed persistently. I spent lots of time looking over my shoulder to catch a sight of Death, practicing lucid dreaming, and immersing myself in open eyed meditations of my bedroom  ceiling and walls.

Weird stuff happened. My life was never going to be normal.

After years of various wandering about the occult landscape I focused in on energy work. Connections with my intimate partners. Exploring the nature of soul mates and twin flames was an obsession. What I was doing was healing myself and becoming whole through a path of duality. What I experienced was a world of energetic connections which exist around and between us.

Now my path is a more formal one as I fill in the gaps of my intuitive earlier development. Tarot, Runes, and Astrology as well as being a student of Druid ways are how I am exploring the hidden aspects of reality now.